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Project Update: Progress update: hopping towards completion!

Hey, backers Frens! ૮꒰˵ ◕ ヮ ◕˵꒱აฅ

After all the setbacks experienced that have slowed down the production process a lot -as you may already know from the previous update post., we have revised and updated our timeline to reflect the current situation, as you can see through the image below. Our goal is to ship everything as soon as possible, hoping by December/January 2024 -we're keeping our fingers crossed!

Despite these delays, the production of the pins is actually well underway! ૮꒰„ ᵕ  ꒳ ᵕ̤ „꒱ა 
We received some production photos showcasing their progress just today, and we couldn't be more thrilled about how they're coming out! You can see that all the pins in the pictures are almost complete, with only the final stage of screen printing remaining. They are turning out to be even more adorable and vibrant than we imagined ૮꒰„ ◕ ヮ ◕˵ „꒱ა❀°。We think you're going to love them too, once completed!



ᴀʟꜱᴏ ʀᴀɪɴʙᴏɴɴɪᴇꜱ ᴀɴᴅ ᴘʀɪᴅᴇ ᴍᴏᴏ-ɴɪᴏɴꜱ

We'll do our best to keep you updated -as soon as we have more news on the completion of the pins
We never ask our manufacturers to rush any production, even if there have been already delays. Cause we're committed to delivering exceptional quality products as much as we can ૮꒰ ◕´ ꒳ `◕˵ ꒱ა 

Thank you for your patience and understanding so far! We truly always appreciate your support, so we can't never get tired of saying it ૮₍*♡´ɷ`  ₎ა人૮₍ ´ɷ` ♡ *₎ა

Sending you again tons of fluffy bunny hugs! Wish you super lovely days in the meantime,
the Quirkory team~
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