Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

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6 months ago

Project Update: Shipping Charges Going Out!

Hello everyone!

EDIT: I see the issue where people who had no items in their order (they pledged $1 and nothing more) have been assigned a shipping charge. If you pledged $1 on day 1 and had a 22-Lord Oracle added to your cart for free, you will be charged shipping for that. If you'd like to forgo the deck and shipping cost, reach out to Backerkit Support-- I can't remove items/charges from your account. For people who had no items in their cart at all, we're fixing that now, no worries! We should be charging the shipping fees on Monday.

EDIT #2: Hey all-- I know international shipping is always a bit painful nowadays. First, a reminder that VAT and fees like it that are set by your governments are things we don't have any power over. Very sorry for it though, I know it's making shipping anywhere extremely painful lately. I promise I'm joining you in rolling my eyes at those costs.
Second, I know most of the international packages have gone up in price, generally speaking though my understanding is that basic pledges ended up a little heavier than originally thought, so the most pledges are starting at the 2 set charge level. What we are charging here is based on the weight of your order and what it costs to send to you, using the same systems we used to set the original estimated costs, but now we have the actual final items in hand and are basing it exactly on the weight of your order. Shipping prices have gone up, and most orders have gone up in weight as well.
I apologize our estimations were off, but that's exactly why they were estimations and I noted then and there from day 1 that they could be subject to change. I will continue to offer estimations on future projects but maybe I'll inflate them a little to account for how the prices may change in time? I'm not sure the best way to handle it. No one likes it when things cost more than they expected, but unfortunately these are the prices.
No matter what project, people end up comparing their orders from other projects for shipping or manufacturing, etc-- that's impossible to do. Other companies may be undercharging international shipping costs for their backers and eating some of that cost. I did that on the Alleyman's Tarot, and undercharged most/all international orders, eating the cost with part of the profit. I cannot do it on this project, as this project ultimately made very little profit, so I am putting the full shipping cost forward to backers.
I think I mispoke in a comment below on the weights so I'll just share the direct facts instead of my bad memory here:
These are the weights for all the items, so you can see how heavy packages are in the end.


Today is when the shipping boat we were going to take was going out, and there were some stragglers with survey completion and fixing mischarged cards so we're adding those orders to the stack and sending US/Canada packages out on a boat the 28th. That still should get to the US around April 18th-20th, so we shouldn't have an issue being in most backer's hands by the end of April.

Community Copies and Funds!

I've also sent over to New Titan our Community Copies! We are packing those up to go with this batch as well. Being able to send out Community Copies is such a cool thing to be able to do, and I'll work it into future projects! I know I haven't been sharing where the community funds have been going, but anyone who follows our account on Kickstarter has seen this happening ever since this project funded, as I back lots of indie projects that need the support (generally without a physical reward-- this wasn't funds to get me cool things, it was to support small creators!) I've also invited lots of those people to be in the Alleyway Oracles, which gets them more money and some free exposure I hope. (I promise I'll never pay anyone in exposure, but exposure is helpful alongside pay!)

Shipping Charges!

I have finalized shipping costs with New Titan and Backerkit, as well as VAT and all the other taxes, and we are sending out charging notices today. I believe you'll be warned of the impending charge, and if you need to update your card or anything, be sure to do so! You cannot update your address at this point unless you are one of the 70 people who haven't filled out your survey!

The pricing for shipping is pretty close to what we said on the spreadsheet on the campaign page when we launched. A lot of them are spot on or off by a dollar, but a couple are higher, such as shipping to Mexico. There was one order in particular that will cost more in shipping than it cost for the order. I re-checked to ensure we were charging correctly, but it was right. Apologies for that, but that's just what it costs to ship there right now.

And the obligatory reminder that we have been planning to charge shipping at a later date from day 1 on the project. I know there will always be some people who didn't notice or who forgot who are dismayed to be charged more money to receive their items. I know that's not fun, but I can promise it was that way from day 1, and noted in a number of spots! Thanks for your patience and support as we got all the items right. 

Once US and Canadian orders are in the shipping container and leaving China on the 28th, all international orders will be fulfilled by New Titan from China. 

Thanks all, you are amazing and I am so beyond ready to have the dice in hand! Will update again when international orders are all in the mail, and then again when the ship arrives in the US.






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