Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

The Alleyman's Tarot Store Open | Gen Con Edit
10 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

And the store for Alleyman's Tarot is open! 

Since New Titan is handling it either from their US office or their Hong Kong office, they have two separate websites for US and International buyers. 
         Reminder that New Titan is handling all of this, I have no hand myself in the site so if you have issues or questions with the ordering, you'd need to contact New Titan: [email protected]

(And please, no worries! We are of course keeping some stock held back to cover anyone's whose goes missing or arrives damaged from the KS still)

Last Things With The Dice

Czarfunkle has updated the reading grid and drawn out the new one. I can't share the new one because we're making some slight adjustments, but I promise it looks just as good and will share it soon.

Amy Smith is wrapping up designs for the Chaos Die. Because of its smaller surface area on its faces, the symbols are smaller and less detailed. We are making sure all the symbols are clear and unique, but they're definitely simpler than I'd originally imagined. Still, they will be a welcome addition to everything already in place. I'll share as soon as I have those in hand!

I am wrapping up the updates to the guidebook, and I've been tinkering with how the journal's pages will be laid out, but generally I will have a small intro and then two rotating page templates for the two different reading grids with plenty of space to write notes. I thought I would be done by now with both, but time doesn't always work on our side haha. I'll be taking this work with me to Gen Con this week on my laptop, and should have everything finished and handed to manufacturers next week.

Gen Con, and Others

I wasn't going to Gen Con this year, because there's still a pandemic at hand. But enough things aligned that I would be foolish to not go, and now, I'm going. I still don't think it's responsible, but too many things came together on their own that I'd be shooting my business in the foot not going. So I'll be at GenCon Wednesday through Sunday!

I'll be hanging out with Kickstarter and Backerkit people, I'll have some random stock at a friend's booth in the dealer's hall (booth 2447-1), including some Alleyman's Tarot I have on hand and some Normal Tarot, and some pins and stickers. 

I'll also be around if you find me or email me ([email protected]) with subject line GENCON, maybe we can meet! I'll have various oracle tools on me so Ill probably also do some readings for strangers here and there. I haven't signed up for running or taking part in any events, since this is last minute, so I'll just be hovering and networking.

I will also be a headlining guest at Autumn Meet down in Florida in mid October: . It's an outdoors camping setup, so I felt better about going to this one. I'll be running some events at that one, and it should be nice. I've never been before, but it seems super lovely.

New Avernus

This boardgame was supposed to run in the spot the Oracle Dice took for a crowdfunding campaign. But unfortunately it took so long to get the print samples in hand that we had to move the Oracle Dice up to run first. It arrived a bit ago and I love it. I'll be taking a copy to GenCon to run for strangers wherever I can, and getting it out to reviewers as well.

You can sign up to be notified when that campaign launches in October here. 
I'm waiting until October so that the final Alleyman things can be taken care of (touched decks mostly), and so the dice should be well on the way to getting to people. 

Thanks everyone,

your Pub Gob

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