Dragons and Their Hoards A Cute Enamel Pin Collection Set

Dragons and Their Hoards A Cute Enamel Pin Collection Set

A set of enamel pins that captures baby dragons' cute, but mischievous behavior. Every dragon has a small piece of their hoard as a matching filler pin.
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Hello Everyone! I'm Dakota, the artist and creator behind Wayward Enigma Designs. This will be my third crowdfunding campaign, and my second enamel pin-centered one. My previous Kickstarter Enchanted Potions was such a wonderful success. I'm excited to bring all my wonderous little dragons, and their hoards to life too! My tiktok follows the progress, triumphs and struggles as a new artist and business owner if you're interested in following my journey. I can also be found on Instagram and facebook! I have both My Shop and my Etsy to shop these and other products, art, and everything in between! Thank you :)


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Below are the dragons! Each one with it's own name and their favorite thing to hoard.
  • Every Pin will be approximately 1.5" (38mm) Tall.
  • Each Pin will come with a matching mini-pin approximately 0.75" (19mm) Tall.
  • Every pin will be made of durable metal with hard enamel and Grade A quality. 

Kash - Hoarder of Coins

Gobby - Hoarder of Dice, Collab Pin

Blossom - Hoarder of Flowers

Starry - Hoarder of Stars

Bonez - Hoarder of Bones

Froggy - Hoarder of Frog Friends

Berry - Hoarder of Strawberries

Candy - Hoarder of Sweets

Page - Hoarder of Books

Mocha - Hoarder of Coffee

Calico - Hoarder of Kitty Friends

Tux - Hoarder of Kitty Friends
Merle - Hoarder of Puppy Friends

Spot - Hoarder of Puppy Friends

Bunbun - Hoarder of Bunny Friends

Byte- Hoarder of Games

Pixel - Hoarder of Games

Hue - Hoarder of Art

Sage - Hoarder of Plants

Foxy - Hoarder of Fox Friends

Knitt - Hoarder of Yarn

Dino - Hoarder of Dino Plushie Friends

Capy - Hoarder of Capybara Friends
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Washi Tape! (4 Designs, 2 are WIP)

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