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Inkromancy 5: The Bizarre Carnival

Inkromancy 5: The Bizarre Carnival

Inkromancy is an annual tarot deck featuring art from tattoo artists around the world. Each deck features a different theme and is published in limited quantities.
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STEP RIGHT UP and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Inkromancy 5: The Bizarre Carnival! This one-of-a-kind tarot deck combines the captivating artistry of tattoo masters with the enigmatic allure of the dark circus. Prepare to be amazed as each card comes to life through the distinct vision of a different tattoo artist, bringing you a truly unique and enchanting tarot experience.

About the Deck:
Inkromancy 5 is not just a tarot deck, it's a work of art that celebrates the eerie and enchanting charm of the circus. Imagine revealing cards that transport you to a realm where fortune and fate intertwine with the mystique of the big top. You'll find works of art from 85 tattoo artists featuring the mysterious and macabre, sultry and spooky, wicked and wonderful.

This deck includes 22 Major Arcana cards, 56 Minor Arcana cards (Wands, Pentacles, Swords & Cups), and 5 Oracle cards created specifically for this deck (the Bearded Lady, Strongman, Tattooed Lady, Wolfman & Mermaid).

  • 2.75” x 4.75” (70 mm x 120 mm)
  • Printed on C2S 300 GSM cardstock
  • Linen texture
  • Holographic edging
  • 2-Piece rigid box with individual numbering (1-1000)
  • Includes 8-page booklet with artists and card meanings

5 Additional cards you won't find in other tarot decks!

The King of Wands represents motivation, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Tailor your Inkromancy 5 rewards to your desires by selecting the number of decks you crave. This flexibility allows you to personalize your backer rewards with the Add-Ons that truly captivate you. Get a deck for yourself, give them as gifts, however you want to craft your own dark circus adventure.
*Shipping and taxes (if applicable) will be charged AFTER the campaign

The Ace of Pentacles represents manifestation, abundance, prosperity, or a new venture!

$1 (or more) for Support, or Access to Add-Ons
Want to support Inkromancy, but don't need any rewards? Toss a dollar into the ring, toss in ten! Every little bit helps and we appreciate it!

OR if you're not interested in a tarot deck but you really want one of the BackerKit-Exclusive Add-Ons, back the campaign at this level to get access to any Add-Ons you'd like.

The Hermit card represents solitude, introspection, meditation, and self-reflection.

$45 for one (1) Tarot Deck
This is what it's all about. The 83-card tattoo tarot deck designed by a vast assortment of tattoo artists from around the world. Get a single tarot deck for $5 off the retail price!

The Lovers card represents partnership, deep love, duality, union, and commitment.

$80 for two (2) Tarot Decks
What's sweeter than two? Get one for yourself and another for someone special, while saving $10 on each deck!

The Wheel of Fortune represents change, luck, destiny, chance, opportunity, and fate.

$300 for ten (10) Tarot Decks
Woah! You want decks? We've got decks! Get a 10-pack of these unique art collections. Perfect for retailers to test without committing to buying a full case.

The World card represents completion, harmony, accomplishment, and achievement. (Artwork in progress)

$400 for twenty (20) Tarot Decks
This is for the artists and retailers out there. Get a full case of tarot decks for $20 each.

$600 for thirty (30) Tarot Decks
This is for the artists and retailers out there. Get a case and a half of tarot decks for $20 each.

$2000 for one (1) Custom Oracle Card
Do you want to be part of Inkromancy 5: The Bizarre Carnival? Here's your chance! We'll add a brand-new custom card to every deck with art based on your likeness. You'll also receive up to ten (10) tarot decks, and one (1) of each Add-On and any extras unlocked through Stretch Goals.Β 
This Reward is limited to ONE backer.

The Devil represents addiction, excess, materialism, greed, envy, temptation, and fear.

*Exclusives are ONLY available to those who join our circus on BackerKit! Once the campaign is over, these will not be available anywhere else.

Made of premium neoprene foam, fits standard 12 oz. cans.

$5 for one (1) Can Koozie
Keep your cans insulated! Each can koozie features Inkromancy 5 lettering by Ryan Swier and card back art by Lee Dandy.

Digital rendition shown, final product may vary.

$7 for one (1) Printed Patch
Each patch measures 2.5" x 4.5" (63.5 mm x 114.3 mm) and features card back art by Lee Dandy.

Prototype shown, final version may vary.

$10 for one (1) Drawstring Bag
These satiny bags are the perfect size to carry your tarot deck, dice, or shiny trinkets. Inkromancy 5 lettering by Ryan Swier.

$10 for a three (3) Coaster Set
These hardboard coasters measure 3.5" (88.9 mm) square. Inkromancy 5 lettering by Ryan Swier, card back art by Lee Dandy, and Mermaid by Jordanne Le Fae.

$15 for one (1) Oracle Coin
Need to let fate take the wheel? This Oracle Coin will help you make a choice. With artwork by Jordanne Le Fae. Each coin measures 2" (50.8 mm). One of our Stretch Goals is to make these coins full color!

$20 for one (1) 20 oz. Glitter Tumbler
Stay hydrated with your favorite drink in one of these fun glitter tumblers. Inkromancy 5 lettering by Ryan Swier and card back art by Lee Dandy.

$30 for one (1) Drawstring Backpack
Each backpack is printed with a combination of Direct-to-garment printing and iridescent heat-transfer vinyl to create an eye-catching design to match the back of each Inkromancy 5 card. Card back art by Lee Dandy. Bags are 100% cotton canvas and measure 14" x 18" (355.6 mm x 457.2 mm).

$40 for one (1) Unisex T-Shirt
Each shirt is printed with a combination of Direct-to-garment printing and iridescent heat-transfer vinyl to create an eye-catching design to match the back of each Inkromancy 5 card. Card back art by Lee Dandy, with Inkromancy 5 lettering by Ryan Swier on the back of each shirt. Sizes will be collected after the campaign is finished. Shirts are 100% airlume combed and ring-spun cotton.Β 

Inkromancy 2: Apocalypse

$45 for one (1) Inkromancy 2 Tarot Deck
Venture back to 2020 for this apocalypse-themed tarot deck illustrated by various tattoo artists. Save $5 off the retail price!

Inkromancy 3: The Skull Edition

$45 for one (1) Inkromancy 3 Tarot Deck
Get your hands on our third Inkromancy tarot deck, The Skull Edition. This deck features tattoo artists from around the world, including Ink Master contestants! Save $5 off the retail price!

Inkromancy 4: Kickass

$45 for one (1) Inkromancy 4 Tarot Deck
Inkromancy 4: Kickass is a celebration of gender minorities in the tattooing world. This deck features women, trans, and non-binary tattoo artists and their amazing work!
Save $5 off the retail price!

The Ace of Pentacles represents manifestation, abundance, prosperity, and new ventures.

As this campaign progresses, we've got some fun additions and upgrades!

πŸ”’$16,000 - Free Pin!

Each backer of one (1) tarot deck or more will also receive a free 2" (50.8 mm) pin of The Juggler by Jenna Walton!

πŸ”’$18,000 - Jumbo Mermaid Pin Add-On!

At this level, every backer will get access to add a Jumbo 3" (76.2 mm) pin based on the Mermaid card by Jordanne Le Fae for $20.

πŸ”’$20,000 - Mermaid Shirt & Backpack Add-Ons!

Backers will get access to more Add-Ons based on the Mermaid card by Jordanne Le Fae. The shirt and backpack will feature iridescent foil for a fantastic effect.

πŸ”’$22,000 - Colorful Oracle Coin Add-On!

Once we reach this level, the Oracle Coin Add-On will have added color for no extra charge!Β 

πŸ”’$24,000 - Layflat Notebook Add-On!

πŸ”’$26,000 - Layflat Notebook with Silver Foil!

More Stretch Goals to come as the campaign progresses!

Massive thanks to everyone involved in this project! Inkromancy 5 is possible because of so many great people. And THANK YOU for viewing our campaign. We'd love it if you backed our campaign and shared it on social media!

Video production by Foreword

Inkromancy 5: The Bizarre Carnival Artists

Here are ALL the tattoo artists who created amazing artwork for this deck! Click on their name to view them on Instagram.

The Fool by Jeff Naumann
Magician by Taylor Sherman
High Priestess by Rachael Lare
Empress by Mac
Emperor by Rockin Robert
Hierophant by Ash Wheeler
Lovers by Peaches and Ink
Chariot by Nicole Roar
Strength by Tre
Hermit by Inksworth
Wheel of Fortune by Danny Smith
Justice by James Greenaway
The Hanged Man by Emily Haunts
Death by Nate Leslie
Temperance by daemontid
Devil by Mo McDermal
The Tower by Nico Fedelle
The Star by Sarah Figueroa
The Moon by Bri Howard
The Sun by Cortney Norton
Judgement by Travis Johns
The World by Christan Buckingham
Ace of Wands by Miles Browne
2 of Wands by Dani
3 of Wands by Selina Tattoo
4 of Wands by Diana
5 of Wands by Dustin Charles
6 of Wands by Nicoleatvoodouxtattoux
7 of Wands by Ironxwielder
8 of Wands by Schmagpie
9 of Wands by @tattoosbymaxx
10 of Wands by Brittany Hayward
Page of Wands by Julia Ragalie
Knight of Wands by J.Z. Castillo
Queen of Wands by Casey Hart
King of Wands by Meredith Little Sky
Ace of Pentacles by Amber Bailey
2 of Pentacles by Jessica Stevens
3 of Pentacles by Kate Schultz
4 of Pentacles by Becca Martin
5 of Pentacles by @sharonatattoos
6 of Pentacles by CoyoteHarvest
7 of Pentacles by Grey Seas Ink
8 of Pentacles by Ken Mattson
9 of Pentacles by Hannah Rose
10 of Pentacles by John LeRoux
Page of Pentacles by Zak Diamond
Knight of Pentacles by Transmutation Tattoo
Queen of Pentacles by Erin Elizabeth Hunter
King of Pentacles by Nicole Reid Tattoo
Ace of Swords by The Gutter Goblin
2 of Swords by Kreacher
3 of Swords by Mariah Landers
4 of Swords by Jenna Walton
5 of Swords by Kenneth F*K’N Beck
6 of Swords by Josh Crotty
7 of Swords by Elyse Summer House
8 of Swords by Jordan Love
9 of Swords by Sam Castro
10 of Swords by AlexTattoosNC
Page of Swords by Jessie Rose
Knight of Swords by brock_tattoos
Queen of Swords by Britt Tigera
King of Swords by Sam McMahon
Ace of Cups by Lex
2 of Cups by Michele Estes
3 of Cups by Zac Byrd
4 of Cups by Myra
5 of Cups by Shanna G
6 of Cups by Caliope Yiannos
7 of Cups by Cat
8 of Cups by Nikko Gould
9 of Cups by onibunnytattoo
10 of Cups by Tayler Millise
Page of Cups by Mark Tyler
Knight of Cups by Kerri Kiple
Queen of Cups by Viktoria Dekay
King of Cups by DahlFace Tattoos
Bearded Lady by Arrold Walton
Strongman by Anthony Elliott II
Tattooed Lady by Kitty Stabler
Wolfman by Matte Black
Mermaid by Jordanne Le Fae
Box Logo by Ryan Swier
Back of Card by Lee Dandy
Pin by Jenna Walton
Oracle Coin by Jordanne Le Fae

Graphic Design by Pip Design Shop

The 10 of Wands represents accomplishment, responsibility, burden, completion, and hard work.

Decks are expected to ship by April 2024.
After the campaign, we have our final details to send to the printer to get the process started. From there, we'll get all the add-ons prepared so that everything's ready to go by the time we receive the decks. We'll keep you updated on the progress and if all goes well, we can get rewards shipped out early!

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