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7 months ago

Project Update: A Few Small Changes to the Contract Template

Hi all,

We've made a few small changes to the author contract template and wanted you to be aware.

First, we've fixed the royalty math. Essentially, the words "numerator and denominator" were swapped. Whereas, originally it was impossibly saying that you'd potentially get more money from royalties than we actually made from sales, now it should work out properly.

For total transparency, we have no idea what royalties will look like. But we still want to make sure to offer you some revenue should the anthology do well.

Secondly, we've removed the non-disparagement clause. Whereas this was intended as a protection for both authors and Black Piper team members, we've heard form some who believe that it could be used against authors by disallowing them from speaking up about issues, and whereas the author can be seen as "the little guy" in the relationship, we want to ensure that authors have as much power as possible. If you're an author, and you'd still like that clause in your final copy of the contract, we would be happy to include it. Again, we see that clause as a protection for everyone but are also very interested in making things as good as they can be for you!

If you have any other thoughts, concerns, or things you'd like to address, please don't hesitate to message us. And you can ask via email or publicly if you'd prefer. Please don't ever think you need to feel like "the little guy" (or gal)!

And thank you to those who have brought these issues to our attention!

With gratitude,
Michael & The Team @ The Black Piper





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