Veil of Shadows: Curse of the Obsidian Eclipse

Veil of Shadows: Curse of the Obsidian Eclipse

Explore a land gripped by the Obsidian Eclipse curse. Unravel its origins in a shattered temple, face shadows, and decide its fate in this gripping one-shot.
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πŸŒ‘ Face the Curse πŸŒ‘

Veil of Shadows: Curse of the Obsidian Eclipse is an enthralling 5e one-shot adventureΒ that will immerse your players in a chilling tale of darkness and mystery. Prepare to delve into a land gripped by a curse, where the boundary between light and shadow wavers, and heroes must rise to mend the mistakes of others.

The adventure will be for a group of level 5-7 players and can easily be adjusted to higher/lower levels. It is designed to last 4-6 hours and includes:

  • Introduction
  • Hook
  • GM Tips and Notes
  • Story
  • 2 Maps (GM's map, Players' map)
  • Encounters
  • Traps
  • Treasures
  • Monster Appendix


πŸ¦‡ What is happening? πŸ¦‡

The adventurers arrive in a land consumed by the Obsidian Eclipse curse. The curse, born from the reckless actions of a previous group of adventurers, has plunged the once-bustling village into perpetual shadow and chaos. The adventurers must journey to the heart of the land, where a ruined temple hides the source of the curse. Through riddles, combat, and roleplay, they'll discover the truth behind the curse's origins and make a pivotal choice that will either break the curse's grip or plunge the land deeper into darkness.

Light will become their best friend, while in shadows dangers are lurking. Not everything will be as it seems and the adventurers will ultimately have to make a difficult decision.

🐱 Add-ons 🐱

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In case you are not, our previous projects have been added as add-ons. Here is a short summary of each:

100 Cursed Items for 5e! - PDF

Are you ready to delve into the darkness and uncover the secrets of the cursed items? Introducing "100 Cursed Items for DnD 5e", a supplement that will take your DnD campaign to the next level!

With our collection of 100 cursed items, you will experience the thrill of discovering cursed treasures that not only bring unwanted effects to the user but also offer hidden bonuses and rewards. Each item comes with its own description and abilities, in the same way the official books present them.

Within the pages of this richly illustrated book, you'll also find a few cursed items with a little more playful curses that will have unexpected surprises.

All of the items in this book were designed to comply with Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, but they can be easily integrated into other systems.

The Lost Grimoire: A one-shot adventure for 3-5 level group - PDF

The players receive an invitation to the Sorcery Guild in the city of Archanvale by a good friend.Β 

Upon meeting them, he reveals that he needs their help to find a stolen and very dangerous Grimoire.

Suspecting that the thieves are hiding somewhere in the guild's castle headquarters, he enlists the adventurers to help him retrieve the book without alerting the other members of the guild.

The Lost Grimoire Part 2 - Shadows of the Infernal Rift! (A 2-3 sessions adventure for 8 level group) - PDF

In Part 2, the heroes return to the city, years after the events of Part 1, after an urgent message. A once peaceful city, home to the renowned magical school, has fallen victim to demonic incursions from the depths of the infernal realms. It's up to you and your fellow adventurers to save the day!


🎁 Stretch Goals 🎁

400 € : +2 Cursed Magic Items (With illustrations)

1000 € : +1 One Page Side Quest

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