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The Black Piper
6 months ago

Project Update: Audiobook @ $12.5K

Hi all,

Looking at the results of the audiobook vs soloists and crunching the numbers (and thank you to all 44% who voted), it came out pretty close to even. So, we've decided to go ahead with, well, both options, but staggered so that the audiobook, with Reggie West as narrator, becomes a reward if we finish the campaign with at least $12,500, and we will keep the goal of hiring soloists if we finish the campaign with at least $14,000.

Also, if we do get the audiobook reward, it will automatically be applied as a reward to all tiers. (So, you would all get it.)

So, win-win-win.

Also, happy pi(e) day. If you celebrate with actual pie, drop a comment letting us know what kind of pie. (My favorite is cherry, but we're doing huckleberry, since huckleberry's pretty swell as well.)

All the best,
The Black Piper Team





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