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Moonbeam: Revolutionizing Live Streaming

Moonbeam: Revolutionizing Live Streaming

Moonbeam is a revolutionary new live streaming platform that has completely reimagined the future of live streaming!
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Join the growing Moonbeam revolution today!

Are you ready to revolutionize live streaming? Then back Moonbeam today! Moonbeam is a new live streaming and community platform that empowers creators, fans, and communities worldwide while tackling the critical issues of online harassment, unfair monetization, and community fragmentation with innovative solutions tailored just for you.

Why back Moonbeam?

When you back Moonbeam, you're not just funding a new live streaming platform; you're taking a stand against a broken system and advocating for a brighter, safer online community. Your support is crucial in allowing us to scale and grow without compromising Moonbeam’s vision to create an ethical and economically sustainable platform for creators that safeguards them and their communities from harassment and hate.

Take a few moments to meet two of Moonbeam's Co-Founders, Pat Conrey and Anthony Joyce-Rivera, as they explain how Moonbeam is revolutionizing live streaming.

How Moonbeam Revolutionizes Live Streaming:

  • Moderation: Pyxis. Empower your community with Pyxis, groundbreaking technology that shields against cyberbullying and toxic speech—it's not just a tool; it’s a lifesaver.
  • Collaboration & Community: Realms. Welcome to Realms, vibrant community hubs that foster stronger connections and collaboration among creators and fans!
  • Monetization: 100% of contributions on Moonbeam go to creators, with no hidden fees, maximizing your ability to earn what you deserve or support the creators you love. Our ultra-transparent revenue-sharing tools are designed to benefit you, your cast, and your crew, ensuring everyone gets their fair share.

You’ll notice we aren’t in this alone. Standing alongside us here on BackerKit are our first Realms: Gen Con TV, The Panic Table, KP11 Studios, Monte Cook Games, and Evil Hat Productions. They are all part of the Moonbeam Collection and also need your support!

Providing support and coming on as early adopters to Moonbeam are Brotherwise Games, Kobold Press, Gamehole Con, Alchemy RPG, BlackwaterDnD, 9th Level Games, Green Ronin Games, and Vancouver by Night! It takes a community of creators and fans to carry out a revolution, and it’s only just begun!

Join the revolution today! Back Moonbeam now, spread the word, and together, let’s build a safer, fairer online world for everyone. Our moment is now—be part of the change!

Chances are you or someone you know has experienced cyberbullying or harassment online. It’s a pervasive issue that makes the prospect of going live daunting, with the fear of becoming the next target of hate raids or vile trolls. This is where Pyxis comes in—our revolutionary moderation technology that proactively shields you and your community from cyberbullying, harassment, hate speech, and toxicity. Don’t want to see toxic language? Simply adjust your settings, and Pyxis will filter out those messages as if they never existed—moving beyond static keywords to a dynamic solution.

What sets Pyxis apart is its understanding of the nuances of human language and sentiment. Pyxis enables you to preemptively defend your community from cyberbullying and toxic speech, ensuring a safe and positive live streaming viewing experience. Pyxis learns and adapts to your boundaries, fostering a healthy community free from constant vitriol and hate.

Join Anthony and Pat for a brief overview of Pyxis and see why it is groundbreaking moderation technology!

Pyxis Moderation Queue

The video below contains actual footage of Pyxis and the moderation queue on Moonbeam. This video does not contain any audio.

Pyxis in Stream Chat

The video below contains actual footage of Pyxis analyzing the sentiment in stream chat. Creators decide which sentiments they allow in their streams. This video does not contain any audio.

Let’s take a moment to speak frankly. Pyxis isn’t just a marketing gimmick or novelty; it’s a groundbreaking technology designed to drastically reduce online cyberbullying and harassment. It has the potential to save countless lives and transform how we interact on the internet. By backing Moonbeam, you support our ongoing research and development of Pyxis, ensuring it reaches the world untarnished by greedy interests. 

Now, back to our regular BackerKit programming.

Ethical Use of Technology

We are committed to using new technologies morally and ethically—to keep individuals safe online. Pyxis was created using ethically sourced data and does not generate visual media or art—zero, zilch, nada! We value all members of our community—this is why we are using Pyxis to address real problems that existing live streaming platforms have been unable to solve.

Environmental Impact

As we developed Pyxis, we focused on keeping our environment safe. We're proud to say that even now, Pyxis's environmental impact per user per day is 65g CO2e. This is six times less than brewing a cup of coffee, which is equivalent to 400g CO2e. Our goal is to push for even lower environmental impacts as we grow.

Today's dominant live streaming platforms, built over a decade ago, could not foresee the challenges live streaming creators and audiences face today. These platforms turned "streamers" into "channels," isolating them and their communities and driving them into an exhausting and unsustainable arms race of constant content creation.

The data is stark: as many as 72% of streamers report earning $0, while 99% earn less than minimum wage. Recognizing this systemic failure, we designed Moonbeam around a timeless concept: collaboration.

Let's dive into the concept of Realms and explore why they inherently foster collaboration and community!

What is a Realm? 

On Moonbeam, you don’t start a mere channel; you create a Realm—a community hub where you can chat via text and enjoy live streams or other video content together.

As a Realm Owner, you can assign creative roles, such as streamer or producer, or even create your own unique roles. Grant someone the streamer role, and they can broadcast live within your Realm according to your rules. This flexibility allows streamers to broadcast across multiple Realms, delivering incredible video content to engaged communities on Moonbeam 24/7.

Moonbeam’s approach lets Realm Owners concentrate on nurturing and growing their community, while streamers, producers, and moderators can focus on their craft—creating—without juggling multiple roles. Our modular system means one size doesn’t fit all; if you prefer to manage your Realm solo as a streamer/producer/moderator, you can still do it your way.

The video below contains actual footage of a Realm on Moonbeam. This video does not contain any audio.

Realms are for Fans

Because of our collaborative approach, Moonbeam offers a superior experience for fans too! On Moonbeam, you join Realms to enjoy a plethora of curated content as multiple streamers broadcast into the Realm.

Not only that, when you subscribe to your favorite Realms, you gain access to exclusive badges, chat rooms, live streams, ad-free viewing, and other unique benefits that Realms offer their fans. 

When combined with Pyxis, Realms delivers everything you could want. A safe platform enables creators to focus on producing fantastic content, inspiring them to unleash their full creativity!

When you back Moonbeam, you’re joining a community and supporting creators who’ll create the best videos on the internet for you to enjoy! 

Check out the Moonbeam Collection projects!

When we came up with the concept of Realms, we believed they would be inherently more collaborative and community-focused than the old "channel" construct. The results speak for themselves! Already, these Realms are doing amazing things to support and grow their communities. Check out the Moonbeam Collection projects and explore the Realms already popping up on Moonbeam. Please support and back their projects, and then think about what type of Realm you want to start on Moonbeam!

Back the other projects in the Moonbeam Collection to get even more amazing rewards and perks!

Moonbeam is dedicated to creating a transparent and innovative creator economy on Moonbeam. Check out the video below, where Anthony goes over Moonbeam's monetization options.

One of our top priorities is to create an ultra-transparent, fair, and sustainable business model that offers innovative and flexible monetization options, enabling you to give your full support to creators or allowing you to earn fair pay doing what you love. Here’s how Moonbeam’s approach with moonstones, subscriptions, and revenue splits works:


Moonbeam simplifies earning with moonstones, virtual goods anyone can buy on our platform. For every Moonstone a fan gives a creator, the creator earn $0.01. For instance, if a fan gives a creator 100 moonstones, the creator earns $1. This ensures that creators keep 100% of what they’re given with no hidden fees or gimmicks.

So, how does Moonbeam make money? Moonbeam makes money by selling packs of moonstones at various prices, incentivizing bulk purchases for greater value. For example, you can buy 750 moonstones for $9.99 or 4,250 moonstones for $49.99. 

You can use moonstones for subscriptions, donations, tips, merchandise sales, and more. This means creators always receive 100% of their earnings, making Moonbeam one of the only platforms where creators can sell their merchandise without paying any fees or cuts to the platform.


Realms and creators generate revenue through subscription tiers they set, each with its own benefits and moonstone cost. This approach allows Realms and creators to offer you exclusive content, such as subscriber-only chat rooms, streams, emotes, badges, and more. We provide modular tools so creators can tailor subscription benefits to best suit their community’s needs and desires.

Revenue Splits

Moonbeam values all creatives equally. Whether you’re a streamer, producer, moderator, or video editor, we offer a transparent way to collaborate. When you stream, you can attach collaborators and set transparent revenue splits among all participants to automatically distribute any earnings generated by the live stream according to the agreed-upon splits.

For example, you can assign yourself, your producer, video editor, and moderator a 25% revenue split before going live. For every $1.00 earned, you get $0.25, and so do your producer, editor, and moderator. These splits ensure transparent revenue sharing with your cast and crew. We’re excited to see offscreen creatives and crew members thrive on Moonbeam!

On Moonbeam, everyone in your crew gets paid!

We’re offering several rewards when you support and back Moonbeam. Check them out below!

Founder’s Badge

Showcase your early support for Moonbeam with this exclusive badge!

Get the Moonbeam Founder's Badge when you back Moonbeam!

Early Access

Gain early access to our alpha or beta phase and shape Moonbeam’s features. Our team will work closely with you, soliciting your advice and feedback, to make Moonbeam the best it can be!


Most pledge levels include moonstones for you to give to creators on Moonbeam. Creators keep 100% of the value from the moonstones you give them!


Running a live streaming platform comes with high costs, and we believe in transparency. To ensure sustainability while providing significant benefits to you, we’ve developed Moonbeam+. Moonbeam+ is an optional monthly subscription with platform-wide perks, including:

  • Ad-Free Viewing: Enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free experience across Moonbeam.
  • Increased Ad Revenue for Creators: Moonbeam pays creators ad revenue they would have earned when you skip an ad, plus a bonus. With Moonbeam+ you don’t have to watch ads, and creators earn more!
  • Increased Earnings for Creators: Creators receive a 5% payout bonus on any moonstones they earn. Yes, this means creators can earn 105%!
  • Early Features: Get early access to experimental features.
  • Additional Benefits: Enjoy a host of other exclusive perks.

The number of months of Moonbeam+ you receive varies by reward tier. More importantly, those months don’t start to count down until Moonbeam enters our full launch phase—which means you’ll have these perks for the entire alpha and beta phases before the additional months kick in! 

Experimental Creator-Focused Features

We’re pushing the boundaries of technology to create innovative features meant specifically for creators. Early experimental features include a hub for creators to connect with brands for sponsorships, integrations with third party tools, innovative monetization options, and more! You’ll have early access to these features first and help shape their final implementation across Moonbeam.

Priority Realm Access

Be one of the first to create a Realm on Moonbeam during the alpha phase. We’ll personally work with you to ensure your Realm is set up and ready to go live when you are! Additionally, you can invite up to five or your cast or crew that backed Moonbeam at any pledge level into your Realm when it goes live. Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Moonbeam’s Business Partner Program

For creators, brands, or business entities, this reward is for you! Gain early access to powerful analytics to help grow your Realm and $10,000 USD in credit on Moonbeam for ad buys or other marketing expenses. You’ll be able to inform us of your business goals and meet with Moonbeam leadership to discuss your needs so we can build features to help you thrive and grow on Moonbeam!
Back Moonbeam to get BackerKit exclusive savings and rewards!

Cheer us on - $1

Cheer us on to receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our beta phase, and 1 month of Moonbeam+ benefits!
MSRP $15+ (USD)

Supporter - $25

As a supporter, you receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our beta phase, and 6 months of Moonbeam+ benefits!
MSRP $90+ (USD)

Fan - $50

As a fan, you receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our alpha phase, 1,500 moonstones, and 12 months of Moonbeam+ benefits! 
MSRP $195+ (USD)

Creator - $75

As a creator, you receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our alpha phase, 2,250 moonstones, 24 months of Moonbeam+ benefits, and early access to experimental creator-focused features. 
MSRP $382+ (USD)

Realm Owner - $100

As a Realm Owner, you receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our alpha phase, 3,000 moonstones, 36 months of Moonbeam+ benefits, early access to experimental creator-focused features, and priority Realm access in alpha phase.
MSRP $570+ (USD)

Moonbeam+ for Life - $500

This BackerKit campaign is the only time we’ll ever offer Moonbeam+ for life—you receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our alpha phase, 15,000 moonstones, Moonbeam+ benefits for LIFE, early access to experimental creator-focused features, and priority Realm access in alpha phase.
MSRP $1,950+ (USD)

Moonbeam Business Partner - $1,000

As a Moonbeam Business Partner, you receive an exclusive Moonbeam Founders badge to display on your Moonbeam profile, early access to our alpha phase, 30,000 moonstones, Moonbeam+ benefits for LIFE, early access to experimental creator-focused features, priority Realm access in alpha phase, and an invite to Moonbeam’s Founding Business Partner Program.
MSRP $12,100+ (USD)
You'll help shape the future of Moonbeam and beyond!

We have big plans for Moonbeam’s future! Our stretch goals are new platform features—we’re putting the future of Moonbeam in your hands! When we unlock a stretch goal, you’ll vote on what feature you want our team to implement. You can vote for features like short-form content features, video-on-demand capabilities, direct messaging, and more! We want Moonbeam to be your favorite platform—it should have the features you care about! We’re excited to see what direction you take Moonbeam in!

The Moonbeam team continues to grow daily! 

Moonbeam Executive Team

Patrick Conrey, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer. Previously, Pat worked on his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University, researching the intersection of voice technology and AI. After seeing the value of his work firsthand, Pat took leave from the program to build and pursue Moonbeam full-time. Pat has contributed to award-winning AI research and worked as a software engineer at a Fortune 500 company. 

Anthony Joyce-Rivera, Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer. Anthony is a Hispanic award-winning project lead, game designer, consultant for TTRPG’s largest publishers, guest TTRPG streamer, and decorated active-duty U.S. Army Strategist (Major).

Moonbeam Team

Ajit George, Co-Founder, Head of Outreach. Ajit is an award-winning TTRPG designer, Creator and Project Lead for D&D's Journeys through the Radiant Citadel, designer on numerous TTRPGs including Van Richten's Guide to Ravenloft, and the Chief of Operations for the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project.

Andrea M. Yetzer, Ph.D., Advisory Board Member. With a background in psychological motivation, identity, emotion, and social connection, Andrea has led 30+ end-to-end research studies examining how psychological motivators shape attitudes, decision-making, and behavior.

Ben Streepey, Advisory Board Member. Ben brings decades of experience in consumer technology and startup advising. Previously a V.P. at Lexmark, Ben became a fund manager at Bluegrass Angels, an angel investing group based in Lexington, Kentucky. 

Bhiksha Raj, Advisory Board Member. Bhiksha is a tenured professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and IEEE Fellow. He’s made pioneering contributions to speech and audio processing, privacy and security in speech processing, and deep learning and AI. With over 30 patents, 400+ research papers, and three co-edited technical books, Bhiksha has consulted for and advised major organizations like Amazon, Adobe Research, Walt Disney Research, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, the Federal Aviation Authority, and Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.

Brandon Bart, Engineer. Brandon is an engineer for Staples and is developing our moderation workflow system.

David Lizerbraum, Advisory Board Member. David Lizerbram is an attorney who established David Lizerbram & Associates in 2005 in San Diego, California, with the goal of providing high-quality legal services to entrepreneurs both locally and nationwide. Since the firm’s creation, David has assisted with a large variety of business matters. His clients have varied in size, from solo entrepreneurs to publicly traded companies. David has provided legal guidance on multimillion-dollar fundraising rounds, negotiated strategic partnerships with nationwide businesses and nonprofits, managed international intellectual property portfolios, and advised many innovative startups.

Erik Hazzard, Advisory Board Member. Previously Gaming Founder at Meta, co-founder of tbh (acq. By Meta 2017).

Jarques Pretorius, Designer. Jarques has over a decade of design experience, including over 6 years as a Senior Design Manager at Twitch. He's responsible for taking this vision and turning it into a usable and beautiful experience.

JD Kilby, Head of Engineering. JD is a leader and manager of software development who leverages over twenty years of engineering experience (including over five years of managerial experience at Amazon) to help guide teams toward delivering software solutions. He has experience in a number of areas, including front-end development, retail, games, advertising, and education.

Kevin Bjelajac, Advisory Board Member. Kevin is currently the VP of Creative Marketing at Paramount+ and has experience directing global marketing for companies like Netflix, WarnerMedia, OMD, and Sony Pictures.

Lakshmi Nidamarthi, Advisory Board Member. Lakshmi brings over twenty years of experience directing product and technology efforts at Amazon. 

Leila Brillson, Advisory Board Member. Chief Marketing Officer for the Onion and formerly the Head of Social for Bumble, Leila has directed marketing efforts for companies like The Walt Disney Company, TikTok, and Netflix.

Michael Bart, Senior iOS Engineer. Michael has shipped B2B and B2C iOS apps, and is developing our mobile application.

Taylor Navarro, Operations Officer. Taylor is an award-winning TTRPG designer, editor, and project manager. She is a Special Events coordinator for Big Bad Con and the co-founder of the PoC Lounge for both Dragonmeet and UK Tabletop Industry Network.

The fact that we are on BackerKit instead of pursuing traditional start-up funding paths IS a risk. If we fail to fund, we still have a plan to move forward, but our purpose in coming to you was to de-risk Moonbeam from the get-go. Your support here allows us to pursue further funding goals to scale up towards a full public launch of Moonbeam.

We felt this risk was worth it so we could protect our vision of Moonbeam and Pyxis, knowing we had support and validation from the community. Until now, we’d raised enough funds from our friends, family, and acquaintances to be particular about future funding sources. Moonbeam isn’t going anywhere. We have enough funds to support our alpha and beta phases and expect to raise more this year.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, but we turned to you because we believe that with your support, the chances of Moonbeam’s long-term success and ability to reimagine the live streaming space increase exponentially. 

We believe the technology and tools we’ve created are worth the risk—these tools can positively impact countless lives. 

What is more worthwhile than betting on a brighter future? If we don’t take the risk together, no one else will. See you in the revolution!

Moonbeam is already live and in pre-alpha! We aim to begin our alpha phase by Q4 2024 and our beta phase in Q1 2025.
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