MANDELBROT HALL - Animated Pilot Episode

MANDELBROT HALL - Animated Pilot Episode

Step into MANDELBROT HALL, an animated slice-of-life that decays into cosmic horror. Help us make the pilot episode and receive exclusive merch, including posters, shirts, stickers, and more!
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Pride 2024 🌈

Spineless art student Jackie's first semester curdles into cosmic horror as people, places, and concepts begin to vanish from reality. She alone shoulders the memory of all that's been lost.

When attempting to do her laundry in the derelict basement of her dormitory, Jackie comes face to face with the unknowable. 

This is the pilot episode of MANDELBROT HALL– an animated comedy-horror series. We need your help to make it a reality.

People pleaser Jackie fumbles her way through her first semester at “AEIOU”- a middling multidisciplinary art school. She lives in the labyrinthine Mandelbrot Hall with eccentric upperclassmen like Maven, a know-it-all film major with no concept of boundaries, and Iris, an introverted fine arts student who always reeks of cat food. As the semester continues, Jackie’s daily troubles swiftly shift from amusing to nightmarish. People and things disappear entirely from existence - and Jackie is the only one who notices and remembers.

Secluded in sunny Southern California, the Arts and Entertainment Institute of Upland (AEIOU) boasts a student body of idiosyncratic creatives. Painters and game designers mingle around the stone fountain at the center of a grassy radial campus. Animators and composers spend long hours hunched over computers while actors and singers perform their hearts out in a neighboring building. Jackie tends to frequent the dusty campus library and hangs around in empty studios - or really, wherever someone else tells her to go. 

We’re Studio Flimpo - an artist-owned, independent 2D animation studio proudly based in the NYC metro area. We met in college, became besties, graduated, and decided to carve our own path in a turbulent industry. We make animation that is not only creatively innovative, but also built on healthy labor practices and fair compensation.

From left to right: Reid Sandlund, Ren Abueg, and Milo Ferguson. Photo credit: Steven Birnbaum (@TheBandWasHere)

You may know us from The Everything is OK Show or our silly behind-the-scenes videos, which have catapulted us into internet micro-celebritydom. And if you don’t know us… Hi! We’re Studio Flimpo, an artist-owned- (a cane pulls us off stage).

We aren't working alone, either! We are proud to feature an incredibly skilled cast of voice actors. Mandelbrot Hall stars:

Day Ajose as Jackie [Instagram] [IMDB]
Maxwell "Sushi" Soucy as Maven [Instagram] [TikTok]
Sky Santacruz as Iris [Twitter] [Website]
Mazie Voss as Jo [Instagram]
Catherine McGeoghegan as Lulu [Instagram] [YouTube]
...and special guest “Weird Al” Yankovic as Jimmy! [Instagram]

The pilot episode includes an original musical score by:
 Zee Yuen (who previously worked on The Everything is OK Show)
and Patricia Taxxon (who made the music featured in our trailer!)

Plus, if we reach the stretch goal, "Mandelbrot Set" by Jonathan Coulton will be our show's theme song!  

While our initial goal will allow us to make the pilot episode, we want to go above and beyond. That means making the episode's production our full-time job. This would allow us to dedicate ourselves fully to the project and finish the episode for you all sooner.

And that's not all! If we raise enough, we can hire a small, well-paid team and give back to our amazing community with the best episode possible. Not to mention, we have extra-special additional rewards planned for certain stretch goals...


  • $5 - Digital Bundle. Receive high-quality digital wallpapers, the pilot episode in HD, and a special commentary track.
  • $15 - Orientation Bundle. Receive a common Mandelbrot Hall trading card of your choice, an AEIOU lanyard, and an attachable card sleeve.
  • $25 - Deluxe Digital Bundle. Receive all previous digital content, plus the full pilot soundtrack download, a PDF download of the Mandelbrot Hall art book, and the annotated pilot episode script.
  • $50 - Print Bundle. Receive the official Mandelbrot Hall poster, an AEIOU campus map, and a Mandelbrot Hall sticker sheet!
  • $80 - Apparel Bundle. Receive an AEIOU sunflower logo shirt (Jackie's shirt), an AEIOU tote bag, and an AEIOU sunflower charm.
  • $125 - School Spirit Bundle. Receive all items from the print and apparel bundles!
  • $200 - Signed Poster. Receive the official Mandelbrot Hall poster signed by the three founders of Studio Flimpo and all previous digital content.
  • $500 - AEIOU Swag Pack. Receive all physical and digital merchandise, including a signed poster!
  • $1000 (20 slots) - Piece of the Production. Receive an original piece of production art, top donor special thanks in the credits, all physical merch (including signed poster + all trading cards), and all digital merch.
  • $5,000 (10 slots) - Character Cameo. Receive a background character cameo, an associate producer credit, an original piece of production art, and all physical and digital merch!
  • $10,000 (5 slots) - Executive Producer. Receive an AEIOU building namesake, an executive producer credit, a background character cameo, an original piece of production art, and all physical and digital merch.

Eyeing a pledge level that's missing a reward you want? Don't worry; you can get rewards à la carte as "add-ons!"

Add-ons are exactly what they sound like - when you select your pledge level, you can add additional rewards onto your pledge! 

All of our physical merchandise (excluding the signed poster and original pieces) as well as our deluxe digital bundle are available as add-ons.


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Animation is expensive - but why? Let’s walk through where the money for the Mandelbrot Hall pilot goes.


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