Cat Sudoku Enamel Pins and Playmats

Cat Sudoku Enamel Pins and Playmats

Unleash a purr-fect collection of our Cat Sudoku enamel pins and playmats, featuring adorable cat illustrations by the talented Kaiami, who brings our Cat Sudoku game series to life.
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About the Campaign

Welcome to our crowdfunding campaign! We're thrilled to introduce a new collection of Cat Sudoku merchandise that will delight fans and cat lovers alike. Our exclusive collection features three beautifully designed enamel pins, playful mousepads, and an impressive table-size playmat.

At Cat Sudoku, we blend the charm of feline friends with the fun and challenge of Sudoku puzzles. Our community has grown and thrived, and now we want to bring a piece of this world into your daily life. With your support, we can turn these high-quality, whimsical products into a reality.


Enamel Pins - 2024 Collection

These 1.5" enamel pins are perfect for accessorizing bags, jackets, and more. Each pin features a unique cat design inspired by our love for puzzles and felines.

  • $15 each
  • $35 for three (Save $10)
  • Size: 1.5"
  • Border: Gold
  • Flat Rate Shipping: US/Asia $10, Canada/UK/EU $12, Australia/New Zealand $14

Mousepads - Four Seasons of Kyoto

Our Four Seasons of Kyoto mousepads are not only functional but also bring a touch of fun to your workspace. Choose from two vibrant designs that showcase our Cat Sudoku theme.

  • $15 each
  • $45 for a set of four (Save $15)
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Dimensions: 9.3 x 7.8 inches
  • Stitched Edging: White
  • Flat Rate Shipping: US/Asia $10, Canada/UK/EU $12, Australia/New Zealand $14

Four Season Playmat

Introducing new Four Season playmat with our four season kitties: Haru, Natsu, Aki, and Haru.

  • $30 each / $50 for two
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14 inches
  • Stitched Edging: Black
  • Flat Rate Shipping: US/Asia $10, Canada/UK/EU $12, Australia/New Zealand $14


Add-ons: Signature Enamel Pins

These are other cats of Cat Sudoku 1.5" enamel pins. Each cat is $15. A set of three cats is $35.

A set of all 9 pins is $90.


Stretch Goals

[Unlock at $3000] Table-Size Playmat (US only)

Transform your tabletop gaming or work surface with our table-size playmat. This playmat provides ample space for all your activities while adding a playful Cat Sudoku twist.

  • MSRP $120+
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Dimensions: 72 x 30 inches
  • Stitched Edging: Black


Shipping and Fulfillment

Shipping Fee
Shipping is a flat fee of $10 within the US, $10 to selected Asia countries, $12 to UK, Canada, and EU, and $14 to Australia and New Zealand.

For Countries Not Mentioned
Enamel pins and mousepads are available to the US, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and some Asia countries, Table-size playmat is only available to the US. We apologize that we are only able to ship to some countries due to logistics and VAT.

Delivery Date
We expect to begin the fulfillment in September 2024. Before then, you may update your shipping address in the pledge manager.


  • Campaign Launch: Early July
  • Campaign End: End of July
  • Production Start: August
  • Shipping Begins: October

Custom Friendly & Duty-Free Shipping
Backers within the USA, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and most Asia countries will benefit from custom-friendly shipping meaning you will not have to pay additional customs fees. We cannot guarantee customs-friendly shipping outside of these areas.


Greetings, esteemed enthusiasts! I'm Ta-Te Wu, an indie board game designer and self-publisher nestled in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles. 

Our mission? Crafting captivating games and top-tier accessories from inception to fruition. We harness the power of crowdfunding to manifest these dreams, relying on your invaluable support. Through Backerkit, we transcend limits, unlocking Stretch Goals to enhance the experience for all, gratis. Plus, as a token of our gratitude, backers gain access to exclusive treasures unattainable post-campaign. Your presence and backing mean the world to us. Thank you wholeheartedly for joining us on this thrilling journey!

Finally, this campaign wouldn't be possible without the incredible talent of our artist, Kaiami. Known for her unique style and creative vision, Kaiami has brought our Cat Sudoku to life with her exceptional designs. From the charming enamel pins to the playful mousepads and the stunning table-size playmat, her artistry shines through in every piece. We are incredibly grateful for her collaboration and dedication. To see more of her amazing work, visit her website at Kaiami. Thank you, Kaiami, for being an integral part of this project! 


Risks and Challenges

 With over ten successful Kickstarter campaigns, this marks our second launch on Backerkit. Each project is undertaken with meticulous care and unwavering pride, committed to delivering top-quality products and adhering to promised timelines. Clear communication is at the core of our ethos, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage. Rest assured, we pledge to exceed expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to address them promptly. Join us on this journey built on trust and assurance. Thank you for your support! 
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project