Largest collection of Professional 3D print files on the planet

Largest collection of Professional 3D print files on the planet

All new exclusive collection - 3d printable computer cases! Access to over 40,000 Professionally Designed 3d models ready to print! Hundreds of collections from dozens of designers including Architecture, Miniature, Functional Prints, and more!
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How did I get here? The road to being in the 3d model business

I love to 3d print, 3d model, and create things that have never been done before. I've been 3D printing for over a decade and had a side hustle selling prints on Etsy and other websites. Over the years, I amassed a large collection of models both of my design, as well as with commercial/merchant licenses for selling 3D prints. At one point, I owned over 20 3d printers, including commercial printers that could print models the size of a small car, or entire medieval towns at once for tabletop fans

However, my day job in technology started requiring more time, leading me to close the 3D print business. Now I am just in the 3d model business, providing unique and interesting designs to the community. My collection has grown to over 40,000 professionally designed models! By backing me here, you will get access to that collection, and a new exclusive collection I made just for this campaign.

3d printable computer cases - exclusive to this campaign!

 I am introducing an entirely new line of models that WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE VIA THIS CAMPAIGN! 
Introducing the 3D printed computer case line

Five different styles in total from a micro-atx Mac-mini like to a modular desktop gaming rig.


The collection - What you will get access to

This is just a sample of the archive's hundreds of 3d model collections.

Every collection from ZikZak

Every collection from Oksana Klingel

Every collection from the studio of 3D Fortress

Every collection from Infiniteprint3d

Every Collection from Wow Buildings

Every Collection from Sphere 3D

Every Collection from Kuber Vazquez

Every  Collection from Terrain

Every collection from Moliponchik

And More!


How do I collect my files?

If you are already in my Patreon, you won't need to do anything!

If this is your first time becoming a member, I have several ways to provide the files.

- I maintain thousands of my models for sale on Cults3D and provide backers of a collection, or Patreon backers coupon codes which discount the cost to $0. You can see my 'storefront' here: . I've been doing this for almost 5 years.

 - I maintain my own webstore, and provide coupon codes that discount the cost to $0 - you can see the 'storefront' here:

 - I provide access to Onedrive, or Dropbox to download  at your leisure.

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