Silly Kitty Plushies

Silly Kitty Plushies

Cutesy cat plushies based on your favorite war cats! Made with soft minky/faux fur fabric and high quality embroider and printing!
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of $500 (USD) goal

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How does pledging work?

For some people new to pledging on Backerkit, pledges are what help the campaign reach its goal! Since this is a crowdfunded campaign, pledges are only charged orders if this campaign is successful! If we are able to reach a total of $500 worth of pledges, our first goal would be unlocked, and the campaign would be a success!
If we raise even more money, potential stretch goals could be unlocked! The more stretch goals, the more options you have when choosing your plush. If we reach $1700 worth of pledges, the second goal would unlock, etc. See the section below for a list of stretch goals!

Goals and Stretch Goals

Frost ✅ - Unlocked at $500 USD (UNLOCKED!)

Maple ✅ - Unlocked at $1700 USD (UNLOCKED!)

Lion - Unlocked at $2900 USD (LOCKED)

These plushies are just concepts! Samples will be made if the corresponding goals are reached/unlocked.

Ash - Unlocked at $4100 USD (LOCKED)


Squilf - Unlocked at $5300 USD (LOCKED)


Ivy - Unlocked at $6700 USD (LOCKED)


Moon - Unlocked at $7900 USD (LOCKED)

Jay 2.0 - Unlocked at $9100 USD (LOCKED)
He would be exactly like the first Jay, but with an alternate expression as shown below.


Holly 8" Plush - *LIMITED STOCK* (+$25 USD)
She is discounted here as opposed to buying on bigcartel if you want to support the campaign!

Jay 8" B Grade Plush - *1 IN STOCK* (+$27 USD)
Missed out on buying Jay on bigcartel? This is the last Jay in stock! He is a B grade because he is missing the thread sculpting on his paws, which is why he wasn't counted in the stock. This is the last chance to buy him, when he's gone he's gone!

Holly, Jay, or Lion 2.5" Glitter Holo Keychain (+$9 USD)
These are discounted as opposed to buying on bigcartel if you want to support the campaign!
  • You're able to choose which one(s) you want when the survey is sent post campaign, like the plushies!
  • Holly has a crescent moon clasp
  • Jay has a bronze star clasp
  • Lion has a gold star clasp
  • There is also a bundle including all three available at a discount

Holly, Jay, or Lion 2" Vinyl Sticker (+$2 USD)
  • You're able to choose which one(s) you want when the survey is sent post campaign, like the plushies!



**Shipping will be calculated and collected after the campaign through the Pledge Manager.** You will receive an email post-campaign with a survey to fill out where you can pick your plush or any add-ons you included, as well as pay for shipping.

Shipping is flat-rate. See the chart below for your state's corresponding prices. These can vary depending on how many plushies you are ordering.

  • Backers from Europe are responsible for VAT fees
  • all shipping comes with tracking
  • Check your email frequently for updates involving shipping
  • All rewards are shipped from the US


**please note that this timeline is a mere estimation based on past experience and it is not concrete**

  • April: Prototype plushies are finalized and designs are finished
  • May: design lineup and stretch goals are determined
  • June-July: Backerkit Campaign is live
  • August: Plushie manufacturing begins
  • September: surveys are sent out
  • October-November: Plushies arrive, surveys close
  • December: Plushies begin to be sent out
Please note that delays may occur during the production stage as I cannot control the manufacturing duration! I'll be sure to update you and include extras in your order if this is the case. You may always reach out to me personally if you have questions regarding updates or the campaign itself.

If the campaign is not successful, the process will end when the campaign ends and no one will be charged.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project