The Black Prism: Lightbringer Album (Unfunded)

The Black Prism: Lightbringer Album (Unfunded)

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about 1 year ago

Project Update: Quintar Coins & More GIVEAWAY

Hi everyone,

I hope your week is going awesome!

I'm happy to announce a contest you won't want to miss out on. We're going to be giving away entire stick of TEN Quintar coins (x 2), as well as some Black Piper swag and possibly some leftover goodies from the Kaladin Kickstarter that we are unable to sell.

These in-world coins are high quality and are produced by Shire Post Mint. They'll be coming on an actual "stick", in similar fashion to how they would have been carried in Lightbringer.


  1. Entrants must pledge at least $10 or more (on any tier other than the $1 Tier).
  2. Each social media post (see below) must encourage people to check out the campaign, invite them to sign up, and provide the following link to the campaign:
  3. Mention the Black Piper for the specified platform:
    1. Reddit: u/theblackpiper
    2. Facebook: @theblackpiper
    3. Twitter: @epicbookmusic
    4. Instagram: @theblackpiper
    5. TikTok: @theblackpiper
  4. Include appropriate hashtags for the platform. Here are some examples: #epicfantasy #epicfantasybook #epicfantasymusic #newmusic #fantasymusic #bookstagram
  5. Tailor the message to the particular group. For example, a writer's group could benefit from knowing about the Anthology.
  6. (Optionally) link to this giveaway

Please follow all the rules of any and all groups you post in. Be tasteful in your messaging. Only actions taken after the timestamp on this update are eligible. Contest award is contingent on campaign success and winner will be announced after the campaign.


Each of the following actions constitutes one entry into the giveaway. Additional entries may be earned by completing additional actions. Posting more than once in a given forum/group constitutes as one entry per applicable group.
  1. Share a public post on any major social media platform, then post a comment here with a link to the post. Platforms may include (but are not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.
  2. Share a post in a group on social media, and then post a comment here with a link to that post.
  3. Share a public post on your own social media page, account, blog, etc, and then post a comment here with a link to the post.
  4. Like and comment on any one else's public posts (that they have linked to as part of this campaign in their comment below) and then reply to their comment below saying that you have done so.
  5. Ten entries awarded for video posts that include a rave review/recommendation of The Black Piper, Kaladin, the Lightbringer theme by Nikhil Koparkar, and/or an excited mention about specific rewards from the campaign.
  6. Post/shoutout in a newsletter that goes out to more than 300 people. Newsletter must be forwarded to [email protected].
  7. Post in a Discord server (one entry per server), and share the server/channel details in a comment on this update. Five bonus entries if that post is an announcement.
  8. If you happen to be connected with any significant fantasy news sources and can connect us with someone who can get an article out before the campaign ends, this may constitute a significant number of entries, which we will consider based on the opportunity.

While it will not constitute additional entries, we would very much appreciate any additional personal marketing you choose to do, such as directly messaging friends and family members. Please do comment below if you do any of this, so we can all get excited!


Discussion about The Black Piper and the Lightbringer crowdfunding campaign is mandatory. Additional (optional) topics may include:
  1. Details about this giveaway
  2. Specifics about rewards you are excited about. (Show that excitement!)
  3. Reviews surrounding The Black Piper, Kaladin, the Lightbringer theme by Nikhil Koparkar
  4. The Tales of The Black Piper anthology
  5. The desire/need/excitement to fill the world with book soundtracks and scores


The images attached at the end of this post are approved and available for use in posting. You can also use screenshots of anything you find on the campaign page.


We look forward to seeing you flood the world with excitement!

Happy posting!

The Team @ The Black Piper





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