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about 1 month ago

Project Update: Stickers are here, and that's about it for now

Good evening, Jailbirds!

Hope you've had a good, restful weekend. Beam me those vibes. Please. I need them. I tried to sleep in today, and the cockatiel jammed himself into my armpit and screamed into it every time I tried to settle in. The crest tickles. It's not fun.

The vinyl sticker order has arrived. It was over 10 pounds of stickers. My stickers guy has said there was a fun little adventure around the office finding a box big enough. Sorry, stickers guy. It will happen again.

Keen-eyed viewers who can ignore the mess will see pretty much all the campaign goodies here: mugshots in the middle, the huge bags of LITTLE SHITS on the left, and the 4-inch freebie on the left.

You see that giant stack of them that's barely fitting in-frame? That's all freebies, for all of you! Remember, there's almost 500 of you, plus a bunch of you ordered extras. Once again, thank you so much for your support - I genuinely didn't expect this kind of turnout for this campaign.

I will be working to set aside all pledge stickers, then packing up the rest to go to Anthrocon. I'll see you there!

We are still waiting on our pin sample. As mentioned in the last BIRD CRIMES update, we're doing another white value tweak on the gray midtone. None of those words mean anything to you. Sorry, gang. Basically, it's not ready yet.

Anyways, keep an eye out, because this next one is probably the last one: once this sample's colors are ready, all the other pins will begin production.

We are looking to fulfill pins at some point in mid to late summer. I will keep you updated as I get more information. Combined shipping is looking like it is on the table, but logistics still need some work.

Plush cockatiel project is still going on the back burner, samples are still in the works. Little tiel is on the home stretch, and big tiel needs a lot more work. Pics, again, when they are less ugly.

Let me know, if you haven't yet, which freebie voter sticker you'd like! You don't have to, but, I will honor all requests and stick a note on your order. Here are your options.

And, if any of the other stickers in that giant mess up there interest you, check shit out here. I just put up a new drop, including the pride month charity peacocks. Do some good, be a better person than me, and support GMHC with your flamboyant fowl purchase. Shit's gonna be wacky with shipping for a bit, but, I should have one more round going out before Anthrocon.

Remember: if you're going, drop by Corviforms at G20! I will be there running bird bingo all weekend... with a few shiny things to offer, too.

Thanks for reading, and sorry this one's really short. I have to get back to final artwork and sorting new stock.

Take it easy, and try to stay cool this weekend. Us here in the Northeast are going to have a pretty miserable week... how hot is it gonna get, where you are, backers? Stay inside, get some electrolytes, and stay good.
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