The Weird

The Weird

Make every encounter, adventure, and even campaign more engaging, memorable, and fun. From legendary D&D designer Monte Cook!
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The Weird: Make Every Game Better

The Weird helps you make every encounter, adventure, and even campaign more engaging, memorable, and fun—no matter what game you're playing.

Did your players stumble on an ogre’s den? Make it a weird ogre’s den! Maybe the ogre collects animal skulls—they’re everywhere, on every shelf and surface. Or the ogre has a strange skin condition that gives it bright purple blotches. Or they keep a gong they ring every time they hit an opponent. Or they have embedded glass eyes all over their body. Or they’ve recently baked a cinnamon cake—that’s actually pretty good!

Or did your players enter a seedy space bar? Perhaps the back wall is covered in psychedelic graffiti that’s surprisingly beautiful. Or the autotender keeps shutting down halfway through pouring drinks. Maybe the AI at the entrance is scanning for mutants, but due to a strange anomaly, they’re actually altering the DNA of those who enter—giving them mutations. Or the waiter's alien culture traditionally flings food across the room, so your PCs have got to be good at catching, ducking—or both!

An oracle that stands upon a floating fragment of the moon. A castle to be explored at the bottom of a mug of ale. A monstrous creature that feeds upon the ghosts of children. Roses that grow where the tears of a queen fall. A sword that inflicts wounds that scream. A gun that fires intelligent bullets.

From interesting to surprising to over-the-top gonzo—and even whimsical—these sorts of details fill your games with color and life. They engage the players, make encounters vivid and fun, and create moments your group will never forget.

And The Weird is full of them—literally thousands and thousands of specific suggestions you can pull straight from the book and inject into your adventures, encounters, and campaigns. Every chapter gives you advice on how to make a particular topic more interesting, then gives you literally hundreds of actionable ideas to run with. NPCs, creatures, places, magic items, gear, spells, abilities, names, appearances, backgrounds, plots, structures, vehicles—and yes, even player characters—each get a chapter. Make anything in your game more interesting!

Roll randomly or pick one you like. The ideas are sorted by level of weirdness (interesting, surprising, gonzo, and whimsical) so you can find just the right suggestion, and they're organized by setting or genre type. Use these lists to make something normal into something weird, or build it weird from the very start. And of course the book provides guidelines and suggestions on how to insert the ideas into a campaign, a PC's backstory, an adventure, or just a scene. Build a freewheeling campaign that’s totally over the top. Or add loads of interesting details to your down-to-earth adventures. Whatever your style of play, The Weird will help you make your game better.

Want to check it out? Download the free preview for a taste of what The Weird has to offer!


The Glimmering Valley

We can't really talk about "the weird" without bringing up our award-winning game Numenera. Numenera started it all for us ten years ago and is still going strong. It is, and always has been, weird. It's full of surprising and even sometimes gonzo creatures, locations, characters, and more. But ten years of weird content can make the Ninth World a bit daunting. We're often asked: how, with all this great material, do you choose where to start a Numenera campaign?

The Glimmering Valley
brings you a fascinating and beautifully fleshed-out region from which to launch your Numenera campaign. It details an area designed specifically as the origin point of a group of eager explorers (you can set it almost anywhere in the Ninth World). It brings Numenera back to its roots and gives players a place to call home. A place to defend if and when it becomes threatened—and a springboard into the many splendors and dimensions of the broader Ninth World setting. And, being Numenera, the Glimmering Valley is weird.

The book unfolds like a campaign would, with a small village as a starting point—giving the PCs plenty of backstory material and potential friends, relatives, and rivals. The village is surrounded with prior-world ruins, mysteries, and places to explore as you establish your campaign—and a looming threat, affecting everyone who lives in the valley, provides growing tension.

PCs who make their way to the far end of the valley find a city where they can experience more adventures or that they can use as a gateway to the larger Ninth World beyond the valley itself.

Loot this book for your game!
The many weird sites and mysteries in The Glimmering Valley are easily lifted into any other game. You don’t have to play Numenera to plunder this book for scores of interesting locales, peoples, events, and items for your fantasy campaign, no matter what game you're playing.

Make the Most of It!

Ideas are great—resources are even better! In addition to The Weird and The Glimmering Valley, we’re also creating two decks that help you make the most of these books, speeding up game prep and inspiring you at the game table. And our minis and dice bring the weirdness to your tabletop!

These weird dice are funky in the hand and roll beautifully—check out this pre-production sample!


We’ve all had them: games where the party clicked perfectly. Climactic moments when everything came together amazingly. Favorite characters everyone loved. Sessions and campaigns became the stuff of legends—moments that were talked about for years! Sometimes, everything just turns out right. But why not every time?

The Weird
makes your encounters, adventures, and campaigns more interesting and fun. But an awesomely successful game comes down to more than just great GM ideas. You can unlock the secrets of consistently awesome RPG experiences with Your Best Game Ever—a terrific companion book for The Weird.

Inside this gorgeous hardcover (perfect for your game table, but just as beautiful on your coffee table, too) you will find advice and suggestions for enhancing your RPG experience at the table and away from it. This is an insider’s look at everything that isn’t part of the game rules—building chemistry for a gaming group that really clicks, making a character you will love and remember forever, running engaging and exciting games your players will always look forward to, creating thrilling adventures, finding all the right ideas, hosting memorable game nights, and more. 

MCG released Your Best Game Ever, by Monte Cook with contributions from dozens of seasoned pros from every corner of the industry, a few years ago. It’s such a perfect companion book for The Weird that we’re offering it, at a significant discount, as an add-on to any pledge level.

To add on Your Best Game Ever, simply increase the amount of your pledge by $40 without changing your pledge level. After the campaign ends, in the pledge manager, use that credit to select Your Best Game Ever. (Use this same system to add any other add-ons: simply increase your pledge by the total value of the add-ons you want.)

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