I remember joking with my pal about how cool it would be if Nightmare Were (the first lil fella I developed) blew up on kickstarter and turned into one of those unfathomably huge 6 figure campaigns. Could not conceive of a reality where that was true at the time(I didn't even have stretch goals LOL) but look at us now!! 😭

I say it a lot, but thank you for tuning in and sticking around-- you make this community tab feel so alive and a joy to check every day!

That said, I was sick much of the morning so I didn't have time to prepare a mini goal update sadly. I have something cute to tide you over though 😜

Will be requesting a tongue for ole' kramps. I want something that's only sewn in at the base so it has some dimension. Can't wait to see it in the round!Β 

Additionally I've been workshopping some "official" names for the new careweres! So far I've got:

Autumnal Wolpertinger = Winter Wisps Wolpertinger (gotta love alliterations)
Pride Were = Dazzle Heart Were
Krampus = Rancid Heart Beelzebear (he doesn't count as a beelzebear for the purpose of this campaign/voting, just what I plan to lump him in with overall)

Twilight Were, Moonlight Mothman, Fairy Floss Bat, Gutsy Were, Luna Mothman = no change

If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them! πŸ’–
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