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Project Update: Cross-Collab Campaign, New Pledge Levels, and Design Requests

Hello backers! I hope you are having a nice July so far. We have nine days left in the campaign. 

Cross-Collab Campaign

I wanted to highlight our cross-collab campaign, Pride Potions! If you pledge to both Pride Potions and Pride Angels, you'll receive a pair of exclusive freebie pins.

All of the initial Pride Potions goals are funded, and there are more on the way with Key & Crow Studios taking suggestions for more flags on their Community page.

Design Requests

I have finished eight of the ten Design Request angels, here they are (you can view full images on my social media): 

I'm still working on the remaining two Design Requests. I wasn't 100% happy with my previous sketches, so here are some new ones. I'm hoping to get them done before the end of the campaign.

I was thinking about adding more Design Request slots but we're a bit too close to the end of the campaign and if I added them now, I would worry they would not be filled before the end. My apologies to anyone who had inquired about additional slots! There's always a chance a slot might open up before the end of the campaign, so keep an eye on the Design Request pledge level.

I am considering opening Design Requests outside the campaign, in the future or for Pride Month next year. I would not be able to offer the full array of merch for requests outside a campaign, but would make them into stickers and keychains. You can vote in this poll or comment on this update if you are interested. If you feel any are missing from the current roster, you can let me know which ones you would request. 

New Pledge Levels

I have added some discounted pledge levels for sixteen and twenty pins. Be sure to switch to these pledge levels before the campaign ends, you will not be able to change pledge levels after the campaign. 

That's all for this update, have a wonderful rest of your day!
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