Hi all! Not sure if/when there'll be an official post from the team about this, but it just happened to me so thought to make people aware. I received an email about half an hour ago from Juniper Creates, providing me with a tracking number for the first physical rewards that will be sent out (the plushies and the keychain) and a run-down on what to expect in the next few days. As well as how to track my order when it's shipped out, as "orders with multiple items often ship separately" (and the shipping FAQ confirmed they'll be shipped out individually). The email landed in my junk folder, and I only happened to see it by accident, so please *check your spam/junk folders* in case yours also got falsely flagged! It may take some time to appear but do keep checking your inboxes. Hope everyone is as excited as I am! They're going to be on their way to everyone soon ❤️❤️❤️ Can't wait to hold my tiny gangster cats :D

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