Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

The 22nd Lord & Die | Help me decide the 22nd die!
4 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello everyone!

Before I go too far with the 22nd Lord and all that, let's take a look at one of the final Lords coming in from czarfunkle!

There are just a few Lords you haven't seen-- The Alleyman, The Showman, and.... They Who Hunger.

They Who Hunger preside over the Longings Die, and they know longing intimately. Desire for touch, to be seen, for change, for movement, for anything out of reach. When you wish to know what is missing, what people desire in a reading, you include their die. And when their card comes up? Someone is starved-- but for what? That is the key question, isn't it?

I pushed czarfunkle to the edge with all the hands, but so it goes! I love hands in art, and artists hate to illustrate so many hands! 

The 22nd Lord & Die

So now, what I'm here to ask! Over this week we've seen money come in on the project, but about 2/3rds of backers on here have done their surveys and about 1/3rd of those people included extra add-ons. Considering this in total with how much we have to go in order to hit $300,000, I think we're likely to get about 260,000 before it peters out and we end at most. That's not going to be our 300,000, huh?

But that's okay! I'm including the 22nd die anyways, and we're picking some of the key parts of it together right here, right now.

The 22nd die is the Chaos Die.

In the comments below, I'd like to see your suggestions for two elements of the die! Then I will read these tonight and tomorrow, and on Saturday I will post a poll (or two polls if I can?) for us to vote to the final answers!

Question 1: Who is the Lord of the Chaos Die?
I've had people suggest the darned Happy Squirrel, and I think it could be fun to have a wild chaotic entity made up of parts of various things, or some eldritch horror. But I'm open to anyone's thoughts on who should be the lord of Chaos! In your answers, please feel free to name them with a title (like the other Lords-- instead of Loki for example, The Trickster would work), and explain who they are/how they look! I will take an assortment of these answers from you all to the poll Saturday.

Question 2: What are the die faces of the Chaos Die?
The Fate die of the original set is what I'm thinking about. With faces that make you remove the nearest die, and consider the implications of it missing-- faces that make you re-roll some dice-- faces that make you move the nearest die to the core of the reading-- etc. All in all, it makes changes to the reading, moves dice, and changes meanings. I'd consider a die face that makes you consider the nearest die in its opposite meaning-- or maybe if it's in the core it does that to everything! So many chaotic options. I'd love to see all your ideas. In your answers, I am looking for any number (1-infinity) of die face options. On Saturday, I will do a Google Form poll with the top 15 or so options, so that you can pick multiple when you vote in the end!

Thanks all!

user avatar image for Anonymous Cardinal #1450905
4 months ago

The thing among the reflections seems more appropriate for the chaos die personally. But a side that inverts the meaning, one that removes the nears die, one that trades places with the closest, one that reverses the positions of all the die so you read it all backwards. One that makes you roll the nearest 3 die again, and one that simply means chaos sound like good faces. Mess with the reading but also have a meaning in general. Chaos is the element of change, and it isn't always meant to be fun, it is hard and uncomfortable and forces you to reassess your own perspective. Allow room for growth and you cannot predict what will happen.

user avatar image for Sea
4 months ago

The Lord of the Chaos Die could be a personified version of the dice themselves. It could either be a bag or box with limbs or all the dice could come together to create the form of a body (I like the latter). Name options: They Who Roll, The Roller of Dice, Themprex of the Unexpected, Majesty of Mayhem, The Cubed Maelstrom (or maelstrom as a different concept), Sovereign of Sides, Clitter-Clatter... A dice face idea could be around wrong timing. The symbol could be a broken clock or something. It indicates that now is NOT the time to do this reading. Maybe the reader isn't in the right state of mind or the querent can't handle the truth at this time. Perhaps the astrology is a bit whack and you can diagnose when a better time would be. It could mean a five minute break to center oneself or it could mean to wait until the planet ruling over the question is out of retrograde. Another one could be that the reading is "mirrored." It's showing the similarities between two different things. It could be that the future is a reflection of a past, as shown by the dice. It could be that in the dispute you are reading about, you and the other party are really coming from a similar space, as indicated by the dice. The point is that the concept of reflection and symmetry needs to be considered. A fun one could be a witch-themed one. You are casting a spell to create a change in the world. Do the reading as normal and when you identify a stuck point/problem/whatever, take that die and shake it up in a pointy hat, mini-cauldron, crystal pouch, chalice or just the most magical object you have that suits the purpose. Do this with the intention of creating a favorable change. Then roll it by pouring it out from its receptacle. That factor has now changed. Even if you get the same face, it will likely be on a different spot on the board.

user avatar image for Kendra Baxter
4 months ago

🔥 A burning bridge. It shall be named Destroyer of Worlds. There's no going back once the die is cast. Everything changes.

user avatar image for Barb
4 months ago

A squirrel is absolutely the best Chaos Lord(ess). And maybe Title it like that, so it's unsure. But give the squirrel one bug eye, one antler, one notched pirate ear and maybe a necklace of it's own missing random claws- because we so often create our own havoc. 1. roll furthest die 1 right 2. reroll 1 random die with eyes closed 3. Look at the middle die. Read it. Discard it. 4. Change 1 die to something better. Sometimes we can get control over our own future. 5. roll closest die 1 left. 6. Reverse 1 die meaning of your choice. Sometimes, we have to choose our battles. I love all these things. I am a child of Chaos. So Child of Chaos would also be a good title. And the Die should be "All the Things". Or "Nuts". LOL Maybe No 5 should be "reroll all the die. Nuts."

user avatar image for Ynfytyn
4 months ago

I propose the Lord of the Whirlwind for the Chaos die. Every well-laid thing in its path is randomly tossed aside as it moves through time and space, creating a new order. For the die, one side with a multitude of dots/stars in no discernable pattern. Opposite, a blank face. Other faces might include spiral/tornado, a leaf (for all is like a leaf on the wind), radiant lines (like an explosion), and a clockface without any hands.

user avatar image for James
4 months ago

First, your work is terrific! I've been doing a few readings of the Alleyman's Tarot to a few relatives and friends and this is so 'in your face' and at the same time subtle, everyone's impressed! Love from Belgium 🇧🇪! (on our Independence Day, by the way) Having said that, I really don't remember the idea I wanted to share, but now I think that randomness is the ultimate Master of Chaos, and that hence some kind of draw from could be used. Love from Belgium!

user avatar image for Simon The Vampyre
4 months ago

Q1: For the Lord of the Chaos Die, I've considered 'The Chaotician', a scholar of chaos theory who had a revelation, and is now as one with Chaos itself. They appear as an academic, forever changed by the wild and unpredictable force they're united with. Q2: Two possible die faces I've considered are "Entropy" – the driving force of Chaos – as one that might make you reroll dice, and the "Butterfly" – representing the Butterfly Effect, and strange attractors – as one that might make you move several dice around that are furthest away from it in some circumstances.

user avatar image for Barb
4 months ago

I love the butterfly idea!!

user avatar image for Kim W
4 months ago

I really like these ideas. My other suggestion was a cat or feline figure for the lord, but I was just mulling the idea of chaos over and I think a maths focussed idea, including involvement of butterflies, would be wonderful too. You've already come up with a more defined and we'll articulated description and it sounds great to me.

user avatar image for Mike Shipley
4 months ago

For name / identity: The Variant and it's essentially Loki The Twister of Plots and it's sort of a cosmic tasmanian devil (because twister) The Holy Deviant Emperor/Empress (Emprex?) and it's basically tarot emperor as mad queen, like a glam Elagabalus For stuff it does: Cross quarters - Every die turns one face in the direction of its quadrant (so any die in spring/mind turns one face up/left, etc...) Divine justice - You may arbitrarily choose a more preferable face for any single die (or every die in a quadrant of your choice, maybe?) Unforeseen consequence - Close your eyes and select an unrolled die from the bag. Without looking, remove and replace one die from the board.

user avatar image for Anonymous Flamingo #1343285
4 months ago

For some reason, the idea of a “biblically correct” Angel - all eyes and wings and spinning rings and fire - is what comes to mind. Call it “Fear Not”. After all, life itself is chaos; plunge into it headfirst instead of cowering in fear of it! Life or creation tend to be my thoughts on chaos. Partying, building, sculpting, painting, birth, growth, self-discovery. I feel like something like that already exists in the Lords though. I’d have to go back and read through them. XD;;

user avatar image for Morgan D
4 months ago

The Nebula Seer: a cloak of starstuff and comets for eyes, skin the color of the void, a crystal ball with a galaxy inside in one hand and a pair of dice in the other The Event Horizon: Every die face read up until you get to this face is now null and void; remove them from the reading The Black Hole: nullifies all dice in the zone New Star: reroll all dice Supernova: reroll all die in this zone Parahelion/Aphelion (same face, two outcomes): if it lands in an outer zone, reroll all dice in the opposite zone. if it lands in an inner zone, reroll all dice in the zone closest to this die. Dark Matter: all die in the same zone and the zone itself have the opposite meaning Wormhole: move this die and the die closest to it to the Core. Read them as both in the Core and in the original zone. Orbit: all die shift to the next zone - counter-clockwise if this die is on the right, clockwise if on the left Gravity Well: all dice shift one zone inward Solar Flare: directional face - whatever die this face is pointing to is ejected from the reading (imagine a looping solar flare pointing in a certain direction)

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