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Project Update: PLEASE READ: Series 2 production updates!

Howdy critters!

I got some good news and bad news in this update, so lets rip the bandaid and start with the bad news. Production is not as far along as I was hoping it would be at the start of July. In order to stay on schedule the plushies would need to be leaving the factory pretty much now, and that is simply not the case.

According to my supplier, we're looking at the snughouls leaving the factory around the end of August. To be frank, that sucks. I was told- even with such a large order -the lead time would be about 45 days and this week is the 45 day mark since making the initial payment.

All of that said, there's not much I can do at this point beyond keeping you folks updated and crossing my fingers we don't encounter any more delays. Words can't express how much I appreciate the patience each and every one of you has had since this project began, and I hope you'll hang in there a little longer as all the little pieces finally come togetherΒ  πŸ™

Now for the good news!Β Some of the designs are in the embroidery step, and others are being sewn so we ARE making progress. Totes are also finally on the way to the warehouse and stickers and lanyards will be following suit soon.Β 

The one upside to this delay is that it gives me a bit more time to hash out some of the custom packaging details that I had put on the backburner while under the impression we would start shipping early August. I want to make opening your snughoul package feel as personal and magical as possible, so I'm actually looking forward to working on this as soon as I get back from my trip this weekend!

Less of an upside and more of an optimistic assumption on my part-- I want to believe this delay also means they're treating every plush with care (knowing they'll be inspected not once, but TWICE by my own team) and we'll really be blown away with the final product.

To summarize:Β 

  • Production isn't going as fast as I hoped, plushies are now expected to leave the factory around late August.
  • This means they likely won't reach the warehouse where they'll begin shipping to backers until October.
  • Things are still progressing though, with many of the snughoul designs either being embroidered or sewn now.

Once again thank you for your patience, and I deeply apologize for any stress or disappointment this update may cause! Believe me when I say I'm equally disappointed and dreaming of the day I can start sending out tracking emails πŸ’–
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