Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books

Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books

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user avatar image for Bryn
19 days ago

No Communication on Outstanding Rewards

Like others posting here, I still have not received my reward. I emailed on 2/14 and again on 2/26. Both times, I received an automated reply that I would hear from someone in 72 hours, but that has not happened. I posted a comment to the 3/2 update, but never got a response. I never received a shipping notification for my Travelbook. When I go into BackerKit, there’s a USPS tracking number. When I first discovered this in February, the tracking said that the shipment was received in Portland, OR, on 12/9. Nothing since then. When I check the tracking number now, it says the label was created, but the package hasn't been received. I'm fine waiting if something has gone wrong on the creator's end, but I would appreciate someone confirming that my order is outstanding and that they will eventually be filling it. Unfortunately, after all this lack of communication, I'm worried I'll never hear from them and should just dispute the charge with my credit card...

user avatar image for Brenda
24 days ago

Nothing yet

I have received nothing. No replies to my emails, no email indicating that perhaps it was sent or lost or stolen or disappeared...nothing. It is now mid May and no word. Will there be an update and will we receive our orders at some point soon, please? Thanks.

user avatar image for Christopher Helmke
Christopher Helmke
2 months ago

I have not received my Travelbook

I have still not received my Travelbook as of April 6, 2023. I got the update about a lost shipment and I sent an email response to it but have received no reply. I would like to know if I am ever going to receive what I purchased. Thank you.

user avatar image for M Virginia Martin
M Virginia Martin
2 months ago

Can I order another?

I received mine. They are amazing! Can I buy one more?

user avatar image for LonelyBP
3 months ago

is there any update?

sent 2 emails to the creator but no reply at all..

user avatar image for Anonymous Chicken #1776588
Anonymous Chicken #1776588
4 months ago

International Order

Hello, I am located in Canada have not received any items, nor has Backerkit updated any info as to whether my items have shipped or not. Can you please do an update for international buyers as soon as possible.

user avatar image for Nicole Flores
Nicole Flores
5 months ago

Incorrect Add On

I've already made a comment on here once and reached out via the website's contact form twice but have yet to hear back. I received the wrong add on and would like to exchange it for what I had ordered. I don't want to be that person who comments their customer service inquiries on tiktok but since I haven't been hearing back I'm inching that way.

user avatar image for JKLopp
5 months ago


I ordered two of the passport wallets one for me and one for my mother. They are lovely but US passports don't fit! You can wedge it into the slot but my mother couldn't extricate hers once it was in. This is a real problem as it renders them useless. Perhaps the stitching wasn't taken into account when measuring? Am I the only one with this problem? Thanks, JK

user avatar image for Joyce Hwu
Joyce Hwu
5 months ago

Wrong add-on sent

I ordered a fountain pen but received a rollerball. Please let me know how to get this exchanged. I’ve sent a message through “contact us” on your website and also through the backerkit site with no responses to date. Please let me know next steps. Thank you. (PS I see in one of the updates you just returned from overseas. I’m re-posting this here just in case it’s easier to spot than buried in all the other comments.)

user avatar image for Rachel
6 months ago

Did not received Bookwallet as ordered

Received a 2 travelbooks, however one of them was supposed to be a bookwallet instead. Any way to have it switched? Thanks!

user avatar image for Michael Heck
Michael Heck
6 months ago

Missing half of order

Hello! I received part of my order today, and it looks and feels amazing! Unfortunately, I ordered two books, but only received one... I can't seem to find where to contact directly, so I'm posting here.

user avatar image for Theresa
6 months ago

Wrong Item and Missing Item

I received one wrong travelbook out of 5, and a fountain pen is missing. How can I get my order fixed?

user avatar image for Jennifer
6 months ago

Wrong Travelbook Received

Hi, Ordered three Travelbooks and one of them is the wrong title. Please let me know who to contact—-thank you.

user avatar image for Rocio Munoz
Rocio Munoz
6 months ago


I just recieved my order but I got alice in wonderland instead of Jane eyre :(

user avatar image for Cynthia Chen-Carmody
Cynthia Chen-Carmody
6 months ago

Received! And in love

I just received my new novel book wallet! It’s perfect and will accompany me to Spain in January along with my matching novel wallet! Thank you guys so much!

user avatar image for Melissa
10 months ago

Holding My Pledge for a Later Design?

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to wait to select/receive a Travelbook for my pledge for whenever (hopefully) a Don Quixote design becomes available? I would love to have a matching Travelbook for my Don Quixote Bookwallet that I purchased last year. Thanks and have a nice day, Melissa

user avatar image for Lainie
10 months ago

Survey not received

I received notification that a survey would be sent - but no survey has arrived. I have checked all of my email folders, and nothing. Is there a link to resend it?

user avatar image for Melanie Steward
Melanie Steward
11 months ago


Did anyone else not get the survey email today? I haven’t received it