Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

New Stretch Goals! | The Heir and The Nameless | The Top of the Box
6 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC

The New Stretch Goals!

Now that I have a pretty good idea of what the project is doing, I think that the new stretch goals will get us where we need to go!

And a side note from a chat with the CEO of Backerkit (whaaat am I famous or something? No, backerkit is just really cool) we're in the top 5 crowdfunding projects live right now on any website! So we're still doing something right, even if we slowed down a bit! :) 

Part of setting them up was shifting some to price points we've already passed retroactively, which is a weird choice, but it allowed me to bring in all the artist pay bumps to the front of the campaign and get them unlocked! You can see them on the campaign, but here they are for your perusal:

50,000 - Funded!
75,000 - The Nameless Mariner ... and a bonus $1000 goes to Sam Dow for designing the Mariner's Die!
100,000 - The Heir of Earth - And czarfunkle gets a bonus $2000 for their work on the Lords!
125,000 - The Quivering Monarch ... and a bonus $3,000 goes to Amy Smith for their work redesigning the dice symbols and designing the Monarch's Die!
150,000 - The Gambler - And a bonus $1000 goes to Caretaker for designing the Caretaker's Die!

175,000 - The Chronicler of Choice, The Accuser ... and the artists each get a bonus $100 to their pay! +10 Community Copies and +$100 to Community funds!
200,000 - The Collector of Selves, The Tarot Keeper ... and we unlock the Goblin's Coin, a Yes/No coin that is now available as a $3 add-on.
225,000 - The Bearer of Boons, The Martyr of Wounds ... and the artists each get a bonus $100 to their pay! +10 Community Copies and +$100 to Community funds!
250,000 - The Stitch Queen, They Who Hunger ... and we unlock the Reading Journal, a 200-page workbook that is made for dice readings, now available as a $10 add-on!
275,000 - The Showman, The Alleyman ... and the artists each get a bonus $100 to their pay! +10 Community Copies and +$100 to Community funds!
300,000 - The 22nd Die is unlocked and its Lord added to the print set. We will work together through votes to determine who the Lord is, and what faces their die has!

...of note, this new list of goals means we've already added two more prints to the print set! czarfunkle has been working their butt off to get these cards illustrated with a quick turnaround, and I'm excited to share with you all right now the Heir of Earth and the Nameless Mariner! 

czarfunkle, you are wonderful. Thank you for your ongoing work, I'm so so excited to see the remaining lords, and I'm sure everyone else is, too!

On that note, I'd like to address something I've heard confusion on from a few backers regarding the oracle decks! The 21-Lords Oracle will feature just the 21 Lords, the art you've been seeing like these. The 126-Card Dice Face Oracle deck will feature the die face symbols on cards. I'll be borrowing czarfunkle's amazing borders and text to set those up so that the 6 dice of the Mariner's die for example will follow the Nameless Mariner's border and text color schemes. They will also have the same backs, so you can mix them up if you want! I have them as separate decks just because I felt people who would want one might not necessarily be the same as those who'd want the other. We'll see.

Also, the 21-Lord oracle was free to backers who pledged in the first 24 hours, from June 15th at 8am MST to June 16th at 8am MST. You can't see it anywhere in your pledge just yet, but when we get to the end of the campaign and the pledge manager opens up, you'll see it automatically in your cart. At that point, you can add on extra items to your pledge! : )

The Top of the Box

You have all spoken, and I listened! The Wood Box will now have Options when we get to the pledge manager!
You will be able to get a Goblin top engraving, a Dice Symbol top engraving, or a Blank top with no engraving.
There were some other really awesome ideas I heard, and I might try to integrate them into the Dice Symbol option. Thanks for sharing everyone!

So if you were not certain about the box because of the Goblin, or you weren't getting it because of it, feel free to swap tiers or add some funds to your pledge now to claim the box, it has options! I will draw up some thoughts on what the Dice Symbol top might look like. I'm imagining either in their slots as the inside of the box is, so it would be a kind of guide for where dice go if you wanted, or doing them on the outer rim as a border. Feel free to let me know your preference, but know only one can be picked in the end!

Thanks everyone. You rock!
user avatar image for AEtherGhost
6 months ago

Can we add the extras after the project is complete so we know what we are going to add. I want that 22nd die, the coins, and maybe the cup. And not sure but it kind of feels like there might be something else to add later

Yep, you can wait until the end no problem!

user avatar image for Michael Emeny
6 months ago

What about add ons, do I add the funds now or?

Hey Michael! You can add the funds now if you know what all you want, but you won't be able to assign that extra $$ to any specific items until the pledge manager at the end, so you can wait until then if you'd prefer to have it be a little easier! : )

user avatar image for Jackape
6 months ago

I like the idea of having the dice engraving on the top match the placement of the dice inside the box as a kind of guide. Any plans to add an option for the goblin on the bottom?

There will just be the Maker's Mark Goblin on the bottom of all boxes. Adding these top options is within the limits of the manufacturing, trying to make different bottoms as well might be pushing it too far! : P

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6 months ago

I simply cannot wait to add this oracle to my divinations.

user avatar image for Glorificus
6 months ago

I ordered the 2 sets/2boxes . Will I be able to have one box with a goblin and one with something else? Really it was supposed to be one for me and one for my SO, so different box tops would be AMAZING.

Oh absolutely!

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6 months ago


user avatar image for Ghost
6 months ago

That's very cool! Nice update.

user avatar image for Softa Larry
6 months ago

Good News, Thank You

user avatar image for Abby
6 months ago

When the coin unlocks, will one still be included free or will we need to add it? If we are adding it, and later the journal, can we wait to do that in the PM?

It no longer seems feasible financially to give one free to everyone with the new goal levels, so to compensate I lowered the add-on cost from $5 to $3. It's not a perfect fix, but I think it's a good middle ground.

(and yes, you can add that all in the pm!)

user avatar image for Abby
6 months ago

I'm happy to add it instead. Thanks!

user avatar image for Maryan
6 months ago

All great news. Thanks!

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