Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

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4 months ago

Project Update: Deadline Passed | The Future of the Oracle Dice | Hello!

Hello dice goblins!

A week ago today, we hit the deadline for people to get their final information in, fix payment, etc for their orders.
As of today, 16 people never did their surveys, and 30 people never paid for their shipping.  All of them were reached out to multiple times, and I did my best to get them squared away. 12 people who did get those things taken care of had their orders handed over to New Titan, and those should be going into the mail in the next couple weeks.

Prior to this though, 3,318 backers had their orders shipped and received since we launched, and that's a much more pleasant number!

I do want to note that you can still reach out to me at [email protected] and New Titan (our manufacturer/fulfillment partner) at [email protected] if your order arrives and is damaged or missing items. The new deadline here is 45 days from today to let us know if your package went missing or if items are missing/damaged from your order.

I do want to be clear, the best way to reach us (and get a reply) is by email. Commenting on backerkit doesn't alert me in any way so I generally just don't end up seeing comments here. (On Kickstarter I get an email for every single message/comment, which is why Im so much more responsive there!) So please email!

July 7th is the deadline to let us know if your package is missing/damaged, or if items are missing or damaged from your order. After that time, this project will be considered fully put to bed.

The Future of the Oracle Dice

We will be shipping out the extra items from the website for sales in June I believe, as well as selling some on the Alleyway Oracles project, which is just going into its second week now. (There are 3 new dice on the project in the Tulsa add-on bag on the Alleyway Oracles, which are game-themed but will be designed by the Oracle Dice's symbol designer, and will come with a card of meanings to be read with the set!) We may manufacture some extra items as we go, or we may just sell out the remaining stock-- hard to say! But this time next year if all the items are gone, perhaps we'll look at a remanufacturing to stock back up.

I've noted (and seen others say) that the Metamorphosis die is a bit hard to read, largely because the details are much more delicate and some of it didn't get fully inked. I think that would be up first for a revision. Are there other dice, colors, or color combos that you might want to see different? Let me know as you begin working with your sets! I wouldn't be looking to do a full 3rd edition update necessarily, just some fixes and corrections here and there, and happy to hear what you all think!

The first edition had a lot to work from and fix, but this edition feels so much better. Maybe I'll change my mind after a year working with them, but this might be just about their final form. That's a nice feeling, to think the tool is fully there. I'm sure I'll want to update the guidebook in another year, but the dice are right where I want them.


This year, I'm trying more than ever to be present at all the things I can be present at. Last year, I was invited to be a headlining guest at the Phoenix Autumn Meet pagan festival in Florida, and I'll be returning this year as a non-headlining guest. Then closer to Samhain, I will be at the Florida Pagan Gathering as a headlining guest!

In August I'll be at GenCon, running games of ZOETROPE, my timetraveling card-based RPG, as well as my Five Nights at Freddy's unofficial TTRPG system, then I'll be at Pax Unplugged to do much the same and Big Bad Con also!

If you're working at a pagan or tabletop event and can invite guests, I'm happy to go most anywhere and would love the chance to meet many of you! So where are you all going, and do you think you might see me at one of your events? Let me know! : )

Fond regards for all of you dice gremlins,






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