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90s Starter Pack

90s Starter Pack

A collection of 90s essentials, featuring premium glow in the dark details! 😮
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Pintopia 2023

This project is part of Pintopia 2023, which runs from January 17th - February 7th 2023. Learn more →


Ah the 90s.. Endless all-nighters sippin' pop, hitting your older brother's bong and starring into your hypnotic lava lamp!

Now you can finally relive those precious moments by backing the 90s Starter Pack Collection! Featuring glow-in-the dark lava, pop, and bong water 😎

All pins are made of soft enamel and will feature premium glow in the dark details!

Choose between ONE [1], TWO [2], or THREE [3] pins of your choice. The more you buy, the bigger the discount per pin. You will be able to choose your desired design during the survey process. Shipping is included when you back the 3 pin full collection!

One (1) pin of your choice

Two (2) Pins of your choice

Full Starter Pack - Includes FREE USA Shipping!

Due to the unpredictable nature of the shipping and manufacturing process these days, these estimates are subject to change in either direction. I'll be sure to send progress updates regularly until fulfilled. 

  • February 17th - Campaign Ends 🎉
  • March 2023 - Surveys Sent 📥
  • April 2023 - Production Starts 🔨
  • May 2023 - Shipping 📦

Shipping will be FREE
if you back the full collection! (USA Only)

All other single pin, double up or outside the USA full collection pledges: 

  • Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends through the pledge manager survey.
  • Costs are subject to change based on USPS rates at the time of shipping.
  • I will do my best to ensure the most accurate shipping costs for all.

Shipping Estimates:

USA - $6 
Everywhere Else - $18

Liquid 90s has over 1,400 lifetime sales on Etsy! We have a proven track record of excellent customer service, on time shipping and rave reviews (Average review rating is 4.8 or higher on Etsy).


My name is Alex and I started my Etsy shop called Liquid 90s in early 2020. Liquid 90s was inspired by my love of 90s pop culture, movies, TV, video games and music. I decided to join in on Pintopia to expand my love of the 90s into this awesome enamel pin collection!


This project is participating in Pintopia 2023 —  a series of 20 small-scale enamel pin projects from a diverse group of creators collectively launching on Crowdfunding by BackerKit. All Pintopia projects will be LIVE from January 17th at 10 AM PST until February 7th at 1 PM PST.

Since there are so many awesome projects participating in Pintopia, we can’t imagine you’ll choose just one. As a thank-you to those that back multiple projects, BackerKit will be shipping out limited edition pins including some amazing creator-collab pins for FREE to those that reach the following milestones:

A limited edition pin from BackerKit
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A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
Jason Furie (Movie Moths) x Katie Bacigalupi (History of Floral Fads)

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
AsherBee (Gourmet Ghoulfriends) x Liquid 90s (90s Starter Pack)

A limited edition collaboration pin designed by
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