Magic Mix & Match Lanterns Earrings & Pins

Magic Mix & Match Lanterns Earrings & Pins

A new collection of magical mix & match earrings along with its matching pin to build your unique collection and style by supporting our artistic dream journey !
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  • Hi everyone and welcome to our 1st campaign on Backerkit ! 
We are so happy we can finally show this special project we have been working on since last year along with the gowing serie of our jewellry line !

  • We are Tix & Heko known as TeamTixHeko, a couple with common passions such as drawing, learning and crafting. And we have bet on the crazy project of developing our own little shop under the brand name of MadChildSoul : from a dream that is becoming a little more concrete every day thanks to you !

  • Fun fact : We designed this serie in order to enjoy different combinations of your choice to build your perfect pair of earrings ! 

If you prefer you can choose the upgraded tiers with the dangling mini star charm instead of the basic glass drop :


  • This project is is even more special as we participate in the cross-collab feature with the awesome @doombloomart. The cross-colab consists to create two unique pin designs together. If you backed BOTH projects and they get founded you will receive for FREE the TWO cross-collab pins! (one from each campaign)

Note, if you qualify for the free Pin incentive for backing both campaigns, the Free Pin will be added to your survey post campaign.

🌕 Full Moon Lantern Earrings  - Element Air : UNLOCKED

If you are a moon child like Tix, this design is for you ! Have you ever dreamt to reach the moon ? This lantern was inspired by a combination of the shiny space we admire so much and the gothic style, particularly the architecture and furnishings of the era. The moon is so shiny that is the center of this lantern and power its light by a glowing in the dark feature. As always each design is specificaly associated with a flower and for the moon we choose the morning glory.
                              Are you a New moon or Full moon team ? You can also enjoy both like us !

🌑 New Moon Lantern  Earrings - Element Air : UNLOCKED

🌕🌑 Moon Lantern PINS - Element Air : UNLOCKED


If we unlocked the main goal we have more designs to reveal and here are the first ones :

🥀 Rose of Life Lantern Earrings - Element Earth : UNLOCKED

This design is meant to resonate with each and every one of us. Inspired of course by the rose in "Le Petit Prince" and "The Beauty & the Beast" I wanted to add a more rustic touch.


🥀 Rose of Death Lantern Earrings - Element Earth : UNLOCKED

🥀 Rose of Death Lantern PINS - Element Earth : UNLOCKED

🔥 Inner Fire Lantern Earrings - Element Fire : UNLOCKED

Lulled by the incredible legends and stories of the past, we've created this design in their honour. If you love mythology and history, this is the design for you! This lantern was inspired by a combination of the fire chalice and Greco-Roman art and architecture. Legend says that the fire at the centre of this lantern came from a spark from the sun and has been burning in this cup ever since. Its extinction would be a sign of the apocalypse... 

                              Will you dare to be its guardian?

🔥 Inner Fire Lantern Earrings - Element Fire : UNLOCKED 

🔥 Inner Fire Lantern PINS - Element Fire : UNLOCKED 

🌊 Healing Wave Lantern Earrings - Element Water :  UNLOCKED


🌊 Healing Wave Lantern PINS- Element Water :  UNLOCKED



As we want you to have a good experience and to thank all the backers here are some extra goodies you can add to your pledge.

  • STICKER Transparent Cosmic Puddle : 2€

  • MINI PINS Star (5€) & Fire DUO : 12€
  • EARRINGS Sirius Star : 20€
  • EARRINGS  Beyond the Moon : 25€ (instead of 30€)
  • PINS Potions : 10€ (instead of 13€)

Backerkit is a crowdfunding platform which allows the creators to set a financial goal to produce a product with a deadline thanks to a collective financial participation.

  • When you back this project you participate directly in the funding of the rewards and therefore got exclusive advantages like : a discounted price on the standard selling price at which they will be sold in the shop + all the freebies privileges unveiled and unlocked progressively 😘 (Of course backers will receive the best quality pins of the batch)
  • BONUS : If you pledge in the first 48h you will receive one additional FREEBIE : A star mini pin

  • Also you are supporting two artists and a small business helping us to grow and make more products
  • 📣 Backerkit will charge you ONLY if the campaign succeed and ONLY when the campaign reachs its deadline and not when you pledge so you are free to pledge for what you want and adjust your pledge until the campaign ends.
  • 📣 Note : Everyone is welcome to pledge but we don't collect VAT. (We CAN send to Germany !)
More questions ? Take a look at the Q&A section or don't hesitate in reaching us !

  • Remember : Backerkit has a pledge now and pay later system : that means you will be charged only when the campaign ends and only if the campaign has been funded ! So you are welcome to modify your pledge at any time of the campaign.
  • At the end of the campaign (middle of july) , you’ll receive a survey to let us know which of any unlocked design you would like, ultimate add-ons and your shipping informations. (If it's turn out that it's hard to choose... Choose them all 🙊)
  • We will receive the funds around 2-3 weeks after the campaign ends and then we will send the money into production. This is why refunds will not be accepted !
  • Backers will receive exclusive updates and behind the scenes during all the process.
  • When we will receiving the pins it will be a time to inspect, grading, assemble and prepare all packages before theses treasures get their new homes ! 💌 

                    Our expected delivery date for all rewards: November 2024.

  • Disclaimer : We did this timeline imagining that everything goes as planned BUT as enamel pins/jewels are handmade, mistakes and delays in manufacturing may happened (Which we will inform you).

  • All shipping fees will be charged separately, AFTER the campaign, during pledge management. The prices below are estimates. Actual shipping prices will be determined after production is finished and we're about to send out the rewards. Also, if you add-on additional physical rewards your shipping cost may increase because of the weight.

  • Estimated shipping costs starts at :
    • €4 France
    • €8 WorldWide 

  • We are registrated in Lucid so we are able to send to Germany.

  • 📣 Shipping costs are for TRACKED SHIPPING ONLY for more security and above all peace of mind for everyone, thanks for understanding it 😌.

  • Disclaimer : We won't be responsible for any lost packages caused by the post office and neither for custom fees in your local country (VAT is the backer responsibility). 

  • If you've read this far thank you for your support and know that we always have some additional surprises to our backers !


If you don't know us yet here are the last successful projects we made thanks to Kickstarter and Preorders but we have more pins and goodies in our shop to discover !

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