Jason Furie
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Two Custom Slices Join the Menu!

Not one but TWO of you chose the "Custom Slice" pledge level which granted you the ability to boss me around and order me to draw whatever ya darn well pleased! Well, after a few weeks of negotiating and arting (is that a word?), we came to a conclusion friends:

🐈👻 Introducing Catlifornia Poppy Slice & Spectre Slice!

Our friend Lillie couldn't decide between a cat-themed slice featuring her two chunky loves OR a slice featuring the beloved California Poppy so we decided to just make one big happy slice featuring both. Who knew cats and poppies would make such a cut slice of pizza!?

And our friend Bayne shamelessly loves two things in life: "Space Ghost and Pizza"! I'm a sucker for all things 90's and have some fond memories watching the cult classic animated talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast. What a wild and weird show that was, I love it. So this new Spectre slice is inspired by that kinda fun 90s nostalgia.

Two awesome new additions to our menu. And remember, these two slices will be available to ALL backers as an option via the backer surveys which should be heading your way in a week or so.

Now that all the slices are complete, I can submit my final pin manufacturing orders. While surveys are coming your way a smidge later than expected, everything else is ahead of schedule. Exciting times. Once I send surveys you'll be able to: choose the slices you want, add anything you'd like to your order, submit your current shipping address, and get an idea for shipping charges in your region.

Then all that's left the final charge for shipping, the manufacturing process, and getting your slices in the mail!

Be sure to stay tuned as I MAY have received the final mini pizza boxes!? I'll be snapping a few pics for you all to see and will post an update soon. Spoiler alert, they are really, REALLY cool.

Be sure to thank Lillie & Bayne for the rad new pins on the menu in the comments! (You must click into this post to comment)

See you soon...

Jason Furie 🍕




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