Tales of The Black Piper

Tales of The Black Piper

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user avatar image for Michael Regal
Michael Regal
2 months ago

Anthology word count

So now that we presumably have all the authors signed up, how long is the approximate total word count of the anthology? I'm asking because of the royalty rate, which is 20% * (an individual author's word count/total word count)

user avatar image for Jeremy
3 months ago

Tales of the Black Piper I hope Inspires a new class of innovation with communities

1st y'all hit up my two favorite authors then you blow my mind with this one I grabbed the 2 year sub. cause I'm sold! I have made some friends in other crowdfunding campaigns and I have hopes that there will be more opportunities for people new to their craft or just trying to get their name out there and this is a cool new doorway for that.

user avatar image for Eli Moss
Eli Moss
3 months ago

Excited to Intern

Hey y'all! When TBP first invited people on Instagram to check out this campaign, I DM'ed them wondering if there was room for extra help with the editing. After talking to Jane, the editor, they've agreed to let me intern as an editor in training. Super excited to be working with TBP and all of your stories!

user avatar image for Neli42
3 months ago

Excited for the writing!

I'm writing in my piece already! The challenge for me is keeping it short. I've pared my first draft from 2189 words down to 761. Working with an editor will be such a great learning experience!

user avatar image for Marc Delpech
Marc Delpech
3 months ago

Good luck!

Great concept and idea, can't wait to have it ;)