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Something Crawled Out

Something Crawled Out

Find out what writhes below the surface in Son M. and MadCursed's newest comic horror masterpiece, with special extras available nowhere else!
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Edith "Eddie" Miller has no grand plans or great prospects. She spends her days sleeping in and her nights working shifts at a gas station. But when her younger sister Charlotte fails to come home, Eddie unearths a web of missing girls and rotting bodies. The police prove useless, so Eddie teams up with her best friend, Rainer, in a desperate hunt to find her sister. The only thing is--Eddie believes her best friend might be the Devil himself.

Now the two must work together to discover the truth of what has happened to Charlotte... even if it costs them what remains of their souls.

Something Crawled Out by Son M and MadCursed contains 4 oversized, full-color issues for nearly 200 pages of horror! Pledge today to read the full series as it serializes at our convenient digital tiers or comprehensive physical tiers.
Our exclusive Body Bag and Black Bag will come to you fully bagged and obscured, to protect them from prying eyes...

Variant covers? We're glad you asked. In addition to the exclusive BackerKit cover by MadCursed, we're excited to offer the 18+ ultra-violent Body Bag variant by artist Kodasea, and ultra-sexy Black Bag cover by artist Myxomatosia in addition to a variety of add-on covers. As we gain supporters, we may unlock additional new art as well, so stay tuned! And of course, the most dedicated collectors can indulge in our BackerKit-only rewards, found in our add-on section.

Available EXCLUSIVELY in this campaign: a special 16-page, 18+ BackerKit-only Something Crawled Out side-comic written by Son M. and illustrated by Dri Gomez.  We wanted to give Son the room to plumb the depths of her character’s in a way that is a bit too spicy for print... again, this comic will not appear in print in any form, so get it today before it disappears forever! This tier is for adults only... thanks for backing responsibly.

Content note: Both the primary comic and bonus side-comic contain scenes of intense violence and sexuality, and are not for the faint of heart! See our FAQ section for more info.

6/7 UPDATE: ISSUE #1 UNLOCKED! Click here to read Something Crawled Out Issue #1 now!

We offered the full first issue of Something Crawled Out to our special pre-campaign supporters... now we'd like to offer the same gift to the rest of the world! We'll let everyone read the PDF edition of Something Crawled Out #1 FREE once we hit 100 likes on this Twitter post... won't you help us unleash it?


The more support we gain for Something Crawled Out, the more great rewards you'll help unlock for everyone. 

Something Crawled Out #1 will formally debut in comic book stores everywhere in July 2024! This series is already guaranteed, which means we have no funding goal.

What we crave most is for YOU, the reader, to plunge into the story and meet the characters prior to our official launch... that's what Vault Crowdbuilding campaigns are all about. If you're intrigued, feel free to sign up for convenient digital or physical delivery to follow Something Crawled Out as it releases in shops around the country.

As our list of curious backers grows, the more giveaways and unlocks we'll uncover. And who's to say that we won't unearth more dark secrets along the way? But don't hang back too long. Once the campaign ends, these exclusives disappear without a trace. 

The darkness is waiting. The door's open.

Won't you step through it? 


About Son M.

SON M. is an Algerian-Amazigh Muslim award-winning writer who specializes in beautifully brutal acts of horror and liminal spaces. Her work ranges from the fantastical to the grotesque. Her passions lead her to multiple types of storytelling, working as a Narrative Designer for multiple projects as well as the Creative Director and co-founder of Perfect Garbage Studios.

Find them at their: website | Twitter | Bluesky | Instagram

About Cas 'MadCursed' Peirano

Cas, aka 'MadCursed', is a comic artist, colorist and illustrator from Italy. The left arm of the team, he has a deep passion for angsty themes and dark stories. He has participated in several collaborative artbooks published by Kudos Editore (WASTELANDS 2023, SAMURAI Reunion, FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE) and by Queer Publishing House (AND THEY WERE MONSTERS). Even if learning animation is a subtle interest, drawing comic still calls them louder!

Find them at their: Threads | Twitter | Bluesky

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