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about 1 year ago

Project Update: THE BLACK PRISM - FUNDED + What's Next?

Hi everyone,

Wow, what a turnout! Thank you all for jumping onto the relaunch and pledging so quickly - you really came through! We're getting a Lightbringer album!

There was a minute there we were hovering at just $4 below the funding goal. I don't know which one of you pledged the extra $4 to cause the campaign to land right on the money at $7k, but you're awesome!

You are all amazing!

One of the Ian's on our Discord server was joking when he posted the following image and wondered aloud, "How will we ever reach our goal?!"

A minute or two later, we were there!

What's Next?

Since we're only a few days into the campaign, the next question is: what next?

The answer is that we are very interested in making this album the best it can be. There are two things we learned from our survey that you are all most interested in: better quality music and more music (in that order). So, now that we (and by we, I mean all of you amazing people) have unlocked the album itself, it is now time to turn our attention to UPGRADES!

First on the list: soloists!

We have a great network of amazing Hollywood musicians who are ready and excited to record. As the graphic above states, the biggest thing that we can do to raise the quality of the album is to record live musicians. There is something magical and special about being "in the room" with musicians who are at the top of their game and having "serious fun", recording live sounds.

Additional Tracks

After that, we will focus on adding additional tracks to the album, which, as we raise the money for each additional track, will allow us to be able to hire more composers. This in turn will only raise the quality of what we are doing.

Let's see how far we can go!!


Thank you all - each of you - for helping us get to this point. We can only do what we do because of you, and you can be sure we will be putting our souls into this album.

Many of you have reached out in various ways to share support, thoughts, and ideas through Discord, social media, the survey, and email. This has meant so much, both the encouraging thoughts and the ideas for improvement. We are grateful for you and have carefully listened to and weighed every single one of your thoughts.

If any of you are interested or inclined to reach out and talk, please do! If you want to share your excitement or want to voice thoughts or concerns or just want to talk through something - hit us up.

You're wonderful.

All the best,
Michael & The Team @ The Black Piper
Goal: $7,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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