I hope the team will forgive me this unofficial update, They're busy and I am (currently) not. Tracy answered a question about the release plan, and I feel it's relevant to link it here. https://www.tumblr.com/lackadaisycats/734372231128514560/hey-just-a-quick-question-when-are-you-planning?source=share Summed up it goes: - no solid dates to give, (as expected) - Vignettes (mini-mini episodes) before the end of the year (!) - The first of the 3 mini episodes in production sounds like it's going to be pretty substantial for what it is. - At the earliest, actual season 1 content might drop at the end of next year (2024) - but again remember that there's things to look forward to before then. And honestly that is pretty quickly for animation of this quality and commitment so if it's pushed back I for one will definitely understand. There's also some talk of the various things that influence production time, definitely worth seeing Tracy's actual answer.





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