Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

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6 months ago

Project Update: Shipping Charges Have Gone Through!

Hello everyone,

Thanks for staying in communication with me as issues come up. I've been happy to help anyone who reaches out, and will continue to do so. As of today, 2500 shipping charges went through without issue, and 390 failed for a variety of reasons. Some people's cards have changed, some banks flagged it as fraudulent, and I'm sure any of a dozen other reasons.

We will be retrying cards that failed on Monday, April 3rd. If your card failed, log in to your account and update your card. Reach out to backerkit support if you're having trouble with it. As explained to me, if you update your card, you should be recharged either right away, or on the Monday I noted.

I can confirm that the US and Canada orders were handed off in the container 3 days ago! We're waiting to hear from our boat people to make sure the boat left yesterday, but looks like things are on the way! We're sending enough stuff over to the US that late surveys or mischarged cards will still be able to be taken care of.

International orders should be heading out now and into the next week or so. I will ping when I know for sure the state of those, if they're going out, finished, or any info like that. 

Thanks all, 






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