Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

The 22nd Lord & Die | Help me decide the 22nd die!
4 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello everyone!

Before I go too far with the 22nd Lord and all that, let's take a look at one of the final Lords coming in from czarfunkle!

There are just a few Lords you haven't seen-- The Alleyman, The Showman, and.... They Who Hunger.

They Who Hunger preside over the Longings Die, and they know longing intimately. Desire for touch, to be seen, for change, for movement, for anything out of reach. When you wish to know what is missing, what people desire in a reading, you include their die. And when their card comes up? Someone is starved-- but for what? That is the key question, isn't it?

I pushed czarfunkle to the edge with all the hands, but so it goes! I love hands in art, and artists hate to illustrate so many hands! 

The 22nd Lord & Die

So now, what I'm here to ask! Over this week we've seen money come in on the project, but about 2/3rds of backers on here have done their surveys and about 1/3rd of those people included extra add-ons. Considering this in total with how much we have to go in order to hit $300,000, I think we're likely to get about 260,000 before it peters out and we end at most. That's not going to be our 300,000, huh?

But that's okay! I'm including the 22nd die anyways, and we're picking some of the key parts of it together right here, right now.

The 22nd die is the Chaos Die.

In the comments below, I'd like to see your suggestions for two elements of the die! Then I will read these tonight and tomorrow, and on Saturday I will post a poll (or two polls if I can?) for us to vote to the final answers!

Question 1: Who is the Lord of the Chaos Die?
I've had people suggest the darned Happy Squirrel, and I think it could be fun to have a wild chaotic entity made up of parts of various things, or some eldritch horror. But I'm open to anyone's thoughts on who should be the lord of Chaos! In your answers, please feel free to name them with a title (like the other Lords-- instead of Loki for example, The Trickster would work), and explain who they are/how they look! I will take an assortment of these answers from you all to the poll Saturday.

Question 2: What are the die faces of the Chaos Die?
The Fate die of the original set is what I'm thinking about. With faces that make you remove the nearest die, and consider the implications of it missing-- faces that make you re-roll some dice-- faces that make you move the nearest die to the core of the reading-- etc. All in all, it makes changes to the reading, moves dice, and changes meanings. I'd consider a die face that makes you consider the nearest die in its opposite meaning-- or maybe if it's in the core it does that to everything! So many chaotic options. I'd love to see all your ideas. In your answers, I am looking for any number (1-infinity) of die face options. On Saturday, I will do a Google Form poll with the top 15 or so options, so that you can pick multiple when you vote in the end!

Thanks all!

user avatar image for Imara Oco
4 months ago

How about CatsPaw for the name? Could be either a leering Cat, or a grasping, reaching paw with claws outstretched. The action: close eyes and smack it across the playing field. If it knocks another die out, fine. If it stops touch another die, read it as the opposite. Playful and chaotic.

user avatar image for Anonymous Pigeon #707701
4 months ago

For a title, I like "The Ever"; I particularly am voting for a non-gendered chaos, because the gender binary seems insufficiently fluid and liminal for the conception of chaos. Possible card designs: A card with a gilded mirror surface-- so that the card itself reflects the querent. Perhaps with flames made of nebula/star-stuff at the top, and a (golden?) fiddle, or a golden apple, at the bottom. Perhaps a holographic card; the sea in a raging storm vs an image of a city (perhaps Atlantis?) depending which way you look at it. Perhaps a card with the strike-plate from a matchbook. Maybe cut into the silhouette of a person? (Yes, I am looking through the Alleyman to get some inspiration.) A desert in a storm, perhaps with the half-buried remains of statuary or rubble in the sand. Take inspiration from Ozymandias by Percy Shelley. As for dice faces: 1. image of a d20. Roll a d20- that number corresponds to the Lord's die you should re-roll. The two die not included in this possible re-roll are the Fate and the Chaos themselves. 2. Two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Swap the two die these arrows point to, or if only one die is indicated, move it to its mirroring position on the opposite side of Chaos. 3. Sandstorm/Whirlwind. For the complete upheaval. Take the four corners of the reading cloth, gather them together, shake the dice inside, and without looking at the dice spread the cloth and the dice back out again. Read the new arrangement. If you are not reading on a cloth where you can do such a thing, then just re-roll all the dice. 4. Hand of Fate: use a monty-python-esque pointing finger. Ask the querent to point to a die (or multiple die, if you include a d6 roll to find out how many). Do not explain why they are picking the dice. Remove those die from play; they no longer affect the reading. 5. A blank side of the die. Something has changed, but you can not know what. Read the dice as if the chaos die were not present. 6. Hand of Destiny: an open hand. Ask the querent to give you a number between 1-6. You, the reader, remove that many die from the reading.

user avatar image for Prolix Footle
4 months ago

Q1: The Sovereign of Bedlam A gender-fluid being with a patchwork face that shifts and changes due to whim? mood? situation? caprice? No one is quite certain. They are dressed in a pastiche of styles from across time… think goth-new wave-punk-plus. A frock coat adorned with a myriad of contradictory pin-back buttons (which also change from time to time). A medieval codpiece over a garbage bag skirt. A black fedora with a pink ostrich feather in the band. Latex surgical gloves. Red calf-high platform boots. One knee-high rainbow sock and one thigh-high fishnet stocking. A chunky charm necklace… you get the idea. They delight in throwing monkey wrenches, sabots and gum. If anything can go wrong, they’ll try and make sure it does – in the most absurd, unexpected way possible. They view absolutes as a challenge (i.e. Unsinkable Titanic), and are most pleased when the thing that couldn’t possibly go wrong does (but her emails!). But they’ll settle for little bits of unexpected randomness and anarchy happening in everyday life (like: you have been chosen as the kitten’s personal human, or the dryer ate one sock).

user avatar image for Anonymous Bugie #1564198
4 months ago

Happy squirrel... sasquatch... all good.

user avatar image for Archie_Medes
4 months ago

Title: The Child of Whimsy: A puckish cherub with horns, holding a broken orb in one hand with a spinning die over the other hand. The cherub looks sideways at the viewer, with a sly grin and a wink. Dice Faces: Rather than flipping or just rerolling, I like the idea of Chaos introducing something new or providing multiple pathways, by either introducing new dice to the reading or forcing a reroll and have two competing readings. Randomly pick an unused die and roll it onto the board, and include it in the reading. (It may move other dice around) Randomly pick an unused die and roll it off to the side, then replace the Chaos die with this one. Remove the three dice closest to the Chaos die and return them to the bag. Randomly draw out three replacement dice and roll those instead. Read the dice as they are, then reroll the three nearest the Chaos die and read again. Both things are possible. Read the dice as they are, then reroll all of them (not the Chaos die), and read again. Both things are possible. Read the dice as they are, then swap the positions of the two dice closest to the Chaos die with the two that are farthest, and read again. Both things are possible.

user avatar image for James Donaldson
4 months ago

My suggestion for the lord is a trickster archetype: the snake oil salesman. He promises you wonders and solutions that really work! But its never what you think or it doesn’t seem to work at all. Not so much a “deal with the devil” type, but you certainly don’t know what your getting with him, and there’s always a ruckus when he comes to town. And especially one when he leaves.

user avatar image for Jim
4 months ago

I like the idea of a trickster as the Lord of Chaos, but maybe a more mythological example, like Coyote or Loki?

user avatar image for Anonymous Flamingo #18329
4 months ago

Question 2: (I answered Q1 as "Entropy and Time Distortion.") Given my Q1 answer, I think the 22nd should have more dire consequences than the others. 1) Player puts their "hand" back in the bag and draws again (without Die 22); 2) Player who drew Die 22 must give up a die; 3) Players must switch hands with Player to left; 4) Player who drew Die 22 skips a turn; 5) Players must trade a die with person to left of them; 6) All Players must give up a die. (Note: Die 22 should only be used once at the beginning of a Session. If a person is Reading solo, the term "Players" refers to the dice bag.)

user avatar image for Kalira
4 months ago

The Weaver of the Spaces Between (or The Thing from/Lord of the Spaces Between) is my suggestion for a title, for a chaos die! The spaces between worlds, the spaces between choices, upsetting things and throwing them awry (or pulling them into balance - but how can you tell, when you're one of the things in the worlds being moved about?). I like the idea of a chaotic entity for it, perhaps even one whose being is made up of many stolen/borrowed/mirrored parts of different things - some recognisable and some not, perhaps. . . - and perhaps they change out, taking on new aspects of their being and releasing old ones as they move through time (and those spaces between. . .). Perhaps all faintly galaxy-themed/patterned (and maybe one feline/slit-pupilled eye peeking out from the swirl of stars and random, eldritch Parts of them. . .) As far as die faces, some idle thoughts: ~choose one die to reroll (our choices do shape the chaos of our lives) ~close your eyes/look away and reach out; reroll whatever die your fingers land on (sometimes our choices are made without knowledge of what we're changing) ~all the dice shift one zone/space in the same direction, around in a cosmic wheel (like the galaxy turning) ~change each die as you come to it in the reading, either tipping it over one face or rerolling it, in an escalating shift (one change makes more changes and we don't always see them coming) ~read the bottom faces of the dice/the ones they're sitting on, rather than the top ~roll the chaos die again, right through the middle of the reading like a game of marbles, and see what changes are wrought ~stop the reading here, things beyond are too in flux to know

user avatar image for WynnDark
4 months ago

This, a being that exists in the liminal places between, an enforcer of the boundaries that also opens up doors for possibilities (chaos is both and neither, being change after all). I don't have any ideas for the die faces, but I've had this very Baba Yaga idea running around in my head, but as a grandmother toad type may not even get into the mix of ideas given my skullsquid isn't feeling very descriptive or explanatory this morning but I had to throw something out there.

user avatar image for Andrea19
4 months ago

Maybe I'm just frustrated by the current global political and social situations, but when I think of chaos, I think of multiple agents, each with their own will and desire, trying to enact their desires but blind to each other. To illustrate what i mean, imagine one person trying to build a bridge over a stream, but another person is trying to find building materials nearby and keeps taking the bridge stones away, and a third person is rerouting the stream towards where they want it to go. None of them are aware of each other or that they are impeding anyone else, and each is impeded themselves without understanding how or why. It's part comedy, part tragedy. Now imagine a planet of 4 billion people in that situation-- it's an absolute clusterfuck. Chaos, caused by lack of forethought or awareness and disunity, people wasting their energy opposing each other and not knowing they're causing others harm-- all resulting in stagnation and frustration. One side of the die could cause the nearest die to act in opposition to the other dice, though without malice and completely unintentionally.

user avatar image for Anonymous Flamingo #18329
4 months ago

I don't know if you follow Ilona Andrews' blog ( Their blogs are always wonderfully illustrated. The Innkeeper series is currently being serialized, and blog illustrations are especially interesting. I do not know where they came from or what the copyright is, but this is what I think Chaos looks like: (sort of Entropy with Time Distortion).

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