Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Wood Box Engraving Vote! | Oracle Tier | Winter Maiden | Where To Go From Here!
3 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

Wood Box Engraving?

I've had a few people ask me about the wood box engraving, and if they'll all for sure have the goblin head on them. At first I said yes, but now I'm accepting that for some people that might be a deal breaker on the box, and the box is so cool, so I want to make it available. So let's take a vote on alternatives we might like!

Would you like:
The Goblin Face!
A circle of 21 main faces of the dice!
A Blank top!
... or something else entirely! Let me know in the comments!

I will offer the Goblin face and another or maybe two and a blank top version. There is a logo on the bottom as a small square, which you can see here. That will be on all of them, it's a mark of pride because I designed them and I'm very proud of them! So consider it something of a maker's mark.

Oracle Tier

Now that we're past day 1, where people were getting the Lord's Oracle for free, I feel comfortable offering an Oracle tier that is just the Oracle Decks. Please note if you change to it now and your original pledge was in the first 24 hours, you're still getting the Lord's for free, so you'll just be getting two. 
This new tier offers the Lord's Oracle and the full 126-card oracle deck of the dice faces, and it will include the dice guidebook so you can read the faces and card meanings from that. I'll get images up for that on the campaign and on the pledge tier itself soon!

The Winter Maiden

The seasons have come, from Spring to Summer to Autumn, and now a chill wind takes the air. In all her contemplative frosty attire, the Maiden of Winter arrives, inviting a time of introspection and memory.

Maiden of Winter

Where do we go from here?

The campaign is still growing, though quite a bit slower than I'd imagined after the day 1. I'd put off setting the stretch goals at first because I felt I wanted a feel for the new campaign, but I had people asking about their amounts and we'd just had an incredible day 1, so I set them around what I thought might happen. We're clearly not going to reach those upper heights at this pace, so I'm doing a couple things:
I'll be approaching 'marketing' on the project differently, and find new ways to draw people in with some fun interactive campaigns.
I'll be re-setting the stretch goals this week based on our new trajectory.

This week, I am going to share with you all some really exciting stuff about the dice set's redesign, and we'll talk the stone set's stone selection! 

Thank you all you amazing folks! Talk soon

user avatar image for Bonita Summers
3 months ago

I'd like the circle of die please. I do like the idea of the goblin stamp on the back.

user avatar image for Anonymous Macaw #1960163
3 months ago

I vote for a blank top as an extra option!

user avatar image for Celticswan
3 months ago

As I said, I prefer blank or, 2nd choice, dice images. I want the Goblin, if at all, under, where it can't be seen. I like the suggestion with the dice around the edge. I'm posting again because of an additional idea I have along those lines. I was wondering about stencils with all the dice images and the goblin. I might prefer a different face for each die than what is considered the primary one. It would help if there were also a stencil in the shape and size of the box with just a square cut the size of the dice to make placement more precise. I hope this makes sense. The cost of the stencils might match the cost of etching the box. Thank you for considering this.

user avatar image for IgnacioJ
3 months ago

I prefer the goblin face to be on the box.

user avatar image for Anonymous Cockatiel #1723514
3 months ago

I like the idea of the circle of 21 main faces of the dice!

user avatar image for Celticswan
3 months ago

If it's not too late, my vote is plain and second choice dice circle. The circle would match the product. I know you are proud of your goblin, but it just doesn't match my setup for readings. Maybe it could be on the back. Thank you.

user avatar image for Anonymous Duck #1940287
3 months ago

I like the goblin face and the idea of having the 12 dice circle. Maybe have the circle along the edge and the goblin in the middle. I ultimately prefer just the goblin if there choice is for just one.

user avatar image for Simon The Vampyre
3 months ago

The symbols on the dice faces, would be my choice.

user avatar image for Puckett
3 months ago

I'd prefer a blank top, unless there's an absolutely stunning option. I also would like your maker's mark on the bottom - it should absolutely be on the case because it's something that your labor brought into the world, but I like the clean and elegant look of the wood as it is.

user avatar image for AprilGloom
3 months ago

I vote for blank on top and Goblin on the bottom. I like when there is a maker’s mark on the package incase I forgot where something came from. It’s the artist signature