Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

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5 months ago

Project Update: Deadline Approaching | Shipping Updates | The PDF Guidebook!

Hello everyone!

First off, some people have been asking after the PDF of the guidebook. Let me square that away right now.
Click there, and you can download the book!

Secondly, I know some people (66) had their orders split into two packages because there were slightly too many items. For those, as I understand, the books (Dice Guide, Alleyman's Guide) were removed and sent separately in Media Mail packages. Apologies, if I had known ahead of time I would have warned you.

Finally, if you have any issues with your packages-- if an item is missing, or your dice set is incomplete (three people have had a single die missing or a duplicate of one die which replaced another, so please check your sets), PLEASE reach out to [email protected]. We will get you taken care of, no worries! And we will take care of issues with orders for a fair bit longer than the below deadline-- that's just for people to get their things in to receive their package at all. I will announce when we're reaching the deadline to inform us of any missing or damaged items though, so try to reach out sooner than later.

Extra items will be made available on the website store late this month for sale, if you're curious!


A reminder for everyone that surveys (21 people) and fixing not-charging cards (39 people) must be done by the 16th this month to be fulfilled. After that date, officially I won't be fulfilling any late people. I sent emails to all these 60 people, and many have already fixed the issues. I can be flexible if people contact me before the cutoff on the 16th, but I need to be talked to before that time.

At that time, remaining orders will be considered forfeit, and no refunds will be given. The warning has been given!


Everything has been sent, with very few exceptions. I was told that this week the remaining Alleyman Tarot-only orders are going out, and by the point I post this, either all of them should be out or 3/4ths of them. In either case, the others will go out tomorrow. If you haven't received your package or a tracking number, check in with your email, or email New Titan at the email shared at the top of the update. But this project is, with the exception of some late survey-finishers or card-fixers, fulfilled!

I have received so many excited images on social media, emails, DMs, and elsewhere, and Im so happy to see the dice in the world. This is a truly fantastic project with a gorgeous product. It took 11 months with a few hiccups with manufacturing, but it was well worth it and the set is truly amazing. Please continue to share them online and tag me in your pictures! @PublishingGoblin on Instagram, @PublishGoblin or @DaneAsmund on Twitter, and @PublishingGoblin on Tumblr. Y'all are amazing!


A few people have reached out to ask me what it means in the guidebook for a die to be 'in shadow'.  I apologize, I wasn't meaning to be obtuse! For me, tarot cards, oracle cards, and the dice, have "At their best, they mean __. At their worst, or inverse, they mean ___." They have a range of meanings. The Queen of Swords to me is at her best in her power and the final judge of things brought before her. At her worst though, she can be too quick to make decisions, and her cuts with her blade cannot be undone once made, meaning her haste can make it impossible to fix the issue. I don't always look for her to be in reverse to read this 'inverse' meaning, sometimes the rest of the reading lets me know it is her haste and mistakes that are being looked at here.

The dice are the same to me. At its best, it might mean ___. At its worst, it might mean ___. Shadow is that second piece, the understanding of the other side of the coin to its message, so to speak. Shadow can be read in many situations, but for me it's always intuitively. If two dice are at odds with one another, their Shadow aspects might be speaking to one another more than their more traditional meaning. A seasonal die in the wrong season might be speaking to its Shadow. Sometimes, a die on its own simply due to the rest of the reading feels more in Shadow. 

I'd consider it very similar to Tarot, where some readers simply ignore reverse cards and always read them right side up. If you feel the Shadow intentions of the dice are too vague or hard to draw a line on when they enter a reading, you can eschew that piece of the die's meaning. The dice should serve your uses, after all, and if they don't-- throw away what doesn't work!


The Alleyman visited Seattle last week!
And as you might have expected, I have to mention that the Alleyway Oracles, the sequel to the Alleyman's Tarot, is launching in just a week! May 16th! Things are coming together now for the last-minute push. If you love your dice, if you adored your Alleyman's, please consider pledging at least a $1 even if you don't need another deck (or three!) Every backer counts massively, and I appreciate all of your support.
You can click through here to sign up to be notified for launch!

And that's all for now my friends! I'm so glad we've got this project finished and in people's hands. For those of you whose packages are still on the way, I hope it's a joyous day when it arrives. I only finally got my own package recently as well haha, but it's all as lovely as I wished the first edition could have been. Thank you, thank you, thank you!






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