Kim Kuzuri
22 days ago

Project Update: Preparing for surveys and other goings-on

It's been a couple weeks since the end of the campaign, so I wanted to let everyone know what's been happening! We're getting everything into the pledge manager in order to send out the backer surveys. Expect to receive your survey around the 20th!

While preparing for surveys we realized we liked how the sticker designs looked so much with grey outlines that we are now offering the collection in your choice of metal: gold or gunmetal. This choice will be reflected in the upcoming surveys.

What else is going on? Two big pre-production milestones have already been completed:

  • All stretch goal designs have been sent to the manufacturer. We're now awaiting proofs of these designs.
  • The printed zine will be A6 (4.1 x 5.8 in). This fits our packaging without increasing anyone's shipping cost. We anticipate a length of 20-28 pages.

Since you helped us unlock so many designs, we received a question about whether or not all the pins will fit on the display. Here's a mockup showing what it could look like. It's a little tight, but we think it still works! Thanks again to Carly K for designing the amazing double-sided display for this collection.

More updates to come! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment or reach out.

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