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Project Update: Your Coupon Expires Today & Progress Update

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Whispers Upon the Waves

I'm glad to report that I've almost caught up after our eventful couple of weeks and that this adventure will be heading out to you all very soon.

Given the size of the Seaport of Vandermire, this adventure is a bit more involved and I made some changes to the labelled area map, so commissioning has taken a little longer than expected. We’ll probably publish the adventure next week without the labelled map if it isn’t ready yet. And then release another version later to include the map.

For those of you who are interested, here is some text from the adventure itself.

The salty pages of this ancient maritime log are damp with the mists of lost souls. Whispers Upon the Waves is the beginning of a haunting voyage that will enthrall, mystify, and challenge your players. This tale submerges players into abyssal depths of tabletop roleplaying, casting them into a tale awash with legends of phantom ships and their cursed crews.

Whispers Upon the Waves is a brine-worn compass that will guide your table through treacherous waters and stormy seas. So, gather your crew, ignite a lantern, and embark on a journey where the boundary between myth and truth dissolves is but another horizon for crossing. Beware, however, for the heaving seas are vast and sometimes their waves churn loose secrets best left forgotten.

Seaport of Vandermire
Though not yet large enough to be considered a city, this seaport has gracefully evolved from a humble fishing enclave to a vital and vibrant trading hub. Vandermire’s layout reflects its growth over the years, balancing the needs of its residents with the demands of trade and maritime activities.The town’s activities center around its large crescent-shaped harbor, known by locals as “the Moon of Vandermire” or simply “the Moon”. A lighthouse stands watch over the harbor and bustling wooden piers hug its sweeping alabaster cliffs. Above the harbor lies the cobblestoned Market District, alive with vendors peddling seafood, spices, and exotic goods shipped from as far as the Burning Isles of Sundra. Fisherman’s Wharf, dotted with modest docks, lowly warehouses, and processing sheds, sprawls over and beyond the harbor’s western cliffs. The more opulent Merchant’s Quarter, home to wealthy traders, is situated in the east. Seafarer’s taverns pepper the town, providing respite for weary sailors. In the north of the town Temple Hill rises gently, crowned by the majestic white Temple of Vander from which the town derives its name. A formidable stone wall encircles Vandermire, hinting at past threats, with the town’s garrison stationed on the northern edge upon a natural ridge overlooking the Skovahar Grasslands. Residential areas, consisting of homes, wells, and communal spaces, fill the gaps between walls and markets. Parallel to Fisherman’s Wharf, the air of Craftsmen’s Lane clangs and clatters with the sounds of artisans at work. The Green Meadow encircles much of Vandermire’s outskirts. The most northerly meadows stretch towards the Larma Range before giving way to hilly farmland along the banks of the Vander River.

Central Harbor: The Moon of Vandermire, this expansive harbor is surrounded by long wooden piers and stone quays. The harbor’s crescent shape protects ships from the worst of the sea’s wrath, especially in winter. A grand lighthouse stands at the harbor’s mouth, guiding ships safely with its ever-burning flame.
Market District: Located directly behind the harbor, this bustling area hosts merchants from all corners, selling fresh seafood, spices, fabrics, and artifacts. The streets are lined with cobblestones, and the market stalls, made largely of wood and canvas, are arranged in a semi-circular pattern following the harbor’s curve.
Fisherman’s Wharf: Located to the west of the harbor, this area is filled with smaller docks mainly used by local fishermen. There are also numerous establishments like smokehouses, brine huts, and salting sheds where the day’s catch is processed.
Merchant’s Quarter: Situated to the east of the harbor, this affluent area is where the wealthy traders and shipowners reside. The houses here are multi-storied, with ornate balconies, decorated pillars, and lush gardens.
Seafarer’s Taverns: Scattered around the harbor and into the town, these establishments offer a warm bed, a hot meal, and tales of the sea. Some are rowdy, catering to the fresh-off-the-ship crowd, while others are more refined, serving officers and genteel travelers.
Temple Hill: A gentle slope to the north of the town hosts various temples and shrines. The largest is the Temple of Poseilea, the goddess of the sea, with its iconic blue dome and cascading water features.
Garrison and Walls: Vandermire is encircled by a robust stone wall, a remnant from days of old when pirates roamed the seas. The garrison, located at the town’s western edge, houses the town’s guards and a small contingent of soldiers.
Residential Areas: Beyond the market district and stretching towards the town walls, these are areas of clustered homes, ranging from modest cottages to more spacious family dwellings. Interspersed are communal wells and green spaces where children play and elders gather.
Craftsmen’s Lane: Parallel to the Fisherman’s Wharf, this district is where skilled artisans — blacksmiths, carpenters, sailmakers, and coopers — have their workshops.

And here's the ship battle map

Artwork by Liam Hammond

Look forward to getting this adventure into your inboxes.

Have a good one!

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