Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

The 22nd Lord & Die | Help me decide the 22nd die!
4 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
Hello everyone!

Before I go too far with the 22nd Lord and all that, let's take a look at one of the final Lords coming in from czarfunkle!

There are just a few Lords you haven't seen-- The Alleyman, The Showman, and.... They Who Hunger.

They Who Hunger preside over the Longings Die, and they know longing intimately. Desire for touch, to be seen, for change, for movement, for anything out of reach. When you wish to know what is missing, what people desire in a reading, you include their die. And when their card comes up? Someone is starved-- but for what? That is the key question, isn't it?

I pushed czarfunkle to the edge with all the hands, but so it goes! I love hands in art, and artists hate to illustrate so many hands! 

The 22nd Lord & Die

So now, what I'm here to ask! Over this week we've seen money come in on the project, but about 2/3rds of backers on here have done their surveys and about 1/3rd of those people included extra add-ons. Considering this in total with how much we have to go in order to hit $300,000, I think we're likely to get about 260,000 before it peters out and we end at most. That's not going to be our 300,000, huh?

But that's okay! I'm including the 22nd die anyways, and we're picking some of the key parts of it together right here, right now.

The 22nd die is the Chaos Die.

In the comments below, I'd like to see your suggestions for two elements of the die! Then I will read these tonight and tomorrow, and on Saturday I will post a poll (or two polls if I can?) for us to vote to the final answers!

Question 1: Who is the Lord of the Chaos Die?
I've had people suggest the darned Happy Squirrel, and I think it could be fun to have a wild chaotic entity made up of parts of various things, or some eldritch horror. But I'm open to anyone's thoughts on who should be the lord of Chaos! In your answers, please feel free to name them with a title (like the other Lords-- instead of Loki for example, The Trickster would work), and explain who they are/how they look! I will take an assortment of these answers from you all to the poll Saturday.

Question 2: What are the die faces of the Chaos Die?
The Fate die of the original set is what I'm thinking about. With faces that make you remove the nearest die, and consider the implications of it missing-- faces that make you re-roll some dice-- faces that make you move the nearest die to the core of the reading-- etc. All in all, it makes changes to the reading, moves dice, and changes meanings. I'd consider a die face that makes you consider the nearest die in its opposite meaning-- or maybe if it's in the core it does that to everything! So many chaotic options. I'd love to see all your ideas. In your answers, I am looking for any number (1-infinity) of die face options. On Saturday, I will do a Google Form poll with the top 15 or so options, so that you can pick multiple when you vote in the end!

Thanks all!

user avatar image for Kelly C
4 months ago

1) The Emissary of Entropy- a figure without a distinct face (maybe hidden behind a shredded veil), whose body is “coming apart at the seams” - some parts are ribbons, others blocks, others dissolving away like smoke - the only “solid” part of their being is their veil and their hidden face, against the background of a supernova/nebula style backdrop. Creation and destruction 2) Faces: 1. add a random new die to the reading, rolling it into the reading and letting it bounce against the other dice - this reading was missing a key factor 2. Remove the seasons dice (if they’re present) - this reading transcends the linear march of time 3. Reroll any lost dice, bringing them back into the fold; any lost dice that return to being lost are truly removed from the reading or read as things away and uncontrollable

user avatar image for Laura
4 months ago

I woke up with the words Twisted Citadel in the front of my mind, so I think a cool option for the lord of chaos could be a kind of living architecture aesthetic, or maybe the shadowy creature that lives in the shadows between some MC Escher-style staircases. Could definitely go more eldritch with that! The faces of the die could almost turn into a chutes and ladders game with that, a city that's constantly in motion would certainly add challenges to navigation

user avatar image for Royce Roeswood
4 months ago

Cthaltaxgrath, lord of chaos: made of cosmic cheese, with robotic tentacles orbited by jewels. Rotate all the dice or the cloth 90 degrees. Read the nearest die(s) as the opposite meaning. Look underneath the nearest die (the side on the cloth) for information that is hidden. Reroll any dice that don't resonate as many times as you want, Giuseppe style. Put a die in your mouth. Flick the chaos die at another die in the reading to try to change your fate Stop this reading! Secrets humans were not meant to know! A straight line that draws an imaginary line through the rest of the reading, dividing the field into two parts.

user avatar image for Malkira
4 months ago

How about The Lady as the 22nd Lord (as in Lady Luck) it would play nicely with the Fate dice options and I like the idea of a Lord who manipulates the other 21 (yes Pratchett was the main inspiration)

user avatar image for thanate
4 months ago

Well, the actual lord of chaos is a toddler-- old enough to be mobile, cute enough that people thing they're just darling, highly opinionated with very little concept of their abilities or other people's social norms, mood turns on a dime.

user avatar image for Anonymous Cockatiel #1752410
4 months ago

I like what someone else said, about a galaxy or all of the universe to represent the new “lord”. I keep thinking things like “goddess of change and creation” - because what is chaos really? Every big change in my life has brought with it a feeling of chaos, but in the end gave me meaningful change. I’d like a card that’s like a spiral galaxy or a void filled with stars, and then a hand reaching out like it’s a hand helping you up. Maybe the hand is made of stars?

user avatar image for Anonymous Seagull #553326
4 months ago

The indefinable. The Protean The Glow Cloud

user avatar image for Cryptica Erratica
4 months ago

The Timesplicer a face where you read each seasonal quadrant as the next one clockwise (summer becomes autumn, for example) a face that's wild (like the jokers in the alleymans, or a stand in face for whichever effect/meaning the reader wants) A butterfly effect face where, after the reading, you gather and reroll the same dice to see an alternate path A bibliomantic face where you open the book (or draw a card from the die face deck) and read the die as whatever face page/card A face that has you roll an unused die, then replace the chaos die with the new roll, in the original position a face that has you discard any "core" dice and move any lost dice to the core

user avatar image for Kim W
4 months ago

Lord - I would really love it to involve something to do with cats. Whether in the name, or the imagery for the lord. I can't think of any good names really, apart from silly things like The Bearer of Whiskers lol, but perhaps someone more artistically inclined can come up with something in the replies! I just think that cats are chaos gremlins and also, they have done and will continue to literally cause chaos with people's dice readings. Dice faces - I really enjoy the one from the fate die which brings the three nearest dice together. Doesn't have to be three but I like that interaction.

user avatar image for Anonymous Chicken #1932888
4 months ago

I know we have the Quivering Monarch but chaos to me can be like the butterfly effect... So some Lord based in chaos theory with lines, not necessarily with butterflies. Or different dimensions while incorporating the universe as others suggested. Also, opposite day comes to mind, not sure how that could transpose onto a die face 🤔

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