Pastel Goth Pride Pins

Pastel Goth Pride Pins

Show off your own unique style with our Pastel Goth Pride Enamel Pins! These eye-catching accessories mix the edgy look of goth with soft, dreamy pastels, making a bold statement of individuality and inclusivity.
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Pride 2024 🌈

Hello, I'm Elliot, the creative mind behind these Pastel Goth Enamel Pins. As a small alt LGBTQ+ artist, my passion lies in blending the haunting beauty of gothic elements with the soft, enchanting hues of pastels, inspired by my own journey of self-discovery and pride. I've noticed quite a few artists and businesses making items for pride, but, not disclosing their LGBTQ+ status...(A lot actually being straight and married if you do some digging). So, to be fully transparent, I'm a bi/pansexual queer individual in a gay long-term relationship.  My art reflects my love for both the goth and LGBTQ+ communities, aiming to bring a touch of eerie elegance and vibrant pride to anyone who wears them. Each design is crafted with all the love and care of a father, ensuring that every pin is a small piece of my heart and soul. So please, join me in celebrating pride as a fellow member of our pride! Thank you for supporting my dream and helping me share these pieces of art with the world.
You're seen, you belong, I love you, and have an amazing pride~


It's time to choose your favorite pins! Open your small plastic bag and select a mix of designs you love, just like picking out treats in a candy store!

These pins are unattached, but, curve around each other!
🔪 First: Pick your Animal
🔪 Second: Pick your Flag
🔪 Third: Pick your Frame

And voila, your creepy critter sundae/sandwich is done!
Buy as many, or as few as you want! Buy only an animal, Only a Flag, or multiples of either/both. Fully Customizable!

Below is the list of Creatures to Choose from!




More Options may be unlocked through stretch goals, such as; additional flags, frames, and beasts! 

Pride isn’t just about parades and parties, it’s about being seen, heard, and respected for who we are. For many of us in the LGBTQ+ community, including myself, pride is about embracing our true selves without fear. It’s a reminder that our differences are our strength, and that everyone deserves to be accepted and celebrated for who they are. 

These Creepy Pastel Goth Pride Enamel Pins are my way of contributing to this important movement. By merging the dark allure of gothic aesthetics with the vibrant colors of pride flags. I aim to create a candy-like collection that speaks to the unique beauty of our community. Each pin is a symbol of resilience, self-expression, and the joy of being unapologetically ourselves.

 Backing this project means more than just getting a cool pin, it means standing with a community that values love, acceptance, and individuality. Let's celebrate our differences and show the world that pride comes in all colors and styles, even the creepy ones. Together, we can make it clear that pride is here to stay, shining brightly in every shade.



Shipping will be collected after the campaign ends and surveys are sent out. This will be an additional charge to the pledge price here. :)
Shipping price estimate is below, the actual cost will be calculated after the campaign is finished.

These prices are estimates, but pretty accurate based on weight! The larger numbers = more pins purchased! So save money by purchasing many! :) 

Bottom of the page, time to sweep up the final dust bunnies and display the last cobwebs. So, without further ado let's talk about the last hanging gossamer threads.

What happens if this project isn't funded~ 

Nothing, you wont be charged any money, and plushies will not be made.  If this happens I'd just be wrapping up, consuming buckets of energy drinks, and hitting the chalk board for better ideas.

🔪What happens if a tier isn't unlocked~ 

Then that pin will not be available for purchase. They won't appear on the drop down list when surveys are sent, and, you'll have to pick a different pin. If it gets close to unlock, I may bite the bullet and produce them anyway (This of course is subject to digression and what backers want).

🔪When do surveys go out~ 

After the campaign ends the first round goes out about a week later! You will be able to change your choice on plushie until after all proto-types are made and posted! (that way you know what you're adoptee looks like)

🔪Just a Reminder~

I don't believe in B-grade items! It's bad for the environment and promotes a stigmatization of perceived aesthetic flaws making things worth less. 
 Real animals and people have scars, birthmarks, wounds, and blemishes. I'm not willing to say something is worth-less just because of a minor difference or disability

Thank you for taking the time to explore my Pastel Goth Enamel Pins campaign. This project is a labor of love, born from my passion for art, individuality, and the vibrant diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Each pin represents a piece of my heart and a celebration of the unique beauty we all bring to the world.

Your support means everything to me. By backing this campaign, you're not just helping to bring these pins to life. You're supporting small (Non-straight passing) LGBTQ+ Artist, who is currently struggling to eat and get by. You're amazing, a true soul saint. One of my favorite people, and i personally consider you a friend!

With heartfelt thanks,

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