Manekineko, the Lucky Cat, Plushie

Manekineko, the Lucky Cat, Plushie

Vivian, the designer behind Sugar Cubed Studios, started the company in 2018 with just enamel pins. Since then, she's expanded to many different types of merch, with her most recent endeavors being in plushies!
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Hello! My name is Vivian, and I'm the artist and designer behind Sugar[Cubed]³Studios. You might have seen me around on Kickstarter or Instagram! I've worked on many projects in the past few years, from Sailor Moon to Dungeons and Dragons; I've worked on them all.  You can find most of my designs and in stock merchandise on my website or on Etsy! In addition, I host a pin club on Patreon, featuring limited edition 2-piece pins from original designs to mystery monsters~

This campaign features a set of adorable Manekineko, or lucky cats! They're seen all over Asian culture, especially at businesses where these cats bless and bring in fortune to their workplace. Nowadays, because of their adorable faces and many a meanings, manekineko are beloved in households all over the world! 

I've designed many iterations of Manekineko in pin form and whilst designing the next style, I made the decision of turning these adorable pins into plushies! And et voilà, here we are~


The Manekineko Plushies

This campaign is pretty straightforward. The initial funding goal will cover the all four designs featured on the cover of this project. Once the goal is met, we'll have achievements we can soar through from o-mamori charms to stickers and more!

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the adorable kitties and what to expect!

Size: ~11" tall x 6" wide (not including arms) :: 20.32cm tall x 11.43cm wide (not including arms)

Materials: Each Manekineko are made of soft minky fabric and filled with weighted beads at the bottom so they can sit upright despite their large heads!

  • Each differently colored material are made with the same type of fabric and is carefully stitched together to create a seamless form!
  • Eyes, mouth, whiskers, and paws are embroidered!
  • The collar/bib is removable, and the bell jingles!

While our primary goal is to fund the original white Manekineko plushie design, we'd love to get these additional achievements reached as well!

Small Manekineko Plushie are roughly ~11 inches x ~6 inches.


Additional Achievements

What are Achievements? 

They're like add-ons! Once we've reached our target goal of $6,000 which will fund all 4 plushie designs, additional pledges accrued will go towards achievement goals! Extra pledges will help facilitate different types of merch for this campaign. As we cruise on through this project, more and more achievements will be revealed!

Achievement #1 - Enamel Pins!

Timeline & Shipping


Campaign Duration:  November 15th, 2022 to December 15th, 2022.
Estimated Production Duration: ~3-4 months, depending on production capacity.
Estimated Delivery: April-May 2023

Note: These are estimated timelines. Delays in production or delivery can occur. Should it happen, I will notify everyone on a new estimated delivery date.

Please be aware that International backers are responsible for any customs fees their country may ask for, so plan accordingly!


Shipping costs for both the large and small Manekineko plushies are not included in the pledge. The costs of shipping will be added on at a later point after the campaign has concluded to reflect a more accurate cost. 

  • ¬†Domestic (US) backers: Package will arrive in 3-5 days.
  • ¬†International backers: Package will take anywhere between 2-8 weeks for delivery. All international packages are insured and use the Global Advantage Program. The tracking method varies from country to country. Typically, tracking stops once it leaves the United States, however, there are times where tracking continues. Rest assured your parcel is still on its way to you!

  • ¬†Take in for Covid-19: As many of you know, Covid-19 has delayed production and shipping times. Please understand that I am not in control of how fast production takes place nor can I control how fast or slow shipping will be. Delays may happen due to the pandemic, so please be patient with that.

  • ¬†International backers: Be aware that you are responsible for any additional VAT, taxes. or customs fees your country may ask for, so plan accordingly!


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