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Werewolf in the Dark

Werewolf in the Dark

Werewolf meets Hide-and-Go-Seek in this brand new social deduction game from the creators of Two Rooms and a Boom and Dead Last.
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Werewolf in the Dark! is the unforgettable game that combines the classical game of Werewolf with hide-and-go-seek. Designed by Alan Gerding (Two Rooms and a Boom) and Andy Patton (Dead Last), published by Tuesday Knight Games (Two Rooms and a Boom, Mothership RPG, That's Not Lemonade).

CabinCon 2024

For only $30 you get:

  • The social deduction of Werewolf
    • Who among the villagers is the Werewolf?
    • During the daylight phase, you have only one minute to discuss and vote to eliminate a player you suspect of killing others at night. 

  • The childhood intensity of Hide-and-go-Seek
    • During the night phase, everyone hides in pitch black darkness.
    • The Werewolves can double tap you, eliminating you.

  • A never-ending night only the dead can cure!
    • Don't get too cozy in your hiding spot, as a Werewolf can win in a single night.
    • Venture out in the dark and hope to find a body to end the terrifying night phase.

  • Dozens of roles with unique abilities
    • Many different monster types.
    • Many different "villager" roles.
    • A third "Villain" faction spices up the game, stealing the victory from villagers if all monsters are eliminated.

  • Everyone plays!
    • There is no need for a moderator!
    • Showed up late or not sure you want to play? No worries. Simply take on the role of a "ghost" until it's your time to play.

  • Elimination is only the beginning!
    • Eaten by a monster? Eliminated by vote? No worries.
    • Everyone comes back as one of many different types of "ghosts" to enhance the game.
    • Every ghost also has their own ability.

The three factions are monster, villager, and villain.
                                         Download the free Print-and-Play files for Werewolf in the Dark!

Werewolf in the Dark! comes in two possible boxes, each just $30. Think of it as choosing between Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue. Both are stand alone games, totally playable on their own... but you can combine both boxes to own all characters and ghost tokens for maximum play variety and the ability to play with up to 56 players!

  • The Wolf Pack 
    • This box contains all of the titular Werewolf monsters and a curated selection of villagers, villains, and ghosts... all balanced and designed to provide everyone with maximum fun without much complexity.
    • Comes with 28 unique characters. Full list of characters in FAQ.
      • 5 monsters, most of which are part of the werewolf family.
      • 19 villagers, each with their own ability.
      • 4 villainous villains.
    • Comes with 15 unique ghost tokens. Full list of ghost in FAQ.
    • Full color rulebook.
    • Full color character guidebook covering all 28 Wolf Pack characters.

  • The Monster Box
    • You won't find any Werewolves in this box. Instead, you'll find a dynamic and balanced mix of your favorite classic monsters and other wild recognizable characters. This macabre collection has arguably more nuance and depth than its Wolf Pack counterpart.
    • Comes with 28 unique characters. Full list of characters in FAQ.
      • 6 monsters, none of which include any werewolves.
      • 18 villagers, each with their own ability.
      • 4 villainous villains.
    • Comes with 15 unique ghost tokens. Full list of ghost in FAQ.
    • Full color rulebook.
    • Full color character guidebook covering all 28 Monster Box characters.

$30 - Pick One

Get a copy of either the Werewolf in the Dark Wolf Pack or Monster Box. Each set contains everything you need to play, including:

  • x28 Character Cards
  • x15 Ghost Tokens
  • Rulebook & Character Guide
  • All Stretch Goals

$50 - Get Both

The complete game: both the Werewolf in the Dark: Wolf Pack and the Werewolf in the Dark: Monster Box. Includes:

  • Both the Werewolf in the Dark: Wolf Pack and Monster Box.
  • 56 Character Cards.
  • 30 Ghost Tokens.
  • Rulebooks and Character Guides for each set.
  • All Stretch Goals.

MSRP $60 -- a $10 savings!

$100 - Get everything

Every party game Tuesday Knight Games has ever made. 

  • Werewolf in the Dark: Wolf Pack & Monster Box
  • Two Rooms and a Boom
  • World Championship Russian Roulette
  • That's Not Lemonade!

Hours of fun. Over 25% savings. Perfect for large and small groups!

$500 - Get everything and a hand carved Wood Block print

The woodblock you receive will be one of the random 55 hand-carved characters.

An AMAZING deal. Not only do you get every party game Tuesday Knight Games has ever made. You ALSO get a random ORIGINAL hand carved wood block, one of those used to print the card art for Werewolf in the Dark. These are one of a kind, limited to only 50 backers, and are randomly selected at time of fulfillment.

  • Werewolf in the Dark: Wolf Pack & Monster Box
  • Two Rooms and a Boom
  • World Championship Russian Roulette
  • That's Not Lemonade!
  • A one-of-a-kind woodblock featuring an original piece of card art for Werewolf in the Dark.

Who is the game for? This game is perfect for you if: 

  • You have a group of 6 or more consenting players.
  • Access to a house, campground, or property outside during a dark night.
  • A shared desire for an unforgettable evening of fear, cheers, chills, and thrills!
  • You enjoy Hidden Role or Social Deduction games such as:
    • Classic Werewolf/Mafia
    • Two Rooms and a Boom
    • The Resistance or Secret Hitler
    • Among Us (yes, the hit video game)
  • You like Childhood physical games such as:
    • Hide-and-go-Seek
    • Ghosts in the Graveyard
    • Cops and Robbers
  • Creeping around in pitch black darkness sounds like fun.

If none of the above apply to you, then this game is NOT for you! Werewolf in the Dark is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. So if it sounds like your thing, it is TOTALLY your thing.

Thank you to those who backed in the first 48! Wear your pin with pride.

We understand it is always a risk using crowd-funding as there is no guarantee you'll end up with the actual game in your hand. Tuesday Knight Games has a history of publishing great games through crowdfunding. Yes, two of our previous games were delayed and arrived later than originally projected, but Werewolf in the Dark is in it's final stages of preparation for manufacturing. This means we are doing our sincerest so you get Werewolf in the Dark in your hands by the end of this year!

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Want to know what people are saying about the game? Check it out and follow any links below,

Quintin Smith - Shut Up and Sit Down
“One of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve had.”

“I can not remember the last time I played a game where the moment it began I became more excited than I have ever been.”

“It is so good, it is categorically worth renting a big Airbnb exclusively for the purpose of playing Werewolf in the Dark.”

Christine Jensen wrote a full session report you can read HERE on Board Game Geek.

Ross Connell - Game personality and photographer
"This game creates moments you'll be talking about for years."

Delton Brack - Malthaus Games Podcast
"It's #1 on my to-play list every year."
"Each time I've played, it's been the standout of the con. I go home with the best memories!"

Kevin Jones - Escape Room designer
"An absolutely epic twist on werewolf. I could play it for hours!"

Tyler Brown - Board Game designer of 23 Knives
"I never want to play games with the lights on again."

Dr. Stephanie Rothman - Megagame Moderator & Social Psychologist
"It's like Among Us in real life, but better!"

Robin Adelmann - Avid Gamer
"This game makes me feel like a kid at a sleepover!"

Nick Churchill - Dirty Werewolf
"This is the game you wish you made up when you were a kid."

Sean McCoy - Some Dumb Guy
"I don't think I can ever go back to regular Werewolf."

The Art of Werewolf in the Dark
Tuesday Knight Games is dedicated to delivering handmade art for each of our games. For Werewolf in the Dark we hired Bradly Blaire to bring his woodcutting talents to hand carve each and every character card out of wood. This meticulous process produces a woodcut print to stamp ink onto paper. From there, the ink print is scanned into a digital file.

Bradley Blaire's work on our official Werewolf Woodprint.

You can get own one of the random 55 woodprints Bradley's painstakingly carved by backing at the $500 pledge level. Own a piece of art by backing today!


Stretch Goals/Achievements
The better this Werewolf in the Dark campaign does, the better manufacturing rate we get. We want to pass those manufacturing saving to you, the backers. So we need your help sharing this campaign to get the most out of these adventure.

Here we go!


Shipping, VAT, and applicable taxes will be charged after the campaign ends through Backerkit. PTS will handle shipping and fulfillment for the EU/Europe/UK while Quartermasters Logistics (QML) will handle our shipping in all other regions. They've shipped all of our products for the last few crowdfunding campaigns and we have a great working relationship with them.


The card art and graphics are illustrated and designed and the rules are thoroughly playtested. We expect to be fulfilling to backers before the end of 2024. Exact ship dates will vary based on region.

Countries we cannot ship to

Unfortunately, global shipping conditions prohibit us from shipping to the following countries. We apologize for the inconvenience and we hope you will enjoy our print and play version.

Countries we absolutely cannot ship to (sorry):
  • Afghanistan
  • Bhutan
  • Brazil
  • Brunei
  • Central African Republic
  • Chad
  • Cuba
  • French Guiana
  • Guadeloupe
  • Iran
  • Israel
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  • Mongolia
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  • Papua New Guinea
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  • Samoa
  • Sierra Leone
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tajikistan
  • Timor-Leste
  • Turkmenistan
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen
Special Thanks To:
  • Andy Patton, for bringing this wonderful game to our attention.
  • All of those wonderful people who were brave enough to playtest this game.
  • The courageous attendees of CabinCon who played Werewolf in the Dark for hours on end.
  • The team at cut20.com for all of their great work on our video
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