Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Shipping This Week
11 days ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
As I'm sure some of you noticed, I didn't charge shipping last week like I said I was going to. It turns out charging shipping after doing surveys already is more complicated than I thought. Today, I sent out a 48 hour notice that I am locking orders and addresses.

We are shipping as per last update's schedule: International packages (other than Unites States or Canada) will be heading into the mail at the end of this month, and traveling to people in April. US and Canadian Packages will be heading to a shipping container to head overseas around the 20th-25th this month. It'll take 20-25 days to get to the US, and then they'll go into the mail mid-late April.

Please update your addresses accordingly as necessary. If you are moving and will be somewhere else in mid to late April, update the address to the new one. If you aren't sure where you'll be, update it to a friend's address, or a coworkers, or work, or family. Sometimes USPS address forwarding works with packages, sometimes it doesn't. I've heard it work both ways plenty on the Alleyman's, so be sure to update to an address with us that works best! : )

To update your address, you MUST go into your survey for this project and adjust the address there. Updating your address on file with your Backerkit profile doesn't (as far as I know) affect this project's specific address on file. So go into your supported projects and adjust the address on this project specifically. IF you need assistance, you can ask Backerkit support for help, or you can reach out to me at These are due Wednesday at noon MST. No changes can be made after that.

On Wednesday at this time, when they are locked in, I am handing them to New Titan to lock in final order packing, and get per-person shipping totals. I will then hand that over to Backerkit, who are telling me they have a fun new thing that let's them use a spreadsheet to put backer specific shipping totals in! So each of you will get a shipping total specific to your order, not just set on a weight-based scale by country. Shouldn't be a huge difference, but it means some fringe cases will be more specific/cheaper.

Will put up another update the day I am going to charge shipping costs just to let you know it's coming. 

Thanks everyone,
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The Last Hurdle
17 days ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Last time I updated, I said by the end of Feb the acrylic dice would be done, then within a few days the stone dice should be done-- and that should be it!

The Wood Boxes

And it almost is. Everything, all the dice, are done and good to go as I noted last time. The only thing not done are the wood boxes.

The Dice Sets - Photo from New Titan Print LLC

They are installing the foam inserts into the dice holes by hand, and with 22 small holes in that thing it takes some time. The manufacturer noted that each worker is only able to get 4-5 boxes done an hour. This is taking longer than the box manufacturer expected because of it, but the bigger issue is that when China dropped all their limitations on things due to COVID, it made it all more chaotic. Things no longer get stuck at port because a region is in Lockdown, which is nice, but now things get slowed down because there are worker shortages all over as COVID infections rise. So not only are the boxes taking longer by hand than expected, but they're also short staffed.

Shipping Schedule

The dice box inspection (final step) is occurring on the 13th (a week from today). This means dice boxes should be going to New Titan to get packed away in sets soon.

Based on this schedule, we anticipate to ship out around March 20th. The vessel [to the US] should arrive around April 10th-15th. That being said, we are looking for April 20th-April 25th to ship out individual packages to US and Canadian backers.

For International backers, we can ship out individual packages around March 20.

--email to me from Shawn at New Titan.

This is the only thing that's holding us up. Because I got New Titan a preliminary break down of the orders weeks ago, they have already been able to begin assembling backer sets. So we are confident as soon as the boxes get in our hands, we can get things moving. US and Canada orders will finish getting packed and loaded to the vessel to go out on the 20th this month. It'll take 20-25 days to arrive, then the packages that are already labeled and packed just go into the mail. Easy as that.

This does mean US packages will be arriving between April 22nd-May 2nd-ish. It's very rare for packages with USPS to take more than a week to travel from any point in the US to any other, but even if they take 2 weeks in this case, everything should be in hand across the US by May 9th at some of the latest. 

Canadian packages may be arriving into mid-May, but international packages outside the US and Canada will be going out in the end of this month into next month if necessary and arriving in April-May, likely mid to later May for the largest outliers (packages that take a long time/take winding trips to get to their destination. There are always a few.)

Shipping Costs and Payment Collection

I've been told I will have the shipping numbers tomorrow, so I can set up shipping costs by region and package contents in the next two days. When I do, I will let you all know with a new update and move to charge that by the end of the week, or on the weekend. I'll advise in the next update when the charges will occur.

When I do this, everything will be locked in forever, no orders will be able to be changed or adjusted for anything. The spreadsheet with all the info will be downloaded and shared over to New Titan to ensure packages match a prelim list I gave them, and things will begin traveling from there.

For the Moment, hope you enjoy the shots of the deck boxes! This is the first time for us all to see them, and they look great. This is a truly gorgeous project, and I'm overjoyed to share with y'all!

The Whole Kit and Kaboodle! Photo from New Titan Print, LLC

The Alleyway Oracles?

So, what about the Alleyway Oracles?
I am going to do everything I can to honor what I said last time. The next project HAS to see all previous projects at least in the mail on the way to people before it can launch, and at its most ideal most packages should be in people's hands. As long as we're on track with what I noted above (as soon as we get the boxes in hand!), then we'll be good.

Even a majority of international packages should be in people's hands before the Alleyway Oracles launches! And with the luck of the Postal Gods, every single package might even be in people's hands before May 16th when the Oracles launch. We can cross our fingers and believe.

Thanks for your ongoing patience, excited to nab those final shipping addresses and shipping payments here this week.

your Pub Gob
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Manufacturing in Swing!
about 1 month ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
If you backed all three of my currently in process projects, don't be alarmed. The updates are all named the same thing because apparently at three different manufacturers, the projects are in manufacturing.

Last week I was told that everything but the dice is complete. By the end of this month, the resin dice will all be finished, and the stone dice wrapping up within a week of those. I will be updating soon as well with info on the shipping, as we should be putting in shipping prices and charging for that in the next week or so. I will make an update before that happens, so hang tight on that.

Shipping will begin not long after that when we have finalized packing lists and addresses for everyone. Non-North American packages will go directly out from the manufacturer like we did with the Alleyman's Tarot, and US packages will ship to the US first as a large grouping, then go out into the USPS system. I will be reaching out to the community copy recipients today to gather addresses. I think we're close enough now I can do that and not fear addresses changing! All things going as they should, we should be packages in hand for the vast majority of people by the end of April.

With that in mind...

I want to take the second here to let you all know that I have prepared my big project for the year:

The Alleyway Oracles
The Alleyway Oracles!
You can click through on it now and get signed up to be notified on launch day, which right now is tentatively May 16th. I'm fairly certain that on all three currently fulfilling projects that all packages will be in the mail or already in people's hands by that time, but if anything changes I may yet move it back.

This time around we're looking at 3 different decks-- The Alleyway Tarot, the Oracle of Secrets, and the Oracle of Play. This project will coincide with the release of the first episode(s) of the second season of the podcast, and a lot of the lore between the project and podcast will be shared, so it should be an even deeper dive into the Alleyman myth. There will be bundle bags of add-ons, a new booster pack, and more! 

I have been going a bit loopy gathering all the artists for it in 3 months, rather than a year like I did the first time, but with the template of the first project in hand I have had an easier time getting exactly all the info I need the first time around. As much as I would love to run a series of 12 projects next year, I think the better option is 1 divination project, 1 game project, and 1 project of some other variety a year (like the alleyman podcast cd set!). That way even if things overlap the audiences tend to be different enough, and I feel more confident things won't drag on. So aside from this project, I only have one currently planned project for October for a roleplaying game.

I thank you for all your patience. The dice especially were supposed to be in hand by now, and it's nice knowing it will be soon, but it really should have been months ago. For this reason, the Alleyway Oracles will be expected to fulfill in 2024, and I just won't put out another big divination project until it's done.

Thanks all!

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The Timeline! | New Information
about 2 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello you amazing people!

Last week I put out an update but without any real information, simply because I didn't have new info yet. I hate doing that but it had been too long since you'd all heard from me and I wanted to at least say hello.

New Dice Manufacturer

Today I got an email from New Titan, who has been kindly sourcing all the elements of this project with local factories in China. We had a really hard time on the Alleyman's Tarot due to the state of the world, but I honestly can't imagine how impossible it would have been without their help. I trust them.

Everything but the dice are going smoothly. Boxes, cloth, books, cards, prints, etc. Unfortunately with the dice, the manufacturer we were working with started being really sketchy. They refused to follow the designs we'd sent them exactly, which is why the symbols on the dice were smaller than the original edition. They wouldn't sign a contract without including a large tolerance for sizes of the dice and symbols-- basically they didn't want to suffer our Quality Assurance with the dice, and if their dice were too big or too small from what they were supposed to be, or if the dice had tiny symbols, we wouldn't be able to hold them accountable for it. They also just generally wouldn't sign a reasonable contract, they would only go forward if there was no ability for us to ask for changes, etc.

New Titan already lined up a new manufacturer and a set of the dice done by them is already on the way to me as of yesterday. The dice are simply better quality with this new manufacturer.

Old Manufacturer vs the New Manufacturer

Old manufacturer's first run of dice is on the left, new manufacturer is on the right. First thing to note is that all the colors are actually right this time, which is a pleasant change. The top left die in both sets is the Actions die-- they failed to use the right colors and as a result I couldn't read it. Now this was something they said they could change, but I hadn't seen fixed dice yet. The new manufacturer got it right the first time, which definitely makes me feel a bit better. Same on the bottom right die, which was supposed to be a deep blue with pink ink, and the first manufacturer delivered a muddy water brown die.

The other obvious thing is the symbol sizes. The first manufacturer refused to keep the symbols the same size they were the first time, shrinking everything. Smaller things I'm excited about is the fact that on the Goblin Die, the old manufacturer said that symbol that's showing, with the Goblin head under the moon with big round eyes-- they wanted to change that symbol to have eyes that were dots, rather than circles. There were a lot of small things they wanted to simplify. In some cases it was minor, in some it was major. The new manufacturer is working with the designs as we sent them, and it's just going to be a better product.

I'm also being told that the stone dice will be better quality, though I'm a little unclear on how or why, so I won't say that for sure. I'd imagine if we're using the same stones we will have the same quality-- the symbol size will be bigger again so that's nice, but otherwise nothing has changed with stone dice.

Stone cubes, some engraved, some not.

Generally it's the same with the stone dice, so no biggie there.

Deck box packaging

Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

What Does This Mean for the Timeline?

As of today, this is the situation with each item:
Reading cloths: Finished, received in their warehouse.
Coins: Finished, received in their warehouse.
Wood Box: COVID hit the wood box manufacturer we used in the past hard, but they should still have those all finished by Feb 15th, potentially sooner.
Cards: Could have been done already but since they were waiting on other pieces they set aside to complete by Feb 10th. You can see lots of the cards above, so they're already in production. Assuming art prints are tied into this category, but I'll ask.
Guidebook and Journal: Also by Feb 10th, though their binding department has had a labor shortage after the reopening, with 50% of their workers getting COVID and going back home right away.
Resin and Stone Dice: The manufacturer has pledged to sort the dice into sets for New Titan and get it out to them by Feb 25th.

For shipping, this means:
By the 2nd week of March, US orders will be pick+packed and on a ship heading over to the US. This will arrive late March, meaning shipping US orders would start in the first week of April. This is the tightest turn around, and while generally speaking the world is a bit better at getting things places now than it was a year ago today, I think it's fair to think we could have another COVID-related delay as China has been opening back up fully in spite of COVID that could place US shipments reaching people in mid April, or at the worst, late April.

By the 2nd week of March, Rest of World shipping would already be starting, as those would all come directly from China. All international packages will be in the mail by late March, but with travel times won't likely arrive until April, unless you live nearby.

Charging Shipping

So! We have put off setting and charging shipping for a while now due to the general delays. But since we'll want to lock orders in by mid February, I will likely be setting up shipping costs (and charging for it) in early February. We will be doing this so I can give everyone on the project time enough to get their stuff settled and paid before I send a list of stuff to pack to New Titan-- since they will be pre-packing US orders like they did on the Alleyman's Tarot BEFORE it leaves China, that way boxes arrive ready to drop into the mail.

I will put out an update when shipping is put up and let everyone know a couple days before I charge it, then let people know after it's done.

Community Copies

At the time when I go to charge shipping, I will be contacting the community copy recipients to get addresses from them for their free sets of dice, books, and reading cloths. Apologies for not reaching out on this sooner, just didn't seem necessary yet as we were still a bit from shipping. With it looming on the March/April horizon, I'll gather these in February.

No Other Projects Until Dice are in Hand!

I was lining up to launch the Alleyway Oracles in April, then as things seemed a little uncertain, I was thinking instead May. I'd like to do May, really I would, but something tells me with the state of the world it might be even smarter to do June and lock that in. I was comfortable having the current 3 projects overlap because they all used different fulfilment teams and manufacturers. However I will be using New Titan for the Alleyway Oracles, and I'd like them to have a month to ensure everything is out the door, and for them to get my print prototypes of the decks for that new project, before we launch. So Alleyway Oracles will wait until this is in people's hands.

We're coming to the end, and things will be moving through the air before we know it!
Thanks for all of your patience, excited to have the final sets in hand myself shortly,

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A Short Update
2 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello everyone!

I know it's been quiet, but it's really just been sitting around on my hands time. New Titan is putting things together, but it's Chinese New Year holiday, and we're just going to be waiting around a bit for that to wrap up. Knowing how long things will take, we should still be on for shipping in March, but thinking about how long things took to get from place to place on the Alleyman's, I wouldn't be surprised if it bled into April.

Unfortunately, I can't even get responses to emails at the moment because of the holiday, so I don't have a latest update on where things are, if things are moving-- I just don't know yet. 

I had an overall pleasant holiday, though my partner and I split up (amicably) at the start of December. Been trying to figure out some personal life things around that, and that coupled with no immediate or clear changes in the schedule on this project had made me hesitant to post an update. I hate to have no news. But I suppose no news is sometimes better than news. 

So tl;dr, we're on track for March, though we may be pushed into late March/early April. I can't say with certainty just yet, but will update when I have that info to share! Hope you're all well and healthy, and had lovely holidays.

Fond regards,
your Pub Gob
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The Dice in Hand! So! Many! Pictures!
4 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Okay, I just threw a little fit honestly. I wrote this massive long update, all these pictures. It was an hour of writing. I scrolled down to hit Save, and it took me to a login screen. I knew immediately it just deleted everything. I don't know why the save button took me to login, or what logged me out. I'm just so so so frustrated, and re-writing this whole thing. It will probably be missing some of the thoughtful details I thought about, blah. So now at the end of my work day I'm re-writing everything I can think of. Agh. Bleh. Screm.

The Dice are In

Okay, so I have the dice in hand. The long and short is this: They look amazing. They're not all correct though. Of the 22 dice, only 7 got my total okay, both in their plastic and stone form. The remaining 15 have various issues, mostly color of die or color of ink, but one had a symbol flipped/mirrored for reasons I don't know.

I don't have the new wooden boxes in hand, but I do have pictures from the manufacturer I'll share for now! If you are excited about anything you see here, and realize you didn't get it-- or you want to adjust your pledge in any way, such as adding, removing, or choosing new options for the wooden box (new engraving for the top), you MUST reach out to backerkit support on your survey to have them adjust it. I wish I could adjust or help you with this, but I can't!

I'm locking current unlocked orders and charging those (mostly pre-orders, some people who did surveys late) next week. So get your stuff in now! Addresses will remain unlocked until we are close enough to charge shipping costs.

Please bear in mind that the pictures don't capture everything completely the way they look in real life, and anything that was actually hard to read in real life I am adjusting with the manufacturer! : )

Additionally, only two dice, the red Obstacles Die and the 12-sided Chaos Die were made with finalized molds. The rest were all lazer etched. As we move from lazer etching to the final molds, a dozen or so dice are having small changes made to their symbols to simplify things. In almost every case, these changes were so small they're irrelevant. I almost couldn't tell on some what the changes even were. However, for the Mariner's Die and the Metamorphosis Die, some very big simplifications are being done. Simply put, I like the original designs better. However, those two were always way more detailed than everything else, so these changes might be for the best in making them match the rest of the set. (You can't see the simplification here, these dice were all lazer etched.) They also will make them actually legible on the stone dice, which right now are hard to parse with the detailed design on the textured stone surface. We are talking about potentially engraving these two dice for the whole run, I'll let you know how that shakes out.

Stone Dice on the new reading grid!

Plastic Dice on the updated old reading grid!

A Closer Look at What's Right, and What's Wrong

Made it to the bottom? Awesome, and welcome. Let's have a better look at the dice as a whole. This picture below features the dice set in its entirety. The original dice, the new plastic version, then the stone version. The changes I sent to New Titan to give to the dice manufacturer is below the photo, so you can see all the changes that are happening. Please remember this is a photo and in photos not everything comes out right, colors are different, some things are hard to read that aren't in real life. So trust me on the changes! : )
I think it's true that some dice are losing saturation. Some of that I'm changing, some of that I like. Also this is a different manufacturer with different clearances, so yes, all the symbols are generally shrinking in from the edges a little. In comparison directly with the first edition it is a little blah, but on their own I don't even notice.
If I do a third edition sometime down the line, I'd consider going back with the original edition's manufacturer and raising the price on the set to make that work out. But I promise, the set on its own doesn't read poorly or look less-than in person. It looks so fantastic, the mistakes aside.

The Old, the New, and the Stone!

And here are all the notes I'm sending back (They cover the plastic die, then the stone die, then suggested changes from laser etching to molds). I figure that even if I say to trust me on what's changing, some people will still worry about specific things above:

  • Spring Die looks good in all three forms. The stone is good. The changes they suggest on this die are okay with me.
  • Autumn Die looks a little desaturated in plastic compared to the original one, makes it hard to differentiate between it and the yellow dice. I'd like it more saturated orange. Stone fits in box easily. I can't even tell what they changed in their design, so I'm okay with it.
  • Winter Die looks great, I like the desaturation on it. Stone die barely fits in the box, and if I turn it certain ways it doesn't fit at all. I like their changes.
  • Summer Die is super desaturated/dark, both the die and the ink used on it. I'd like it brighter yellow and the ink brighter red/orange. Stone is good. Changes look good to me.
  • Elements Die looks fantastic! Stone is a little hard to read, I'd like to change to white ink for readability. Stone is otherwise good. They had no changes.
  • Fate Die looks great. Stone is good. Their changes to the roulette face are okay with me.
  • Majors Die has a big problem, the ink is way too dark and you can't read it at all. It needs to be a bright, bright red. The stone die looks great, and the red ink used on it is much lighter and better. Their change is okay.
  • Alchemist's Die looks good. The only change I'd like to ask is if they can slightly thicken the lines, they are a bit thin. Otherwise all of it is good.
  • Mariner's Die overall looks good. The stone die is really hard to read. It doesn't help that the design is shrunk, but the teal is also hard to read on sides of the die that have gold flecks in it. I think the only fix is to accept their changes, so that the lines can be thicker and more clear. All the little details are impossible to read on the stone die.
  • Relations Die looks good, but I would like the die to be lighter grey than it is. Right now it's too similar to the Suits Die. Stone die looks great. They have no changes.
  • Metamorphosis Die looks a little off, not quite the right purple. A little more like the original purple would be good. Otherwise the die looks good. The stone die is hard to read, which like the Mariner's Die I think would be best fixed by using their changes, so the lines can be thicker and more clear. However I don't like their changes for the normal die, but I think their changes make the die look more like the other dice, which is okay. So let's accept their changes.
  • Actions Die the ink is totally the wrong color, which makes it impossible to read. Ink should be bright pink, not this dark red. The Stone Die looks fantastic. They have no changes.
  • Suits Die I would like the die grey to be darker. Right now it looks exactly like the Relations die, even though they're slightly different. So darker grey. The stone die looks amazing. Their change looks okay to me.
  • Obstacles Die looks so amazing, both the plastic and the stone. I don't like that the design on the stone die is so much smaller. You can see a huge difference on the face in my picture with the bars. However it looks great. They have no changes.
  • Longings Die  looks good. Stone too. They have no changes suggested.
  • Influences Die is totally the wrong color. It's supposed to be a nice deep blue, this is some kind of tan or beige. Kind of caramel colored. The pink ink looks like the color I wanted on the Actions die (please let them know this pink should be used on the Actions Die), but this pink is way too neon, it's supposed to be soft baby pink. The stone looks good. They have no changes suggested.
  • Attentions Die is totally good. No changes suggested either.
  • Goblin Die the yellow looks good, but the black ink they used was supposed to be dark green. On the Stone Die, let's use gold ink on the it instead of black, it's too hard to read. The changes are okay with me.
  • Chaos Die it's almost perfect, but there's a big issue. The main face on it, the triangle with the 's' in it-- they flipped it. I know you said this is one they made a mold for, but they did it wrong. This is the correct symbol below, and you can see in the image I sent that the S is backwards. I checked all the other symbols on all the dice, nothing else has been flipped. Everything else, the colors, the stone die, it all looks good. I don't see any other suggested changes.
  • The Kindness Die is the wrong colors. It should be a bright, almost neon baby blue, not this deep almost purple blue. The ink looks okay. The stone die looks amazing. It doesn't look readable in photos, but in real life it looks great. They have no suggested changes, so we're good.
  • The Wounds Die is good. The ink is a little darker than I thought it would be, but it works. The stone is good. They had no changes.
  • The Alley Die is good. The stone die is too hard to read. I don't know what color would work well, I'm open to suggestions from them, if they want to try a different color and send a picture. They had no suggested changes.

And a note on the stone dice... The plastic dice are molded, they are exact. Perfect. The stone dice are carved, they are not exact. Some of the stone dice were snug in the wooden box holes. Some of them had issues where they didn't fit in the holes at all unless I turned it to a different face, because the stone isn't perfectly square. None of them were WAY big or anything, they were just slightly too large when turned certain ways. The only issue this brings is that if you get the symbol engraved top for your wooden box, and then it turns out that stone die can't fit in the right way to get that face upright... I'm asking if we can ensure the dice will be as close to size as possible, but it may just be a trait of the stone dice. Bear that in mind, their more organic form just isn't absolutely exact, and can lead to snug fits.

And that's everything! Fulfillment...

We're about 2 weeks behind on our planned schedule, so I wouldn't be surprised if we end up shipping into and through March, rather than February, but I think I basically said Feb/March last time. New Titan thinks we'll be good for February but I know better than to trust the state of the world right now. I'll of course let you all know as things change, if they change, etc.

Right now I'm exhausted. All the final fixes and details for all three projects have gotten bigger than they were, and while I should have everything finished up shortly, I'm tired. There's a fourth overlapping project in the background I wasn't supposed to have a hand in, but something got messed up horribly back in June or July and I've been working on that simultaneously ever since. As a result, I'm taking a break once my work on these three overlapping projects is done by the end of next week, and just focusing on making sure the Alleyway Oracles are ready to go in mid April, when all 3 of the current projects are finished and in people's hands. And after that, I'm likely not doing any other projects in 2023. Okay, maybe one in October.

Year of the Goblin will get prepped in full for 2024. No 'small detail that becomes a big detail' will be left to be done for later. The only projects that will go live will be projects fully ready to go, every print file finished and okay'd with printers/manufacturers, etc. If 12 projects aren't ready for that, then only the ones ready will run. Period. The little details I have to chase down at the end of each project are never as little as they seem!

I'll continue to pass on news as I get it. Thank you,

your pub gob
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Where we're at! | Pictures!!!
5 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
It's been a little bit, but I've been finishing up clearing the storage unit of Alleyman things and finally being done with my part on that project. What a long process that has been, but rewarding and full of lessons. However, most of what I've been doing with the dice is the same as you all, waiting for news!

A note that Preorders are still open for people who missed the project, so PLEASE share this link with people if they see this over your shoulder and want it for themselves!

So, today I can share pictures I've been sent by the manufacturers. I don't have the test manufacturing prints of anything yet, but I should in the next two weeks. And based on these pictures, I'll be saying YES to it all very quickly.

Box Top Options

The Symbols Box Top

First up we have the box tops! The first image is three options for the wood, the dice box I have my hands on already is the middle one with the goblin face, just engraved with no filled in portions. Looks like they were testing (and offering) options on this, blacked in, just engraved, or gold! This is also your first view of the Symbols top option, with the dice symbols in their places over the holes that are inside the box. You don't have to arrange them this way, but I imagine many of you will be unable to help yourselves!

Keep in mind there are also blank box top options for people who get the wooden box, so you don't need an engraving at all. If you want to change your engraving choice, or add a box, feel free to reach out to Backerkit support for help adding to your order!

The dice cloth is amazing! It's double sided and features these two grids on the front and back. This is the original reading grid on the left, and the new reading grid with past, present, future, and fated on the right. It's 18"x18", and because it's double sided it will make a better bandana if you're so inclined. I found with the Alleyman's Tarot cloth being white on the back, it always looked a little odd if the underside showed while wearing it. This was part of the basic set, so if you got a basic pledge with the set and book, it also had a cloth! Ironically it was the most expensive thing in the set almost, because double sided fabric printing in full color is pricey.

The Oracle Dice!

But of course, you're here for the dice! These aren't quite the final versions. Only a few had molds made for them just yet, the rest are resin molds with our designs on them. This is to make sure it all looks good before we go all the way and buy to have the metal molds made for the large scale manufacturing, as the molds are expensive and making 22 of them only to find out they are no good would be an issue. I of course can note we don't see the D12 here just yet. By my count this is 20 dice, so 2 are missing. Looks like Obstacles and Chaos.

A few colors are off from what I sent them, so I'll adjust on that, but the symbols look great!

I'm waiting on the dice to show up to me so I can include photos in the guidebook, so no guidebook or journal has been printed yet. We'll get to those last, as books are FAST to print compared to how slow it is to get the dice, box, etc made. But what's that? Oh yeah, what about the stone dice?

Here's a BUNCH of the stone dice in someone's hand at the manufacturer. They look fantastic, but a few will need different inks to be legible. That's alright, we'll adjust.

But they're real, and they should be heading my way very soon!

Update again when I have things in hand and I've made my final revisions to everything!

Talk again soon,

your Pub Gob
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An Update | The New Projects
6 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello all!

As of right now I'm playing the waiting game with the production. There's nothing for me to do for them at the moment so I'm hovering around for the manufacturing proofs. I want to include some photos of the new set, cloth, etc in the book, and definitely the stone dice as well, so I'm hanging on to the book's print files until I get the manufacturing test copies of everything else. Books print quickly so I can afford to hold onto them until dice manufacturing begins in earnest, as it's what will take the longest.

We should still be good for February, but I'll let you know if it speeds up or slows down.

And a reminder to anyone who got a copy of the Alleyman's Tarot, they will ship with your order of the dice.

New Avernus

New Avernus is live right now here on Backerkit, and in the first 7 hours it already funded! This is super exciting, simply put. I can't wait to get this game out there in the world. Asher did a remarkable job with the game's design and gameplay, and Emma did an equally incredible job on the visual design. I'm super glad to be present among such talent! : )

Want to join the apocalyptic world of New Avernus and race against the impending meteor to build a city worthy of your cruel, capricious god? No? What about a 30-card Oracle Deck, unique to the game? Get either or both! Pledge right now in the first 24 hours of the campaign to get the Oracle Deck free with the purchase of your game!

Head on over and pledge now-

The Alleyman Podcast CD Set

Or if you're feeling super niche in your interests, might I interest you in the Alleyman Podcast on a 6-CD Set? It's funding over on Kickstarter right now and is over halfway there already! It includes awesome new art on the packaging and cds, as well as on 7 new Alleyman tarot cards which come with the CD set. The book has the scripts and behind the scenes info and trivia!

The podcast is 13 episodes and follows Dr. Ala Okoye, host of Modern Mythologies, as he explores urban legends through an academic lens. It begins with his first steps into the Alleyman mythos, and then grows from there over the course of three other fictional podcasts within the story's world.

If this sounds up your alley, or you already listened and loved it, now is the time to get an amazing package for your book shelf!

And just a reminder that the manufacturing and fulfillment teams on these two new projects are different from one another AND from the oracle dice, so there's zero overlap that could cause any of them to slow one another down. 

Thanks for your patience and support, I'm way overly excited for the proof set of these dice to arrive. The box is going to look so freaking good with the full 22 set, and I want to roll them, damnit! Be back soon when such a thing happens!

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Latest Information! | Upcoming Projects!
6 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
I just wrote a really big long update and then I hit 'Save' which you have to do to then publish and when it opened the new page the whole update was gone. This also happened in a different way over on Kickstarter on my latest Alleyman update, and I'm feeling a bit jinxed by the gods haha.

Shipping Delay to February 2023

The long and short is that we are shifting the shipping date to February 2023. Manufacturing still hasn't started because test prints and dice sets haven't been made. Things were just now finally okayed to move forward, pending a couple simple answers from me. They are estimating 2 months to have test pieces and then full scale production handled, and think early December things could start heading out from China.

However, because shipping costs are high in that time, and because package volume makes it more likely for things to go missing during that time, I am sliding us back one more month to January. So from January 2023 to February 2023, this project will ship.

I'll update again when the test sets arrive, especially the stone, and the updated dice box and all that good stuff.

For now, I'm leaving the pre-order store open through December at the least.

Upcoming Projects

First, a note that both these new projects AND the dice all have different manufacturers and fulfillment teams, so there will be no issue for manufacturing or fulfillment on these projects.

New Avernus

On October 4th, launching here on Backerkit, is New Avernus. In this apocalyptic city building board game, 1-4 players race to clear the rubble of old civilizations, gather resources, and build new cities worthy of their cruel, watchful god. But you must hurry, as a meteor is on its way to destroy all you build. After it hits, count the remaining points you have left on the board to see which of your cities is still the most worthy of your god's adoration.

Sign up to be notified here!

If board games aren't your thing, consider pledging just for the Oracle of Glass and Stone-- the 30 card oracle that chronicles the lives of the Koukyla, the stone people who labor to be witnessed by their god, Xerxes. Or pledge day 1 for the game and get the oracle for free. Use it to divine your own answers, or use it in conjunction with the game for a more indepth single player mode.

The Alleyman Podcast CD Set

Over on Kickstarter, the same moment of October 4th we go live with the board game, the Alleyman returns with his story, all 13 episodes, saved on a cd set. Join Dr. Ala Okoye on his journey to uncover this myth's origins, its meaning, and its truth as he asks the most important question of his career: Who owns a myth?

Then answer it yourself by pledging to own the 6-CD set and its 7 all-new Alleyman tarot cards by incredible artists like Metallica and Magic the Gathering's own WolfSkullJack who has illustrated the Alleyman as werewolf oracle, the incredible Morgan Robles who is interpreting the Alleyman as goth sex worker, Kollapsar who is displaying the Alleyman in a back alley card duel, or the award-winning Nala Wu whose interpretation is as unknown as the Alleyman himself, and more.

You can also get an accompanying book with art, the scripts, behind the scenes info, and more! Head over to Kickstarter and show your interest today to let me know that you'll be there for this chance to own the Alleyman myth on your bookshelf.

Year of the Goblin Delay

Because the dice, the boardgame, and the CD set will be coming to fruition into the first couple months of 2023, I am delaying the Year of the Goblin. For those not in the know, I was going to be launching a new project each month of 2023, rotating platforms, manufacturers, and genres. From board game to card game to oracle deck to book of poems, I had a whole fun thing planned.

However, I want to go into the event with people's absolute trust. I have always fulfilled projects that funded. Lately with the state of the world, there have been some delays, but things always get done in the end. I want to affirm that good will and my good standing with all of you by ensuring the projects from this year are complete before this endeavor begins.

Manufacturing for all three projects will be occurring in October-December, and in January and on each will be sent out by their own teams. By the end of March, all 3 will be done at the latest.

Then in April, 2023, I will open with the first of 9 projects run in a row. In January I will have more news on what the 9 projects will be, and when each will launch.

Thank you for your support and interest!

A side note. The Caretaker, designer and writer of the Normal Tarot, has opted for a foil-less print on demand option for the Gold and Silver Normal Tarots rather than a full reprint. You can find the Gold here, and the Silver here. These two will not have a reprint in the 9 projects of the Year of the Goblin.

Thank you, and see you all soon for the print test videos and photos!

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The Alleyman's Tarot Store Open | Gen Con
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

And the store for Alleyman's Tarot is open! 

Since New Titan is handling it either from their US office or their Hong Kong office, they have two separate websites for US and International buyers. 
         Reminder that New Titan is handling all of this, I have no hand myself in the site so if you have issues or questions with the ordering, you'd need to contact New Titan:

(And please, no worries! We are of course keeping some stock held back to cover anyone's whose goes missing or arrives damaged from the KS still)

Last Things With The Dice

Czarfunkle has updated the reading grid and drawn out the new one. I can't share the new one because we're making some slight adjustments, but I promise it looks just as good and will share it soon.

Amy Smith is wrapping up designs for the Chaos Die. Because of its smaller surface area on its faces, the symbols are smaller and less detailed. We are making sure all the symbols are clear and unique, but they're definitely simpler than I'd originally imagined. Still, they will be a welcome addition to everything already in place. I'll share as soon as I have those in hand!

I am wrapping up the updates to the guidebook, and I've been tinkering with how the journal's pages will be laid out, but generally I will have a small intro and then two rotating page templates for the two different reading grids with plenty of space to write notes. I thought I would be done by now with both, but time doesn't always work on our side haha. I'll be taking this work with me to Gen Con this week on my laptop, and should have everything finished and handed to manufacturers next week.

Gen Con, and Others

I wasn't going to Gen Con this year, because there's still a pandemic at hand. But enough things aligned that I would be foolish to not go, and now, I'm going. I still don't think it's responsible, but too many things came together on their own that I'd be shooting my business in the foot not going. So I'll be at GenCon Wednesday through Sunday!

I'll be hanging out with Kickstarter and Backerkit people, I'll have some random stock at a friend's booth in the dealer's hall (booth 2447-1), including some Alleyman's Tarot I have on hand and some Normal Tarot, and some pins and stickers. 

I'll also be around if you find me or email me ( with subject line GENCON, maybe we can meet! I'll have various oracle tools on me so Ill probably also do some readings for strangers here and there. I haven't signed up for running or taking part in any events, since this is last minute, so I'll just be hovering and networking.

I will also be a headlining guest at Autumn Meet down in Florida in mid October: . It's an outdoors camping setup, so I felt better about going to this one. I'll be running some events at that one, and it should be nice. I've never been before, but it seems super lovely.

New Avernus

This boardgame was supposed to run in the spot the Oracle Dice took for a crowdfunding campaign. But unfortunately it took so long to get the print samples in hand that we had to move the Oracle Dice up to run first. It arrived a bit ago and I love it. I'll be taking a copy to GenCon to run for strangers wherever I can, and getting it out to reviewers as well.

You can sign up to be notified when that campaign launches in October here. 
I'm waiting until October so that the final Alleyman things can be taken care of (touched decks mostly), and so the dice should be well on the way to getting to people. 

Thanks everyone,

your Pub Gob

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The Chaos Lord and Die
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

The 22nd Lord

The votes have been tallied. The fates have been divined. Our 22nd Lord is the Trickster. A trivial name for a trivial being.

But what's in a name, when you're the Lord of Chaos? That's another of its names, of course... It is known as the Thing Among Reflections, the Shifting Sands, The Raven, That Which is Dead and That Which is Alive. The Alleyman misunderstood this being. It is not merely a creature in the liminal space of shadow and refraction, nor a mere trickster. It is infinitely less and more all at once. It is something strange moving beneath the surface of all things.

And we may now look on it, in its Empty Throne.

czarfunkle worked in a lot of the things people wanted as details around the card-- the least of which is the inclusion of many of the top voted names scrawled onto the card.  The void of infinite space, the empty throne, the golden apple, the squirrel, the rabbit, and the octopus, the raven, and an ode to Schrodinger's Cat. This is everything people asked for all at once, and to make that stay true, I've done something a bit wild with the final die as well...

The 22nd Die

The votes have been counted. The top six dice faces are...
  1. 57.9% The Book 
  2. 49.5% The Butterfly Effect 
  3. 46.3% The Joker 
  4. 41.2% End the Reading 
  5. 38.8% Broken Clock 
  6. 38.2% Whirlwind 

But this is an abnormal lord, an abnormal die. And it has just so many titles...
What are a few more faces among friends?

    7. 36.3% Add an Unrolled Die
    8. 35.9% The Shadow
    9. 35.6% Re-roll Lost dice
    10. 35.4% Re-roll nearest dice
    11. 30.9% The Burning Bridge
    12. 29.5% The Blank

Yes, the Chaos Die will be 12-sided. But some of these faces are still quite similar to one another, so let's mix and match, and take a look at the runner ups who just squeaked into place... by looking at the final faces of the Chaos Die.

Grimoire - Consult the books. Open this guide, a guide to another deck, or simply another book entirely, to a random page. That page presides over this reading in place of this die in its spot.
Mirrored Raven - Re-roll the dice in the quarter this lands in. If it lands in the core, re-roll the full reading. Take note of what has changed. Is this another path, or a dark reflection?
Joker - Consult the cards. Shuffle a deck and deal a card in place of this die from any deck of cards. It presides in this reading.
Broken Clock - The nearest dice in this reading come in strange ways on odd paths. They will not matter when you think they should. They are out of sync. In the core, this die face warns you this reading is out of time. It is not time for you to know it. You should end while you can.
Dice - The dice are lonely still. Add an unrolled die to this reading. In the core, add up to 3 unrolled dice.
Shadow - The dice in this quarter are read in shadow-- inverted meanings. In the core, the whole reading is read this way.
Burning Bridge - Going forward damns all other paths.
Unknowable - This is blank, and it is uneasily empty. Something has shifted or changed, something was here but its gone now.
Flip - Flip the dice in this quarter so their bottoms are on top. In the core, flip all dice this way.
Entropy - The face of change. Entropy is afflicted in different ways in a reading based on its space in the reading.
Dumpster Fire - The nearest die is blazing aflame. If you go near it, you will enter the mess. It will leave a scar.
Collision - Roll this die again through the reading, allowing any changes it makes to the reading from collisions with other dice. If it landed in the core, you may flick it with intention.

And yes, this means there will be 12 more cards added to the Dice Face Oracle deck, and that the dice box is being adjusted so a d12 fits in the center spot.

Thanks everyone!!

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The Remaining Lords
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello everyone!

I have made decisions on the 22nd Lord and Die, but I am waiting to share with you until I have the Lord's art, which czarfunkle is doing right this moment. I am excited to share that it is more than anyone expected, and will make many people quite happy, if the votes were anything to go by.

First, I want to share the deck back! This will be on the backs of all the Lord's Oracle cards as well as the die face deck, which I'll be able to share very soon.

Elegant, right? I am quite in love. Since both oracle decks will have the same card backs, you are fully supported in mixing them together. What could be more right than the lords in the deck with their die faces?

So now, the remaining two lords before the 22nd...

You already know the Alleyman, I presume? If not, I highly suggest the fictional podcast that delves into that very question. The Alleyman is no one single person, it is a moving spirit among humanity. It is the man down the street telling you that you're going to hell and the rapture is nigh, and the woman sitting in the old plastic chair in the entrance to her tiny ice cream shop. The Alleyman is the personification of our belief that there is something wonderful just beneath the world we live in. If we'd only taken the alley shortcut, we might have seen something strange and unbelievable. Something to break the trance we find ourselves in during our daily rituals. The one who presides over the Alley Die.

Well, here she is. The Alleyman, with a card to give and a story to tell.

And last but certainly not least-- I would be in some extreme trouble if I dared suggest such a thing about him-- we have he who needs no introduction, and yet asked for one to be read. The one with the contracts to give you fame and fortune, the one with the bright lights that will carry you to stardom, the very same one who knows what you have hidden in the back room, locked away from all focus, it's the lord of the Attentions Die.... The Showman!

Talk again very soon with some exciting news regarding a certain 22nd Lord....

Ta ta for now!

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The 22nd Lord and Die Vote
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Okay y'all.

Here we are. We are voting on the Chaos Die right now. The Lord has lots of options, but it's mostly just names, so understand the interpretation of that name is a step I'll work with czarfunkle to determine, trying to take into account as many people's thoughts as I can with the design from the comments!

You get 1 vote on the name. Make it count!

Die Face Vote

For the die faces, we have many very fun options. You can pick as many as you like, so please start at the top, and click every one you like until you get to the bottom, then submit. I will be picking the top 6 (or more... more on that later) voted faces to go on the die. If one or more of the top choices are very similar, I may choose the more popular one and skip to another highly voted face to make sure each face does something unique.

I will give this until Monday, then I will come back with the results!

Thanks for taking part everyone, this has been so much fun-- please share the pre-order store with friends and family who might have missed the campaign so we can get a bit closer to the extra community copies and funds.

We've already broken $225, and I think we'll break $250 shortly!
And about 700 of you havent filled out your surveys yet to grab add-ons and input your address, so be sure to do that soon!

Thanks everyone!

Talk again real soon,

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The 22nd Lord & Die | Help me decide the 22nd die!
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello everyone!

Before I go too far with the 22nd Lord and all that, let's take a look at one of the final Lords coming in from czarfunkle!

There are just a few Lords you haven't seen-- The Alleyman, The Showman, and.... They Who Hunger.

They Who Hunger preside over the Longings Die, and they know longing intimately. Desire for touch, to be seen, for change, for movement, for anything out of reach. When you wish to know what is missing, what people desire in a reading, you include their die. And when their card comes up? Someone is starved-- but for what? That is the key question, isn't it?

I pushed czarfunkle to the edge with all the hands, but so it goes! I love hands in art, and artists hate to illustrate so many hands! 

The 22nd Lord & Die

So now, what I'm here to ask! Over this week we've seen money come in on the project, but about 2/3rds of backers on here have done their surveys and about 1/3rd of those people included extra add-ons. Considering this in total with how much we have to go in order to hit $300,000, I think we're likely to get about 260,000 before it peters out and we end at most. That's not going to be our 300,000, huh?

But that's okay! I'm including the 22nd die anyways, and we're picking some of the key parts of it together right here, right now.

The 22nd die is the Chaos Die.

In the comments below, I'd like to see your suggestions for two elements of the die! Then I will read these tonight and tomorrow, and on Saturday I will post a poll (or two polls if I can?) for us to vote to the final answers!

Question 1: Who is the Lord of the Chaos Die?
I've had people suggest the darned Happy Squirrel, and I think it could be fun to have a wild chaotic entity made up of parts of various things, or some eldritch horror. But I'm open to anyone's thoughts on who should be the lord of Chaos! In your answers, please feel free to name them with a title (like the other Lords-- instead of Loki for example, The Trickster would work), and explain who they are/how they look! I will take an assortment of these answers from you all to the poll Saturday.

Question 2: What are the die faces of the Chaos Die?
The Fate die of the original set is what I'm thinking about. With faces that make you remove the nearest die, and consider the implications of it missing-- faces that make you re-roll some dice-- faces that make you move the nearest die to the core of the reading-- etc. All in all, it makes changes to the reading, moves dice, and changes meanings. I'd consider a die face that makes you consider the nearest die in its opposite meaning-- or maybe if it's in the core it does that to everything! So many chaotic options. I'd love to see all your ideas. In your answers, I am looking for any number (1-infinity) of die face options. On Saturday, I will do a Google Form poll with the top 15 or so options, so that you can pick multiple when you vote in the end!

Thanks all!

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Surveys, Add-Ons, and Pre-Orders
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

The Lords

Czarfunkle is still wrapping up the final Lords, which is almost a complete set! Check out the Stitch Queen, Martyr of Wounds, and Bearer of Boons from the new dice here! We have just a few left-- The Showman, some slight edits to the Alleyman, and They Who Hunger. Then, whoever the 22nd Lord is! : )

Surveys and Add-Ons

I'm so sorry everyone, I thought I'd have things in place Friday, but I had some waiting to do as Backerkit checked over the project to make sure things were all good to go. As of right now, the first 5% of surveys have been sent out.

While you are filling out your survey, you will be taken to the add-on store, where you can grab items to fill out your cart. Please note that the items you pledged for in your pledge tier are already in your cart, so you don't have to add those. However, if you tried to add an extra $10 for the Lord's Oracle, it's now a credit ready to be assigned to the Lord's Oracle.

Once the first 5% of surveys have gone through without issue, the remaining 95% will be sent!

What Do I Add?

Anything that was an 'add-on' on this project is now directly available to go in your cart in your survey. You wanted the YES/NO Goblin Coin? Or a second or third set of dice, an extra book, an extra reading cloth, a plastic set of dice to go with your stone, or a stone set to go with your plastic? Either or both of the Oracle Decks? Now, you add those to your cart. You are finally directly including the exact items you want to your order.

Keep in mind you'll have a few weeks to pick what you want and around August I will be locking orders in place.

(If you pledged in the first 24 hours, your free Lord's Oracle is already added to your order. You don't need to add it!)


Please remember that from the start, we have been planning to wait on charging shipping. So your shipping address can change as much as you want until we lock addresses to ship, likely in late October/early November. It will be shortly before that time that we finally charge shipping costs.


If you supported this Backerkit project, you'll be adding items to your order through the surveys, mentioned above. These will be emailed to you directly, so please keep your eye there for those. If you are not a person who made it in on this campaign though, you (and everyone else) can now purchase pre-orders from the pre-order store, linked below.

Again, this link is NOT for people who backed during the life of the project. You will get a survey sent to you by email that you will be able to go through to add items. If you use the link above and make a Pre-Order, it will not combine with your original order, and you WILL be charged shipping twice in the end.

Pre-Orders and added items from the surveys will add to our overall total for stretch goals! So let's get some more of these goals unlocked.

Thanks so much for being amazing, we're entering the final run to get things in manufacturer's hands! Talk again very very soon,

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And we're done!! | What Happens Next?
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
We did it!!

$213,914 in funds!
3,321 backers!

For all my projects, I've always had a slowly growing trajectory.

449 backers on the original Normal Tarot campaign.
658 backers on the original Oracle Dice campaign.
1,674 backers on the Normal Tarot Silver and Gold campaign.
(19,275 on the Alleyman's)
and now 3,321 on this campaign.  The funds do something very similar!

The Alleyman's Tarot was a huge outlier, clearly, but my more typical projects have always had a lovely upward trajectory, and that's amazing. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I literally and matter of factly could not have done any of this without all of you, and I can't wait to show you all what I have planned for the Year of the Goblin next year. 

Pledge Manager Tomorrow

But first, we have to wrap this up and get dice in all of your amazing hands. For now though, sit pretty. Tomorrow, we'll make the move over to the pledge manager portion of this journey, where you'll all be able to grab up all the add-ons your hearts desire to add to your order. Please hang tight until I post a new update announcing the move to the pledge manager. 

Stretch Goals, Prints, and the Reading Journals!

During those two weeks, any add-ons people throw on, or pre-orders we get in, will count towards our stretch goals. Because of this, I am very confident we will unlock the reading journal and the rest of the art prints. Knowing that those items will also help bring money in themselves to reach those goals, I am unlocking those items now to go in the pledge manager! This means the Reading Journal is now officially 'unlocked', and the art print set will indeed feature all 22 Lords!

22 Lords?

You heard me right! There will be 22 dice, one way or another. If we're heading to the 300,000 goal once add-ons and pre-orders open, we will still design the final die as a community. But if we don't hit that goal, no sweat. I replaced the Fate die from the original edition in this set-- now it belongs to the Gambler and it's a proper die with themes and symbolism. But the original Fate Die, which used to do things like shift dice around, remove dice from readings, or force re-rolls, will return as the Chaos Die if we don't hit the last stretch goal, with a few small tweaks. There will be 22 dice no matter what!

Fulfillment Timeline

Looks to me like we're at the 200,000 timeline, so we are intending to ship in or by November. It takes 2 weeks to get funds on Kickstarter, so I'm assuming I have those two weeks to finish up final print files for manufacturers. Start of August, production begins, and lasts a good month to a month and a half. Mid September items are gathered with the fulfillment partner, packaged up, and by mid November items should be in some people's hands or at the very least, on the way before the end of the month.

This is a much smaller campaign so far with far fewer items and backers than the Alleymans Tarot. I see no reason we should have much in the way of delays due to amount being manufactured or anything like that. But as always, I'll keep you all posted as things change.

Talk again very soon! And congrats to us!

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The Cover, The Coin, and the Last 24 Hours
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

Hello lovely people!

The live readings yesterday were so fun, and I appreciate everyone who came!
If you missed out, you can see the two, 2-hour live reading sessions over on our instagram above. I've been told I have a soothing voice, so maybe I'll be fun to play in the background of your work day.

Czarfunkle has delivered on a lovely cover, and the back cover is just waiting for me to fill it out with my blurb! As you can see, we fit 9 of the lords on the front/back covers and I think they all look quite fun. Czarfunkle is still working to wrap up the remaining Lords, but it won't be long before I can share those, too! (The dice faces are all updated, but I'm saving sharing those for my last surprise, I think.)

Add Ons

Also, we unlocked the coin when we broke $200,000! It is now a $3 add-on. It will be in an antique copper, and will be better balanced for flipping than the Alleyman's coin was. I also want to reiterate that I'm going to count the first week or two of the pledge manager after the campaign is over for our stretch goals. That means as people finally add their add-ons to their orders, we could see a nice little spike to get us closer to the reading journal.

Final 24 Hours

In these final hours before we end (and make our way to the pledge manager for everyone to claim add-ons), I highly recomend and request that as many of you as are comfortable please share the campaign with your friends and family. Every cent that comes into this campaign is massively appreciated, it helps get us closer to the last extras I really wanted to include, and it helps your local Publishing Goblin make ends meet. : )

Thank you for making this such a great success, and I can't wait to have the full new set of dice in our hands. It's going to be amazing! (I'll be unreachable this weekend as my brother is visiting from out of town, but I will be back at things Monday!)

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Live Reading Day!
8 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Doing live readings an hour from now, at noon MST until 2PM MST, then again at 6PM-8PM MST over on Instagram and TikTok. 
GMT 6PM-8PM, 12AM-2AM.

Please note I've changed the tiktok-- the new business tiktok doesn't have enough followers to go live on, so I'll be doing it on my personal account!

Love y'all, see you soon!

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Instagram Live Readings!
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Instagram Live Dice Reading Time!
We did it! This project reached this goal!

Goal: 3,000 backersThis goal was reached on Jul 10, 2022 9:38pm PDT

It's time! We broke 3,000 backers exactly just now. (Okay I started writing this and then started feeling ill and laid down the rest of the day. Whoops!)

Live readings!

I will officially be going live on Instagram over on @PublishingGoblin on Instagram and on TikTok Tuesday the 12th! I will be live from Noon to 2pm MST and then 6pm to 8pm MST.

So that's Tuesday the 12th in just 3 days at:
GMT 6PM-8PM, 12AM-2AM.

During this time I will be doing general readings to show off the dice and how they are used, take reading requests (best as I can), and utilize the dice in conjunction with various tarot and oracle decks to show off the versatility of the dice. Please come join when you can, I'll post updates here before I go live!

The Coin!

The coin will be done in an Antique Copper finish. An early copy is being worked on soon, but like all other add-ons, it will be available largely once the campaign is over in the pledge manager. We're close to unlocking it (at 200,000), so I wanted to share now!

We've been fairly slow these last couple weeks, but I think once we hit the pledge manager and people can actually include add-ons, we'll jump up! So I will be counting the first two weeks on the pledge manager as part of the campaign for the stretch goals. So we may yet hit some of those later goals! : )

Fond regards all,
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The Cover Results | The Keeper and the Collector | The Stones
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
We will definitely be breaking 3,000 backers today, I can feel it in my bones! When we do, I will announce when the day of Instagram Live Readings will be! :)

The Cover Voting

You all voted, and the results are in. The front cover will feature the 4 Seasonal Lords gathered around a table as the Gambler casts her dice over it, with the Caretaker whispering some obscene joke in her ear.

On the back cover, the Publishing Goblin, the Alleyman, and the Chronicler will be featured around the back-of-the-book-blurb!

The Keeper and the Collector

If you follow my projects, you might know by now that I make a lot of things. Card games, board games, video games, novels, poetry, tarot, dice-- but one thing I pride myself in is using the artifacts of these various things to found items in my fictional worlds. The Maiden of Winter and the Heir of Earth are actually from unique cultures I made for my game world, Solare. The Maiden is an Ithcaian-- someone who was cursed with a finite undeath as long as her mortal life. She is pale as bone, has red eyes, and must survive on raw flesh and blood, ostracizing her from the masses and typically cursed into servitude. But she killed those who cursed her and lives in an icy palace of her own making. The Heir is a Naiar, meaning People of Grass in their language. They live in harmony with the natural world, but have within them an explosive and transformative rage, where they use the pelts of animals to become them to defend themselves and their lands. The Gambler, for clue-sniffing sleuths, is from the same world as the Alleyman, mentioned in one of the podcast episodes in relation to the Secret Halls.

In this way, the Lords are pieces of my various fictional worlds, and the dice and the cards themselves are artifacts from those worlds, the same way the Alleyman's Tarot was an artifact from the world the Alleyman Podcast took place in.

The last two of the original 14 dice we have to reveal are in this same boat. The Tarot Keeper, lord of the die of suits, is an Alfira, a ratfolk, who came to love the concept of tarot that humans brought with them from their strange other world. His depiction here is abstracted from reality, as are many of the lord's illustrations, but he loves his portraiture in the card as the Tarot Keeper. He has most excitedly added the card to his vast collection of oracle decks.

The Collector of Selves, lord of the relations die, is one of my original designs. They are an Umbran, a strange, 6-armed being with a bone mask for a face. Umbrans consider it a rite of passage to break the connections of their face plating and remove the one they were born with, choosing a new one for themselves. But the Collector never could make a decision, instead rotating through an ever-growing collection of masks day to day as they find who they are in this world, as related to the world, as related to other people, and as related themselves.

If you're interested in my weird game world, be on the lookout for Confluence news in the next year. I've been working with a team of people for over a year now to finish the journey my big tabletop roleplaying game, Confluence, has taken for years and years. You can follow up on this over on twitter, soon on our instagram, tiktok, and elsewhere!
Or check out the old (old) playtest materials which are pay what you want over on my itch. The new mechanical system looks nothing like this now, but a fair amount of the world is still quite similar!

The Stones

Someone asked if I could share the dice from the catalogue I picked from, so here we are! It's a bit slapdash, but until I have a set made this will be the best I can share.

Actions Die (Pink w black) 58 Natural light amethyst with black ink
Alchemist (dark blue with white/green) 44 Natural Amethyst with very light green ink

Autumn (Orange with black) 53 Natural Tiger Eye Color with grey ink
Element Die (Beige with black) 51 Natural Flower Green with white ink
Fate (Bone with Purple) 54 Natural Wood Grain Stone with metallic purple or red ink

Majors (Black with red) 42 Natural Obsidian with red ink

Mariner's (Teal with white) 43 Natural Lazurite with teal ink

Metamorphosis (Purple with orange) 5 Synthetic Wood Grain Stone with Purple ink

Obstacle Die (Red with black) 46 Natural Red Stone with black ink

Relations (White with black) 48 Natural White Jade with black ink
Spring (green with yellow) 52 Natural Indian Agate with Yellow ink

Suits (Gray with black) 41 Natural Cardinals with gray ink
Summer (yellow with red) 49 Natural Yellow Jade with Red ink
Winter (blue with white) 57 Natural Snow Stone with light blue ink

(And as good a time as any to remind people the colors and designs on the new dice are subject to change!)

Wounds 59 Natural Colored Fluorite with red ink
Kindness 39 Natural Opal with gold ink
Attention 63 Natural Flash light stone with silver ink
Longings 47 Aventurine Jade with purple ink
Goblin 56 Natural Hematite with dark green ink
Alleyman 55 Natural Picture Jasper with bronze metallic ink
Influences 40 Finch Stone with off-white ink

Alright, talk to you all very very soon!


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The Guide Book Cover Vote
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Instagram Live Dice Reading Time!
We did it! This project reached this goal!

Goal: 3,000 backersThis goal was reached on Jul 10, 2022 9:38pm PDT

First, a reminder that I will be doing a long day of Live Oracle Readings over on Instagram when we break 3,000 backers on the project! So, plugging the achivement here as a reminder.

The Cover Vote

It's time to vote on which of the Lords will be featured on the cover!

I'm sharing the illustrated ones here below. Please know that we will be picking the most selected Lord(s) to go on the front, and some of the second most selected might appear a bit less detailed on the back cover. That being said, you get only one vote here, so make it count!


A backer asked for the Stones from the catalogue I chose, and I can do that! Next update will feature the stones from their catalogues in image form, so people have a clearer idea of what we're looking at! : )

Thanks y'all!
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Live Readings | The Accuser | The New Cover
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Instagram Live Dice Reading Time!
We did it! This project reached this goal!

Goal: 3,000 backersThis goal was reached on Jul 10, 2022 9:38pm PDT

Live Readings

Backerkit has a new fun thing called Community Achievements, and we're tapping it when we reach 3,000 backers for a live reading session over on my Instagram! When we hit 3,000 backers, I'll announce in an update when the readings will take place, and probably break it up in two sections throughout the day for a couple hours each, so that people in various time zones can still take part.

The readings will be general for the world, or for whoever asks in the Instagram live!

You can follow the Publishing Goblin IG ahead of time here:

The Accuser

Seven lore time! I hold an MFA in Poetry from Columbia College Chicago, but I had other academic aspirations at one point in time (and still kind of do!). When I applied for Master's programs originally, I applied to schools for Poetry and Fiction writing, but I also applied to schools for Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology. I have long been fascinated by the place myth, folklore, faith, and religion hold in our lives. You can see this clearly in the Alleyman Podcast, where I explore my desires to study modern myth through Doctor Ala Okoye. So I'd like to share a little about one of my favorite strangenesses of modern religions. Ha-Satan, the Accuser.

In Judaism, there was (and is) no Hell, nor a Devil. Many cultural factors helped form this demon over time in Abrahamic tradition leading up to Christianity's take on the tradition. Of note, during the Jewish exile to Babylon, they interacted at length with Zoroastrians, who had a clear good god and an evil god. It's not hard to imagine how the Jewish people may have been interested in this idea-- as it stood, this was their second exile and it was hard to keep faith when you believed your god did all things-- good and bad-- when you, the chosen people, were exiled from your city yet again. This being as the one who evil comes from was a helpful way to place blame of evil somewhere other than your beloved lord.

If we look into the old tales of satan, we find ha-satan. Literal translation as: The Accuser. Satan was not in opposition to God, but actually acted as God's accuser, testing and accusing man, holding them to their word and faith. At times the angel went too far, but never was it done in his own desires, he always worked on behalf of God. Who exactly Satan was, as an angel, is a hard thing to track. Fallen angels are named in some books and not others-- apocryphal texts with names like Sataniel-- and even the fall of Lucifer is unclear in the bible, as the passage most often referred to as relating to the fall isn't actually about that at all.

But I've always thought of this strange figure of ha-satan-- the accuser. One who accused on behalf of his lord, who crafted trials and questions to keep people on the right path, and all the mess that came after, until his accusations were mistaken for cruelty by an evil demon meant to torture us. Satan has often been viewed as a strange, tragic figure for this long path of his myth, from angel to forsaken demon, and the actual background is so much messier still.

(People can fact check me if they desire, it's been about a decade since I wrote a paper on the topic, and I'm definitely waxing poetic!)

So from the winding halls of collective cultural myth and faith, coming to accuse us to test our strength of will, never to damn us or harm us, comes The Accuser, lord of the Obstacles die.

The New Cover

In the next update, I'll be sharing a fun new poll, another fun new backerkit feature, of who y'all would like to see on the new cover for the dice set! We were going to just make the cover and show it by now, but czarfunkle actually thought it would be fun to do a poll after more lords were done and revealed, and I agree. So in the next update, I'll include a poll with a list of the lords shown thus far and we'll see by vote who all we want to see on the cover! I will likely include the most voted for on the front, and the second most on the back cover, just so no one feels left out!

Note that we are looking to have multiple lords on the cover, so no worries, it won't just be one of the 21! : )

Talk again very soon!
your Pub Gob,
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175,000! | The New Symbols | The Quivering Monarch
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC


Holy cow, we picked up a little traction here and just broke through 175!
At this goal, we unlock the Chronicler of Choice (shared in last update) and the Accuser (coming soon!) for the art print set! Anyone getting the art print set is now getting 13 prints in that set! 
Additionally, the artists involved are all getting a bonus $100, czarfunkle, Amy Smith, Sam Dow, and the Caretaker, and we're adding 10 copies to the Community Copy pool AND $100 on the Community Funds!

You have waited long enough-- New Symbols Preview!

This is exciting as all get out for me! I considered at the start of all this trying to update the symbols myself. Then I remembered that I already did my best job as a graphic designer on the first set, and so I stepped back and asked for some help. Amy Smith has done a remarkable job on the dice so far, and I want to share some of these!
Note that these new symbols will be on the 126-face Oracle Die Face Deck.

These symbols are nearly finalized, but may be subject to change.

New Spring Die

New Majors Die

As you can see, the Fate die had a total face lift and is now more in-tune with the Gambler.  On the Autumn die, we swapped the simple wheel for a full carriage, and replaced the Blood face (with the slit throat) with the new Stores face, featuring a barrel, stocked for the winter. The Actions die also has lots of changes to it to match the Lord's art, and similar changes like these are being done throughout the dice to update them in interesting new ways. 

Excited to share more dice as we get further with the redesigns! The Elements die looks so so so good.

The Quivering Monarch

This strange being is heralded by a swarm of butterflies, which gather in such numbers they block all vision. Then, she emerges. She is certainly not human, strange iridescent skin and always followed by muffled screams. Her die speaks of the life cycle of the monarch butterfly, creatures she is obsessed with herself. But she herself is something altogether different. A fae omen. She comes on quivering wings, and she is here. Be wary of what you say to her.

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Community Copies and Funds | The Chronicler of Choice | Your Favorite Stores
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello supporters! You are all lovely human beings and I am thankful for each and every one of you. Thanks for joining this journey!

Today has been a brutal day in terms of news in the US, and those in power seem to think threatening even worse things in the future is the way forward. This seems like as good a time as any for me to bring up and talk about my Community Copy and Funds programs attached to this project. More than ever, mutual aid through the arts is needed.

Communal Aid

Community Copies

For every 100 sets of dice claimed on this project, whether they are stone or plastic, full or only the new dice in the upgrade tier, a set is being added to the community pool. The final count to determine how many community sets there are will be determined after people have a chance to get add-ons properly in the pledge manager, and after pre-orders get finished.

If you or a friend or loved one would love a set, but cannot afford it right now, no questions asked, they can fill out the google form here to sign up on the list.  Right now, there are 96 people on the list, but just barely 30 sets in the pool. This will change when we hit post-campaign and people can order extras, or outright order a community set for $35 as an add-on. Plus retailers will schew this upwards big time! : )
The signup form is here.

Those who get the sets do not have to pay a dime, not for the items not for shipping. If they are international, there may be import taxes or fees associated, but I will cover whatever I can.

Community Funds
Additionally 5% of the funds earned on this campaign after the 10% fees of Bk and card charging goes through is being set aside as a divination community fund. Right now thats a good $8000! I will be disbursing it equally among projects for the rest of the year-- indie tarot artists, oracle makers, and small presses trying to do their first divination projects. It's a small thing, but it means a lot to have strings-free financial support. I could have used it when I started, and I want to pay this forward as much as possible. 
I'll especially be looking for spots where we can help push them over their goals on crowdfunding projects, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Backerkit, etc. 

The Chronicler of Choice

Every choice we make crafts our own history. The massive and small choices all matter, and they are represented in the biggest themes that overtake our lives. On the Majors Die, we see some of these biggest moments of change, strangeness, or adversity. Joy, fleeting as it is, is as important as loss, as the weight of a final choice.

The Chronicler of Choice knows this, and writes it all down with equal attention. The good and the bad. It is all in our history.

Your Favorite Stores

So one of the best ways to support this campaign right now is to share the campaign with people who might be excited about it! A piece of that is this-- please feel free to share in comments here your favorite occult, arcane, or indie book stores! Got a metaphysical shop in town you think might want a retailer set of these dice? Please let me know about them! 
Share their store website, or better, their store email if you have it on hand!
I will be sending out emails to them letting them know that one of their patrons suggested them. This is going to be one of the best and fastest ways to increase our community copy pool, and it will help get some of the Pub Gob's weirdness in your local stores! : )

Thank you all!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and this weekend is Denver Pride. I'll be there with my incredible boyfriend and maybe I'll see some of you there. Find your joy where you can, in the face of all the horrors of the world. We're here together. Take heart in that.

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The Alleyman Cometh | Add-Ons Explained | The Etched in Stone Tier
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

The Alleyman Cometh

It's no secret that the Alleyman's Tarot was the biggest tarot crowdfunding project of all time, and that it's been a long time coming. We have now locked in July 15th as the date when the site will open for sales. But because we have time before then, and because the pricing on the Alleyman's Tarot is going up quite a bit for the late sales, I wanted to offer sets here and now.
So you can now add-on $100 for a full set of the Alleyman's Tarot, including the deck, the guidebook, and Booster Packs 1-4, or you can add-on $120 to your order for a full set plus the sweet mahogany wooden cigar box that fits the deck in its original deckbox.

Pledge now to get access to the Alleyman's Tarot add-on.

This is a $28 savings from the pricing we'll offer on the shop when it opens in July, so it's a good time to get it while you can. This will only be available for people who back this campaign, it will not be an available add-on for people who place pre-orders after this campaign ends. So you can increase your pledge by $100 or $120 now to set that money aside early, or you will be able to add it to your pledge in the pledge manager after the campaign, alongside your pledge tier.

A reminder that every backer on this project will get to use the pledge manager-- it's an innate part of making a pledge. You don't have to pick any specific tier to get access to it after the campaign to add items! :)

Add-Ons Explained

I've seen a bit of confusion about add-ons and pledge tiers. Pledge Tiers are the thing you select to make a pledge, and they include only what is listed at that tier. Add-Ons are extra items you can add to your pledge after you've picked a Pledge Tier.
On this campaign, to claim an add-on, that will actually come after the project, when we go to the pledge manager (and anyone who pledged on this campaign will get into the pledge manager, regardless of pledge tier). This happens about a week or so after the campaign ends, and you'll all be able to go into your pledge and pick individual items to add to your cart from the Add-Ons list. Because it doesn't happen until the campaign is done, you are not required to do anything right now to claim add-ons. However, if you adjust your pledge and add the amount of $$ that the add-ons you want will cost now before the campaign ends, that will do two things:

1) You'll help increase the funds earned on the campaign right now, while we're still trying to hit stretch goals.
2) You'll pre-emptively set aside the funds you want to spend on add-ons, which when we get to the Pledge Manager, becomes account credit you can then assign to the add-ons you want! This will be very helpful if you want to make sure you keep an eye on how much you spend on this project, as it makes sure everything but shipping is coming out with your pledge.

I heard people wanting just the plastic set of dice or just the book or just the cloth for various reasons, so I'm also including the components of a basic pledge as add-ons starting today.

Etched in Stone Choices

And so many of you have waited patiently for this, so I'm happy to announce the stone choices for the Stone Dice Set! I am working with a stone dice manufacturer to make this happen, and worked within their catalogue of available stones. Here were my choices.

Actions Die (Pink w black) Natural light amethyst with black ink
Obstacle Die (Red with black) Natural Red Stone with black ink
Element Die (Beige with black) Natural Flower Green with black ink
Relations (White with black) Natural White Jade with black ink
Suits (Gray with black) Natural Cardinals with gray ink
Majors (Black with red) Natural Obsidian with red ink
Winter (blue with white) Natural Snow Stone with light blue ink
Spring (green with yellow) Natural Indian Agate with Yellow ink
Summer (yellow with red) Natural Yellow Jade with Red ink
Autumn (Orange with black) Natural Tiger Eye Color with grey ink
Metamorphosis (Purple with orange) Synthetic Wood Grain Stone with Purple ink
Alchemist (dark blue with white/green) Natural Amethyst with very light green ink
Mariner's (Teal with white) Natural Lazurite with teal ink
Fate (Bone with Purple) Natural Wood Grain Stone with metallic purple or red ink

Wounds Natural Colored Fluorite with red ink
Kindness Natural Opal with gold ink
Attention Natural Flash light stone with silver ink
Longings Aventurine Jade with purple ink
Goblin Natural Hematite with dark green ink
Alleyman Natural Picture Jasper with bronze metallic ink
Influences Finch Stone with off-white ink

Here I have each die listed, with their original color combination in parentheses, then the stone and ink combinations I'm choosing for each. I stayed with natural stones in most every case, but exhausted their catalogue in a couple spots, such as with the Metamorphosis die where I liked the synthetic wood grain for that die. I left the Rainbow Stone aside to use on the 22nd die I think, but we'll see how that comes to pass. At this time the guidebook will be intended to include a picture of the stone die in their dice sections, but there will be nothing in the book that talks much about the stone collection, nor will it go into detail about the stone's properties. All tiers that get a book will get the same book. (Someone asked so I wanted to be clear!)

We are nearing completion of the updates to the original dice set's symbols, and when that happens, I will be sending those in to have a set made ahead of time and will of course share as soon as I have pictures to! And of course-- I will do an update just about the updated symbols of the original dice!

Thank you,

your Pub Gob
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New Stretch Goals! | The Heir and The Nameless | The Top of the Box
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

The New Stretch Goals!

Now that I have a pretty good idea of what the project is doing, I think that the new stretch goals will get us where we need to go!

And a side note from a chat with the CEO of Backerkit (whaaat am I famous or something? No, backerkit is just really cool) we're in the top 5 crowdfunding projects live right now on any website! So we're still doing something right, even if we slowed down a bit! :) 

Part of setting them up was shifting some to price points we've already passed retroactively, which is a weird choice, but it allowed me to bring in all the artist pay bumps to the front of the campaign and get them unlocked! You can see them on the campaign, but here they are for your perusal:

50,000 - Funded!
75,000 - The Nameless Mariner ... and a bonus $1000 goes to Sam Dow for designing the Mariner's Die!
100,000 - The Heir of Earth - And czarfunkle gets a bonus $2000 for their work on the Lords!
125,000 - The Quivering Monarch ... and a bonus $3,000 goes to Amy Smith for their work redesigning the dice symbols and designing the Monarch's Die!
150,000 - The Gambler - And a bonus $1000 goes to Caretaker for designing the Caretaker's Die!

175,000 - The Chronicler of Choice, The Accuser ... and the artists each get a bonus $100 to their pay! +10 Community Copies and +$100 to Community funds!
200,000 - The Collector of Selves, The Tarot Keeper ... and we unlock the Goblin's Coin, a Yes/No coin that is now available as a $3 add-on.
225,000 - The Bearer of Boons, The Martyr of Wounds ... and the artists each get a bonus $100 to their pay! +10 Community Copies and +$100 to Community funds!
250,000 - The Stitch Queen, They Who Hunger ... and we unlock the Reading Journal, a 200-page workbook that is made for dice readings, now available as a $10 add-on!
275,000 - The Showman, The Alleyman ... and the artists each get a bonus $100 to their pay! +10 Community Copies and +$100 to Community funds!
300,000 - The 22nd Die is unlocked and its Lord added to the print set. We will work together through votes to determine who the Lord is, and what faces their die has!

...of note, this new list of goals means we've already added two more prints to the print set! czarfunkle has been working their butt off to get these cards illustrated with a quick turnaround, and I'm excited to share with you all right now the Heir of Earth and the Nameless Mariner! 

czarfunkle, you are wonderful. Thank you for your ongoing work, I'm so so excited to see the remaining lords, and I'm sure everyone else is, too!

On that note, I'd like to address something I've heard confusion on from a few backers regarding the oracle decks! The 21-Lords Oracle will feature just the 21 Lords, the art you've been seeing like these. The 126-Card Dice Face Oracle deck will feature the die face symbols on cards. I'll be borrowing czarfunkle's amazing borders and text to set those up so that the 6 dice of the Mariner's die for example will follow the Nameless Mariner's border and text color schemes. They will also have the same backs, so you can mix them up if you want! I have them as separate decks just because I felt people who would want one might not necessarily be the same as those who'd want the other. We'll see.

Also, the 21-Lord oracle was free to backers who pledged in the first 24 hours, from June 15th at 8am MST to June 16th at 8am MST. You can't see it anywhere in your pledge just yet, but when we get to the end of the campaign and the pledge manager opens up, you'll see it automatically in your cart. At that point, you can add on extra items to your pledge! : )

The Top of the Box

You have all spoken, and I listened! The Wood Box will now have Options when we get to the pledge manager!
You will be able to get a Goblin top engraving, a Dice Symbol top engraving, or a Blank top with no engraving.
There were some other really awesome ideas I heard, and I might try to integrate them into the Dice Symbol option. Thanks for sharing everyone!

So if you were not certain about the box because of the Goblin, or you weren't getting it because of it, feel free to swap tiers or add some funds to your pledge now to claim the box, it has options! I will draw up some thoughts on what the Dice Symbol top might look like. I'm imagining either in their slots as the inside of the box is, so it would be a kind of guide for where dice go if you wanted, or doing them on the outer rim as a border. Feel free to let me know your preference, but know only one can be picked in the end!

Thanks everyone. You rock!
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Wood Box Engraving Vote! | Oracle Tier | Winter Maiden | Where To Go From Here!
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

Wood Box Engraving?

I've had a few people ask me about the wood box engraving, and if they'll all for sure have the goblin head on them. At first I said yes, but now I'm accepting that for some people that might be a deal breaker on the box, and the box is so cool, so I want to make it available. So let's take a vote on alternatives we might like!

Would you like:
The Goblin Face!
A circle of 21 main faces of the dice!
A Blank top!
... or something else entirely! Let me know in the comments!

I will offer the Goblin face and another or maybe two and a blank top version. There is a logo on the bottom as a small square, which you can see here. That will be on all of them, it's a mark of pride because I designed them and I'm very proud of them! So consider it something of a maker's mark.

Oracle Tier

Now that we're past day 1, where people were getting the Lord's Oracle for free, I feel comfortable offering an Oracle tier that is just the Oracle Decks. Please note if you change to it now and your original pledge was in the first 24 hours, you're still getting the Lord's for free, so you'll just be getting two. 
This new tier offers the Lord's Oracle and the full 126-card oracle deck of the dice faces, and it will include the dice guidebook so you can read the faces and card meanings from that. I'll get images up for that on the campaign and on the pledge tier itself soon!

The Winter Maiden

The seasons have come, from Spring to Summer to Autumn, and now a chill wind takes the air. In all her contemplative frosty attire, the Maiden of Winter arrives, inviting a time of introspection and memory.

Maiden of Winter

Where do we go from here?

The campaign is still growing, though quite a bit slower than I'd imagined after the day 1. I'd put off setting the stretch goals at first because I felt I wanted a feel for the new campaign, but I had people asking about their amounts and we'd just had an incredible day 1, so I set them around what I thought might happen. We're clearly not going to reach those upper heights at this pace, so I'm doing a couple things:
I'll be approaching 'marketing' on the project differently, and find new ways to draw people in with some fun interactive campaigns.
I'll be re-setting the stretch goals this week based on our new trajectory.

This week, I am going to share with you all some really exciting stuff about the dice set's redesign, and we'll talk the stone set's stone selection! 

Thank you all you amazing folks! Talk soon

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Looking at Day 1 | The Youth of Spring!
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

Putting it in Perspective

Because this is my favorite thing to do.
Day 1 of the Alleyman's Tarot, we hit just over $89,000. By the end of day yesterday, we hit $116,000! Now, the Alleyman's ramped up day 2 and then day 3 was the biggest, with a single day earning of $102,000 and $106,000 each. While this does make our day one on this project the most successful day ever on any Publishing Goblin project, it's also clear we're slowing our momentum quite a bit today. But honestly? I'm so okay with that! You all showed up day 1 like a whirlwind and swept this campaign off its feet. I am so thankful for all of your support, and we're making an indelible mark on this brand new platform! We will definitely be the divination campaign to beat on Backerkit for years to come! : P

But did you know? There's lots of hidden money on this project! Because many people are waiting until the post-campaign to get their add-ons instead of raising their pledges now, that means we beat the best 3 days of funding on the Alleyman's Tarot even while not having all the money counted in just yet! AND we did it with a lower average price point for pledges! And that's pretty awesome.

What Now?

Please, if you're so moved, keep sharing this project! If you use this link below, it will let me keep track of how many people are brought in on this campaign by all of you amazing people, and that's just a fun thing to know so I can share it later! : P

In the meantime, I am planning a series of updates over the life of the campaign to share things!
  • The art of the remaining Lords.
  • The stone selection for the etched in stone tier.
  • The redesigned faces of the original set's dice.
  • The Community Copies and Community Funds.
  • The 22nd Die.
            What else would you like me to cover in updates? Some lore on the Lords, perhaps? Where they come from? Let me know!

What You All Came For

And yes, frolicking across the fields comes the wild and free Youth of Spring! Flowers and life, dance and... a remarkable codpiece, the Youth of Spring embodies newness, fertility, and the chance of new beginnings, paired with the inevitable naivete that comes with it! czarfunkle really kicked it out of the park yet again. They do not miss with these illustrations!

The Youth of Spring
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Not to be Annoying... But We are Gonna Break the First Stretch Goal!
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC


I very concernedly put amounts to the stretch goals earlier today after we funded, barely 4 hours ago. I still don't know what funding on this new platform will be like. Will it run out of steam faster, will it be more consistent, will I lose a lot of possible pledges because we don't have Kickstarter's discovery driving people here? So many possibilities!

And yet, in the next hour, we'll be breaking 100,000$, the first stretch goal's amount! I'm pretty darn certain I'll be out of the house when the number actually ticks over 100,000$, but it's clearly about to get there in just an hour or less.

First, the Heir of Earth, Lord of the Elements Die, will be added to the print set.
Anyone who is going to get the $20 print set is getting the Heir of Earth as part of that set, now. As soon as czarfunkle finishes the Youth of Spring and the Maid of Winter, they will be tackling the remaining lords in the order they're being unlocked.

Second, czarfunkle is getting a $2000 bonus for the amazing work they are doing on the Lords!
(Once each of the artists who have taken part get their bundle bonus, remaining artist bonuses tied to stretch goals go to all of them!)

czarfunkle is hard at work on the Youth of Spring and the Maid of Winter, but was willing to preview the sketch on the Youth of Spring! Thanks again for all your hard work, so so so many people are obsessed with these Lords and can't wait to have these cards in hand, myself included!

I am keeping a very very close eye on the funding trend on this project, and I may as time goes on adjust stretch goals to better fit the likely funding trend of this project. This is just to say, I really want to keep the stretch goals within possibility, so I may adjust some of them to be smaller as time goes on. The funding aspect of this all is just so up in the air to me, with Kickstarter I felt like I knew it fairly well, but this is a new ballgame! I will only add more goal rewards or lower the numbers, I wont increase them or put anything out of reach! : )
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Funded in just 2 1/2 hours!
9 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

Hello you amazing lovely wonderful incredible (and did I mention very very cool) people!

We did it in just barely 2 1/2 hours-- we broke the $50,000 funding goal!

As of this writing, we've blown past $60,000 as well! Thank you for joining Backerkit and your very thankful Publishing Goblin with your support on this new platform's journey! Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing the newly updated dice faces for the original set of 14, the stone choices for the stone dice set, more and more art of the Lords, the new reading grid that will be on the reverse side of your reading cloth, and more!

For right now, I can answer a few questions I've been asked:
  1. You can update your pledge at any time, it won't change the date you pledged or cheat you of the free 21-Lord Oracle.
  2. The 21-Lord Oracle will feature all 21 Lords of the dice, as illustrated by czarfunkle.
  3. The Lord's Print Set currently features just the 7 prints it says on the tier it has, but as stretch goals unlock more prints, they will be automatically added to the print sets, no extra cost.
  4. Shipping will be charged post-campaign as per usual with Backerkit stuff, and you can see estimated shipping prices on the campaign page.
  5. Stretch goals will have their amounts revealed soon. I was suggested to wait until I saw how our momentum was going, and good thing I did! You have all knocked this far far out of the park!
  6. The dice are 16mm and are engraved.
  7. The dice in the original set that are receiving changes beyond just some updated symbol graphics are:
    1. Action Die is having Harmony become Raze.
    2. Autumn Die is having Blood become Stores.
    3. Fate Die is becoming the Gambler's Fate Die, and every face is changing. If you have the old one from the original set, you can use it as it used to be, but know the new one is utterly different.
    4. Obstacles Die is having Inner become Yet to Come and Outer become Emergence.
    5. Spring Die is having Wheel become Whimsy, as Wheel is moving to the Gambler's Die with the Roulette.
    6. Winter Die is having Obstacle/Wall become Snow (which will have the meaning Frost used to have, Frost is now about lack of mobility, frozen in place,) and Isolation become Memento.

And that's all for now! Oh wait, I think... yes, she's coming around the bend now. There she is, laughing in the heat of the intense sun and just a bit day-drunk, the Crone of Summer! Thanks again to czarfunkle for these incredible Lords illustrations! Look out for the Youth of Spring sometime soon!

If you are so moved, please copy the header image of the campaign and share it around to friends and family on social media, using this link! Let's see how far we can take day 1-- I think we can outdo the Alleyman's!

Fondest and most thankful regards,
your Publishing Goblin
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