Micro Dungeons: Fey of the Wyrdscape (for 5e D&D)

Micro Dungeons: Fey of the Wyrdscape (for 5e D&D)

Micro Dungeon Crawling Adventures in the land of the Fey for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons
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Micro Dungeons is back with two new editions: our new thematic Micro Dungeons: Fey of the Wyrdscape with stories in the magical and strange world of the Wyrdscape, and a new classic Micro Dungeons XV.

But this time we also bring our first compendium: Micro Dungeons First Annual Compendium 2022 is a hardcover book containing the first 10 editions of Micro Dungeons, with a total of 50 dungeons and more than one hundred monster stat blocks.


Micro Dungeons is a short selection of small dungeons for both new  and experienced players of 5E Dungeons & Dragons, that can be played in a few hours, with an old school feel.


Each Micro Dungeon includes:

  • The Map. The base of every Micro Dungeon is the dungeon map. These maps are made of 10x10 ft. squares.
  • An introduction. The short introduction is just so you have an idea of what the dungeon is about, but you can adapt and insert it into your own adventure as you wish.
  • Encounters. Every room in the dungeon has traps, encounters, treasures or other stuff, and it's all described in one page.
  • New Monsters. Every dungeon includes at least one new monster. At the end of the document there is an appendix ¬† with all the stat blocks for the new monsters.
  • Monster reference cards. It also ¬† includes a separate PDF file with the reference cards for the included ¬† monsters, so you can run your games more smoothly.


In this campaign you can also get the first annual compendium released last year. This book is already printed and ready to ship.

A hardcover compilation of the first year of Micro Dungeons, with 10 editions, and 50 dungeons, plus more than 100 new monsters. 

The editions compiled in this book are:

  • Micro Dungeons for 5e
  • Micro Dungeons II
  • Micro Dungeons III
  • Micro Dungeons IV
  • Micro Dungeons Halloween 2021
  • Micro Dungeons Winter 2021
  • Micro Dungeons Undead
  • Micro Dungeons Cosmic Horror
  • Micro Dungeons Wizards
  • Micro Dungeons Dragons

Notes about the physical book.

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  • The shipping cost will be 20usd for United States and 25 for the rest of the world.¬†


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