Explosion in the Laboratory

Explosion in the Laboratory

A pocket-sized press-your-luck game of colorful —and sometimes explosive!— chemicals for 1-4 players
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In Explosion in the Laboratory, players are junior chemists mixing compounds in an experimental laboratory. The more volatile the compound, the more it helps in research, but too much volatility can lead to disaster.  A fire would be unfortunate, as there is a library not too far away... 

Explosion in the Laboratory is a push-your-luck microgame in which you mix chemicals into compounds to score points for both Intuition and Research. The player with the highest combined point total when the game ends wins!

Explosion in the Laboratory is the prequel to Fire in the Library, our most popular game, which is getting a second edition! It's definitely been a fan favorite, and it's getting a graphical revamp to be even more thematic!

Fire in the Library has been a favorite for many and the below video goes into details on just why that is! 


What's in the Game?


How to Play

Below is a How to Play video for Explosion in the Laboratory:

Explosion in the Laboratory Overview

At the start of the game, all players start with one process card, and the Danger Level is at a very safe level of one. This means that the odds of selecting a more volatile chemical are rather low! The higher the Danger level, the higher the chance the chemical selected will be volatile and result in an unstable mixture. 

As players take their turns, they go through up to four different Phases: Turn Planning, Mixing Compounds, Beaker Scoring, and Unstable Mixtures. The first Phase, Turn Planning, is very simple: if the active player has a Turn Planning Process card they'd like to use, they may; otherwise, go straight into Mixing Compounds. 

(the above video should be referencing the 1 Danger Level card, not the 3 Danger Level card.) 

Phase Two is Mixing Compounds, which lasts until the player either chooses to stop mixing chemicals —moving on to the Beaker Scoring Phase— or the player mixes a volatile chemical, creating an unstable mixture. Players mix chemicals by shuffling the Lab cards, laying them out in a row, and adding the leftmost and rightmost numbers. Finally, the vial with this number on the Lab card with the current Danger Level shows which chemical you'll receive. Here's hoping it works out!

Beaker Scoring earns the player points, can increase the value of scored compounds, and allows the player to get a process card (if scoring a full Blue or Yellow flask). Players can choose to enter this Phase, but Beaker Scoring automatically occurs once they've filled three flasks. All compounds scored cause the associated beaker to rotate, making it worth more points and pushing the game closer to the end. 

The last Phase occurs if you make an unstable mixture by receiving a second red chemical or a single black chemical later than the first turn. The player gains no points, but instead draws a process card, setting it to the side of their choice. 

At any point during their turn, players may play a process card in their possession (if the Phase on the card matches the current Phase). Process cards can gain the player more points, change their luck, and do many other things!

At the end of the round, the Beaker with the lowest index number is rotated. When a compound explodes, the game is over! The player with the most points is the winner. If no compounds explode, start a new round, with players taking turns based on who has the fewest points. 

Rules and Print and Play

The rules are here (the rules are not complete nor do they have graphic design):  Rules Link

The print and play is here (the print and play does not feature final artwork, graphic design, or final balancing):  Print and Play Link  

What People are Saying About Explosion in the Laboratory

First part is an interview with Corey and a top 5 list. Gameplay of Explosion in the Laboratory starts around 1:36

Fire in the Library Reprint

Graphic Design Not Final

Explosion in the Laboratory is the prequel to Fire in the Library. It is the more portable version of our most loved game! Fire in the Library is similar, but supports additional players, involves players drawing books from a bag, and has a variety of tools to change up the game. It features a blend of push-your-luck elements that seamlessly blend with the strategy of playing tool cards wisely.

Below is a How to Play video for Fire in the Library:

Fire in the Library is getting another print run and an update while we're at it! The graphic design and iconography are getting an update, as is the scoreboard. It's still the game that we're known for, just a bit more thematic and clearer than before.

First Edition of Fire in the Library


You can view the first edition rules here and the in progress second edition rules here

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There's been a ton of reviews of Fire in the Library, which you can see more of on the previous Kickstarter page and on our website

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