Pines de esmalte duro de los personajes de Card Captor Sakura
Sakura Hard Enamel Pin Collection

Sakura Hard Enamel Pin Collection

Hard Enamel pins of Card Captor Sakura characters
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Sakura Hard Enamel Pin Collection

Hello! I'm AlissRborn,
an illustrator specialized in the kawaii style. My art revolves around creating adorable and colorful characters and worlds that radiate joy and cuteness. I'm excited about this new campaign, which involves my first work on Enamel Pins inspired in Sakura Cardcaptor anime.
What are you waiting for? Make your contribution to my Kickstarter project and get one or more of these Sakura CardCaptor enamel pins.
For updates, future product designs, and more of my artwork and merchandise, check out my  shop  and  instagram ! Have a question? Check out the FAQs section of this campaign, and if your question has not been answered, contact me via direct messages here on Kickstarter or email me at [email protected] .

                                                             ☆ Description of the product
The Enameled Pins will all be crafted in an antique gold tone with enamel in various colors. Each one will have my personal signature stamped on the reverse.
Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo will measure 90 mm/3.45 in height, with some areas of the metallic design in relief. The pin thickness will be 1.3mm/0.05 in. They will feature 8 to 10 different colors per design.
On the other hand, Kero and Spinel will measure 5 mm/1.96 in height. The pin thickness will be 2mm/0.08 in. They will include 5 to 7 colors per design.
To produce all the designs, a minimum budget of €2,300 is required for each mold, with a minimum order of 50 pins per design, covering shipping, customs, and packaging costs.

                                                                              ☆ Example ☆

Packaging for Sakura CardCaptor Enamel Pins

  • ✧ Extra Enamel pin: 20€ (to your choice)
  • ✧ Extra Mini Enamel pin: 14€ (to your choice)
  • Tracking Number:+5€ (For any country. The ordinary shipping doesn't include tracking, buyers will be responsible for any customs fees, lost or damage.)

When the goal has been achieved (and the deadline of the kickstarter has reached its end), the material will be sent to production. The production of the keychains take 40 working days plus the 20 days that it would take to arrive at my home, then I would ship them to their destinations. Depending from where the buyer is, it will take more or less time to arrive. Also keep in mind that I will have to prepare the packages to be able to send them. If everything goes as planned, the timeline would be like this:
  • Late's June: The goal is reached
  • Early July: The material has been sent to production.
  • Early August: The material is done and has been shipped to my studio.
  • Late's August: The material will arrive at my studio, and I will begin preparing the shipments.
  • September: I will send all the orders to their destinations.
Keep in mind that this is a rough estimation. Any issue or delay that could happen, I would contact the donors.

                                                               🌎 I SHIP WORLDWIDE🌎
Tracking will not be included to keep shipping costs low but If you prefer you can add tracking as an add-on, you only have to make your pledge and add +5€ for Tracking.
Remember tracking shipment is always the safest method for you!
The shipping price is subject to an increase based on the weight in grams. Each reward already includes its calculated shipping cost based on the previously determined weight. Feel free to ask me about any shipping cost increments.
Pledgers are totally responsible for any taxes or fees.
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project