Iron Circus x INDIEPOCALYPSE : Say Hello to Iron Circus Games!

Iron Circus x INDIEPOCALYPSE : Say Hello to Iron Circus Games!

It's the launch of Iron Circus Games! Join us!
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About ICC

HELLO, WORLD. We're Iron Circus Games! 

We're new here, and we're bringing together two of our favorite things: CARTOONISTS and VIDEO GAMES. With the help of PIZZAPRANKS' famous INDIEPOCALYPSE know-how, we've paired up Iron Circus cartoonists with programmers and game creators to debut our very first collection of collaborative game projects!

Take a look!


Cover by Kanesha Bryant!

Iron Circus Comics and INDIEPOCALYPSE bring years of experience to this unprecedented team-up!

Founded in 2007, Iron Circus Comics has grown into the premiere publisher of award-winning, critically-acclaimed graphic novels in the American Midwest—a small-mid house pushing out about 10 or 15 books a year. We field Eisner nominees and winners, Amazon bestsellers, and the famous Smut Peddler line of erotica! We were among the first in the pool in this crowdfunding thing, and we're excited to take it beyond even the quarter-million-plus comics we've put out into the world!

is a curated anthology of games! It aims to help carve out a stronger space for small press and alternative projects, especially shorter and more experimental work that may struggle to compete with the massive marketing machines that more traditional, commercial games deploy. Founded by PIZZAPRANKS, INDIEPOCALYPSE has released over 50 bundles of comics and games to date! INDIEPOCALYPSE games and comics are weird, out-there, and accessible, for both creators and players, and we love that. Maybe you will, too!

Pledge Levels

We don't just have the results of the Iron Circus × INDIEPOCALYPSE collaboration on offer; we have a choice selection of releases from the INDIEPOCALYPSE catalog. That's over 50 more games on offer! Check it out!

For $30, you get all the games from the Iron Circus × INDIEPOCALYPSE collaboration. That includes:

Clown Angel Dragon, by Emily Koonce × Paloma Dawkins!

Combine and collect fragments and aspects of being as a newborn god, shaping an alien world in this weird-n-wild puzzler!  Available on Windows

Interactive History of Compuvations and Interactive Software, by PIZZAPRANKS × John-Charles Holmes!

A curated, retrospective collection for Compuvations and Interactive Software, a famous, defunct game company that enjoys a dedicated following of diehard fans to this very day . . . and never existed. It features a series of short games from throughout the company's fictional history!  Available on Windows

Spellbound: A Magical Mystery, by Robin × Elefluff!

A magical organization and puzzle game with a hidden mystery!  Available on Windows

Taleteller, by Jess M. × Farbs!

A young apprentice must save his cursed, tale-telling teacher in this narrative-driven, exploratory 3D adventure that blurs the lines between picture book and videogame!  Available on Windows

Teething, by Kel McDonald × Ren!

You're the parent of a young werewolf. Puppy-proof your home before the next full moon, or face the consequences! Available on Windows, Mac, Linux

Voluntary Commitment, by Evan Dahm × exodrifter!

You've been involuntarily committed to a strange facility against your will, and under dubious circumstances. Meet and befriend other interesting characters as you try to stay under the radar of the wardens, and escape the facility for good!  Available on Windows, Linux

For $120, you can get select collections of INDIEPOCALYPSE, along with the Iron Circus × INDIEPOCALYPSE collab games.

  • Indiepocalypse #1: Featuring Absolute Unit by Teething team member Ren
  • Indiepocalypse #11: Featuring Gender Dysphoria by Voluntary Commitment team member exodrifter
  • Indiepocalypse #13: Featuring a cover by Interactive History of Coumpuvations and Interactive Software team member John-Charles Holmes
  • Indiepocalypse #24
  • Indiepocalypse #32: Featuring Spectography by Spellbound: A Magical Mystery team member Robin
  • Indiepocalypse x kuš!: Indiepocalypse's previous collaboration with comic publisher kuš! 

For $130, not only do you score the Iron Circus × INDIEPOCALYPSE collab, but also the companion zine from every previous INDIEPOCALYPSE bundle, and a curated collection of ICC ebooks, selected by our collaboration participants! 


Our kid-friendly selection of included Iron Circus Comics ebooks are:
  • Stars, Hide Your Fire, by Kel McDonald and Jose Pimienta
  • Last Dance, by Hanna "elefluff" Schroy
  • The Woman in the Woods and Other North American Stories, an anthology
  • The Girl Who Married a Skull and Other African Stories, an anthology

And our adult audience selection is:

  • The Crossroads at Midnight, by Abby Howard
  • Crossplay, by Niki Smith (erotica)
  • Banned Book Club, by Kim Hyun Sook, Ryan Estrada, and Ko Hyung-Ju
  • The Last Delivery, by Evan Dahm
  • The Harrowing of Hell, by Evan Dahm
  • Rice Boy, by Evan Dahm
  • Poorcraft, by C. Spike Trotman and Diana Nock

And for $220, you get EVERYTHING. 

The Iron Circus × INDIEPOCALYPSE games collaborations! Select collections of INDIEPOCALYPSE and comics! And the curated Iron Circus Comics ebook collection! Dang!

Risks and Challenges

This is Iron Circus Comics' FORTY-FIRST crowdfunding project. Thirty-nine of our previous projects have been fulfilled and completed, and the other two are currently in the process of being fulfilled by our friends at White Squirrel.

To date, our crowdfunding fulfillment completion rate is 100%. This ain't our first rodeo! Back with confidence!


It's unprecedented, folks: This crowdfund is digital only. THERE WILL BE NO SHIPPING CHARGES!
None! Zero! Zip! Zilch!

Once the games are complete in the Autumn of 2024, everyone will be sent download links! Between the conclusion of the crowdfund and release, we'll be keeping everyone informed with updates to the crowdfund, which we will do our best to post monthly. We are estimating a completion date of November, 2024.

Media Credits

Video by Kel McDonald and Amanda Lafrenias.
Video music is Six from the Light Pollution album by exodrifter.
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