Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books

Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books

A Particularly Important Update.
1 day ago
by Westley Coleman
Funding Goal - $100,000 - Help Unlock Homer's Iliad!
In Progress - This project needs $2,063 more to reach this goal.

Hello scholastic interlocutors,

Many important items here! 

1. Lets Unlock Iliad.
2. MY IDEAS! How to Unlock Stationery & Fancy Pen Option! 


1. We are really just a few pledges short of this beauty. Let your favorite travel friends know!

Achilles tending Patroclus wounded by an arrow

2. To reach our ambitious goals we need more people to know about this project!


Here is how we will do it.  


 -Email VegNews & MentalFloss asking them to write an article about our project! |
-Use the template below.
-Our Goal is for them to write articles about the project! If even one organization does... then we will find a fountain style pen, compatable with the Travelbooks. YAY! That would be SO EPIC. Both organizations covered our last project and it was SO helpful.
-Please add your own flair to the email! The more differentiation in our attempts, the more effective and personal they will be. :)

Hello my name is [     ]

I am a part of the community that is bringing an exciting project to life.
The project is Novel Travelbooks: Passport-Notebook Wallets Disguised As Antique Books.

I think your audience would really appreciate this idea. Would your incredible team PLEASE consider writing an article about this project? It would mean the world to our community!

Thank you so much 


-Please make a thoughtful comment & tag 3 friends on each of the below links! If you do not have these platforms post or share our project on the ones you do! :) If we get atleast 200 comments on each link we will release the Stationery Items for Add-on.

THANK YOU my bookfriends,
We appreciate you so much! More to come on this.

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Welcome. Pride Unlocked. How Many Little Princes Can You Find? See New Unlockables.
10 days ago
by Westley Coleman
Hey sagacious friends, 

  1. Welcome
  2. Pride Unlocked
  3. Prince Scavenger Hunt
  4. New Unlockables

1. Thank you for joining the project & bringing us to where we are.
We are thrilled to have you! Please continue to share this project. 


2. Pride is unlocked. Yes. Peacocks.

3. The first to find all the Little Prince's in the "Tell the Story" section of the campaign will get a free bookwallet & stickers. ONE guess per backer. How many are there in Ch. 1-8? 
How Many Can You Find?


4. See the goals & 3 new unlockables. These new 3 will be met by helping us engage social media with the project! I will post a comment thread/update and explain how we can unlock them! More to come.

Thanks everyone :)

...find those Princes!

-Your sagacious stewards

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You Are The Best Community. Thank you. Funded. Items Unlocked.
15 days ago
by Westley Coleman

Hey friends, 


Please Read These Updates! 

We will be posting regular updates:

  • highlighting community conversations
  • when goals are unlocked OR milestones are met
  • for logistical reasons / to share pertinent information
  • to share snippets from our travels or travel info
  • for giveaways & games

Items of note:

  1. Make sure you watch the project video if you havent yet!
  2. Two goals were unlocked! The renowned Little Prince, who is the traveler extraordinaire AND a FREE random travel sticker for EVERYBODY. Yay everybody! (See below).  *Campaign Updated



More to Come

-Novel Scholars
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