Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

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over 1 year ago

Project Update: Looking at Day 1 | The Youth of Spring!

Putting it in Perspective

Because this is my favorite thing to do.
Day 1 of the Alleyman's Tarot, we hit just over $89,000. By the end of day yesterday, we hit $116,000! Now, the Alleyman's ramped up day 2 and then day 3 was the biggest, with a single day earning of $102,000 and $106,000 each. While this does make our day one on this project the most successful day ever on any Publishing Goblin project, it's also clear we're slowing our momentum quite a bit today. But honestly? I'm so okay with that! You all showed up day 1 like a whirlwind and swept this campaign off its feet. I am so thankful for all of your support, and we're making an indelible mark on this brand new platform! We will definitely be the divination campaign to beat on Backerkit for years to come! : P

But did you know? There's lots of hidden money on this project! Because many people are waiting until the post-campaign to get their add-ons instead of raising their pledges now, that means we beat the best 3 days of funding on the Alleyman's Tarot even while not having all the money counted in just yet! AND we did it with a lower average price point for pledges! And that's pretty awesome.

What Now?

Please, if you're so moved, keep sharing this project! If you use this link below, it will let me keep track of how many people are brought in on this campaign by all of you amazing people, and that's just a fun thing to know so I can share it later! : P

In the meantime, I am planning a series of updates over the life of the campaign to share things!
  • The art of the remaining Lords.
  • The stone selection for the etched in stone tier.
  • The redesigned faces of the original set's dice.
  • The Community Copies and Community Funds.
  • The 22nd Die.
            What else would you like me to cover in updates? Some lore on the Lords, perhaps? Where they come from? Let me know!

What You All Came For

And yes, frolicking across the fields comes the wild and free Youth of Spring! Flowers and life, dance and... a remarkable codpiece, the Youth of Spring embodies newness, fertility, and the chance of new beginnings, paired with the inevitable naivete that comes with it! czarfunkle really kicked it out of the park yet again. They do not miss with these illustrations!

The Youth of Spring




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