Modern Affirmation Enamel Pins

Modern Affirmation Enamel Pins

Six Enamel Pins to remind you that the world is a weird place, you're doing your best, and even your small wins are worth celebrating.
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Why We're Making These Pins

Being a functioning human is hard and sometimes you need to some reassurance—but the old poster of the kitten hanging from a tree branch just doesn’t inspire you anymore…

We need something better, something new, that speaks to the modern experience of living in a late-stage-capitalist hellscape and stealing back every bit of joy you can. We need some modern affirmations!

You don't have to be perfect, you just have to not do murder!

Despite what your boss tells you, your needs are simple and shouldn't be neglected!

Celebrate your wins, no matter how small!

Partially inspired by the deranged things my wife says to me when she gets home from work, these are things I keep in my head to remind me that we’re meant to be silly little guys doing our best and it’s okay to take a break, have some coffee, and celebrate the little victories in our lives.

These designs, created by Brenda Snell, serve as a reminder to love and appreciate ourselves for everything we are, even the scary parts. We also have 3 existing pins from previous comic book campaigns that we're offering here as well!

From "The Catskin and the Rose" -- A reminder that you are a formidable person with a sword (spiritually)

From "Smut" -- "You are Strong! You are Resilient! You are Shark-Like and Powerful!"

From "Smut" -- An adorable little cactus that you can promise to be better for.


Important Technical Details

Most of these Enamel Pin designs are 1.25"x1.25" with the exception of "Shark-Like and Powerful" which is 1"x1" and "My Spirit is Sharp" which is 1.5"x1.5".

The money for the campaign goal approximately covers the cost of making 300 pins for each of the new designs.

We use black outlined soft enamel for all our pins, except "Shark-Like and Powerful" which is screen printed.

Pledge levels and add-ons don't select for which specific design you want, but how many pins you want. You will get to select your preferred design(s) on your backer survey.

Enamel Pins are made by Galaxy Design Squad. Stickers are made by Jukebox Print.

We estimate 4-6 weeks for Galaxy Design Squad to create the pins and ship them to us and another week to ship them out.

Shipping will be added after the campaign during the survey in the interest of being as accurate as possible. Estimated shipping for most amounts of pins (1-6) is approximately $4.00 USD.

Enamel Pins will be shipped with 4x6" padded mailers. If sticker sheets are included, we'll reinforce the mailer with a corrugated cardboard sheet to keep it from bending. If any comics are included, the entire order will be shipped in a gemini mailer with a protective bag covering the books and pins.

Add Ons

The original designs for this campaigns are also being compiled into a 3"x5" sticker sheet, so you can stick a "Tummy Ache Survivor" on your lunchbox which you definitely still have.

We're also providing copies of our bound comics for purchase including:
  • MechaTon - An All-Ages/Sci-fi/Comedy
  • Descent into Dread and From the Static - Horror Anthologies
  • Bi-Visibility Vol. 1 and 2 - Comic Anthologies about Bisexual-Visibility

Creative Team

Brenda Snellby (she/they) is a freelance designer currently living near Flint, Michigan who specializes in logo and brand design.  When she isn't designing, she co-hosts her podcast, "Secret Histories of Nerd Mysteries" and works on rug making, crocheting, and writing fanfiction. Follow their shenanigans on Twitter @batmanandsobbin

Wells (he/him) is the writer of several Kickstarter comics including MechaTon, Frankenstein the Unconquered, and The Catskin and the Rose, as well as a contributor to anthologies like Bi-Visibility and From the Static. He's also a regular contributor to Comic Book Yeti, a comic book review site specializing in indie comics and Kickstarter projects. You can keep up with his shenanigans on his newsletter, Comics, Cats, & Cocktails.
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