Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

Publishing Goblin's Oracle Dice, 2nd Edition

The Guide Book Cover Vote
5 months ago
by Publishing Goblin, LLC
The New Guide Cover - Which Lords Should Be Featured?
  • The Seasons (Youth of Spring, Crone of Summer, Baron of Autumn, Maiden of Winter)
  • The Pub Gob
  • The Alleyman
  • The Accuser
  • The Knight of Judgment
  • The Caretaker
  • The Heir of Earth
  • The Gambler
  • The Chronicler of Choices
  • The Nameless Mariner
  • The Fluttering Monarch
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First, a reminder that I will be doing a long day of Live Oracle Readings over on Instagram when we break 3,000 backers on the project! So, plugging the achivement here as a reminder.

The Cover Vote

It's time to vote on which of the Lords will be featured on the cover!

I'm sharing the illustrated ones here below. Please know that we will be picking the most selected Lord(s) to go on the front, and some of the second most selected might appear a bit less detailed on the back cover. That being said, you get only one vote here, so make it count!


A backer asked for the Stones from the catalogue I chose, and I can do that! Next update will feature the stones from their catalogues in image form, so people have a clearer idea of what we're looking at! : )

Thanks y'all!
user avatar image for Bruce Reeves
5 months ago

Chronicler of Choice is my vote

user avatar image for Anonymous Seagull #1722306
5 months ago

I adore the Publishing Goblin. And the Caretaker is pretty cool too.

user avatar image for Anonymous Chicken #1768188
5 months ago

My vote is for the Maiden of Winter

user avatar image for Grendl
5 months ago

The Chronicler of Choice is my personal favoorite for the cover, and I also love the Alleyman!!

user avatar image for Anonymous Bugie #1220722
5 months ago

Publisher goblin, the Alleyman (it’s his dice set after all, right?), and the Gambler are my vote.

user avatar image for Anonymous Macaw #1840535
5 months ago

All the cards are so beautiful and intriguing, it's not easy to choose for the cover!

user avatar image for eMxDxRx
5 months ago

The Gambler.

user avatar image for Anonymous Bluejay #1012208
5 months ago

I think I like the Gambler best. Not just for the look of that particular Lord, but because as Anonymous Seagull says, it's surely the best lord for a dice guide.

user avatar image for schinji
5 months ago

my reasoning as well.

user avatar image for Anonymous Seagull #1722066
5 months ago

surely the gamble is perfect cover material for a set of dice 😩

user avatar image for TaoCraftTarot
5 months ago

Publishing Goblin & Caretaker

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